Finally!  I have done it!  My first Follow Forever list, celebrating my goal of 600 followers!!!  In all actuality every single person I follow could go on this list but that would be a lot of names and a lot of people.  So here are the ones that stand out to me because of their url’s, their themes, and the person behind the blog!  The one’s in bold are the blogs I find extra special!  Thanks so much for all of the love, you guys rock!



a-disney-mouse   adisneysoul   alittlebitofdisneymagic  alwaysadisneyday  animatings-in-my-code  ar-i-ell  ashley-in-wond3rland  basicallyrapunzel  ciinderellie  clarabellecow  dailylifeofadisneyfreak  dailymagic  dashofdisney  deadlydisney  deserving-a-tiara   dietcokeanddisney  disney-24-7  disney-kindness  disney-magical  disney-parks  disney-park-junkie  disneyandwhatnot  disneybound  disneycamera  disneydeviants  disneydreamings  disneyendlessmagic  disneyfab  disneyfoodislove  disneyfrappuccino  disneyfrozen  disneygirlthings disneygirlygirl  disneygoddess  disneyineveryway  disneyisperfection  disneymagix  disneyonblog  disneyparksafterdark  disneypedia  disneyphileland  disneyprincess10  disneyrelatedboy  disneys-southernbelle  disneysnowprincess  disneyvillians  disneyworldsisters  dosageofdisney  dreamadisneydream  dxsneylife 


elsaflake  endlessdisney  faith-trust-disney  frozendailydose  fuckyeahdisneyfacecharacters  go-away-to-disneyland   greatwidedisney  hairactuallyglows  hellyeahtangled  howaboutdisney  isallmydreamingatanend  justabitofaprincess  just-another-disney-dreamer  justdisneyobsessed  justlikedisney  kisstheprinceali  kristidoesdisney


letsrunawaytodisney  letstalkaboutdisney  letstalkdisneytoday  lifeisdisneylove  madamdisney  magic-disney  magicalkingdomofdisney  moreandmoredisney  msdisneyprincess  my-adventure-blog  my-world-is-disney  mydisneydaze  neverrlaand  nostalgiaunicorn  notjustfairytales  obsessed-with-disney  oh-i-just-cant-wait-to-be-king  omg-lets-build-a-snowman  once-upon-a-disney-blog  once-upon-a-time-in-arendelle  onlypooh  pardonourpixiedust  part-of-a-disney-world  part-of-our-disney-world  peterpan-isin-neverland  piratesparrow  princehans  princessesfanarts  princessemmaofarendelle  punziesdreams  pwr-of-disney


rahpunzel-fitzherbert  rapunzelaisaka  remember-even-miracles-take-time  scurviesdisneyblog  sheerdisneymagic  southerntinkerbelle  storybrookland  stuckindisney  sven-is-right  tangled-up-in-a-disney-world  tangledinafrozenmoment  thatdisneylover  thatdisneyprincess  thatmagicaldisneyplace  thatonedisneyguy17  the-disney-virtues  thebrunettebimbette  thedisneyden  thedisneydreamworld  thedisneyking  thedisneypalace  thedisneyprincess  thedisneytales  thedizbizz  thegirltobreakthespell  thegreatdisneyempire  thenewdisneyprincess  thimbles-acorns-pixiedust  timelessdisneydreams  tinkerbellstreasures  to-infinity-and-beyonds  todiewillbeaawfullybigadventure


ultimatedisneyblog  waltdisneysdaily  waltdisnerdd  walts-kingdom  warm-hugs-with-olaf  wdwpics  whimsywalt  wish-upon-the-disney-star  wonderlaaaaaand  yeah-disneygeek  yohoyohoadisneylifeforme



Well, it’s the end of the year, so it’s time for a follow forever! I’ve only had this blog for a few months, but in that short time I’ve had so much fun, so I wanted to give a shout out to some great disney and animation blogs out there! Thank you for being so amazing, creative, and perfect, and for making my experience on this blog fantastic!

A-B: adisneyfairytale : aladdin-s : alicecomedies : allgrownupandsavingchina : allthecolorsofdisney : anightmarefantasmic : animatedfavorites : animatedsensation : animationalley : animationforever : annabjorgmans : arendelsa : basicallyrapunzel bibbitybobbitywho : briannathestrange

C-D:  classicsdisneys : culturaldisney : dailyclassicdisney : darlingpixie : dazzledbydisney : disney-alltheway : disney-and-nondisney : disney-miracle : disney-pixars : disneyforeveramen : disneyismyescape : disneypilgrim : disneyyandmore : disno

E-L: endlessdisney : everythingwaltdisney : expelled-from-heaven : forgottendisney : hansideburns : janeported : labouff : llionkings

M-Q: maestromickeymouse : mickeyandcompany : mufasaandsimba : musicalhog : -neverlanding : nondisneyfilms : nostalgiaunicorn : notdisney : okdisney : pixelexia : pocahontases : princekristof : queenofarrendelle

S-Y: southernisle : stuckindisney : thedisneytruth : to-infinity-and-beyonds : ultimatedisneyblog : waltdisnerd : waltpixar : wounders : yzmas

and because I probably forgot someone since I have the memory of a peanut, check out my blogroll to see everyone I follow!

Hello everyone! A new year is upon us and I thought that I should end the year by paying adieu to all the blogs that I found myself always on or reblogging from. 2013 has been an interesting year for me, and hopefully for you too. May the following year bring more joy to us all. Thank you all for posting awesome material!


-everdeen, -hungarianhorntail, 2brwngrls

a - c:

adepressedandanxiousteenageadult, afstarp, alexvlahos, amodernmanifesto, amyandrory, aryastarks, auroradawns, avataraang, baratheon, barbieklaus, barrowmans, bartony, bastardfromabasket, batched, baudelaired, beanaroony, benditlikekorra, beysusxo, billiepiedpiper, biryaniii, blackinasia, blauebox, bookporn, bookmania, brain-food, bransstark, brise-de-printemps, c-salvatore, calprior, candlelion, charliedayed, clarasdoctahs, cleverbutmental, cornersoftheworld, countoamillion, cryinodonoghue

d - g:

dailypotter, daisysinspirationx, damnastja, dapperhannah, david-tennants-little-fangirl, deeply-inside, despicable-tweets, diarycrux, dinklage, distraction, donnanobel, dreamsarelies, elevensexual, elevenwearsabowtie, expelliarmus, fantasticremus, feltgasm, fezzesandspoilers, firelordzuko, flameyoh, flosephstalin, flybenzo, forever-makorra, fuckyesonceuponatime, galefray, gallifreyfalls, gifbending, gravediggersbiscuits, greatbritishcheese, grumpaldi

h - k:

hanniballecters, heichousexual, hiddlesy, hotncoldfuture, icatchingfire, instantremorse, intoasylum, isntthatwizard, jemmasimmns, jengahead, jenpppp, karengilian, katjasnowbinger, kookabugger, korratea, kpfun, krykky

l - p:

lastchance4sanity, lettuce-ketchup, licquid, lifeisliterallylimited, lordvoldie, lovealwaysx, lovenerdeen, lukecastellan, lupinism, maisiewilliams, mcavoys, milkasa, mishaphilia, occasionallyundulyformal, ohhermione, paintdoktahwho, paperlings, partytilfajr, pbnpineapples, petercapaldy, popplewells, potterphile, pottersir, pureblood-

q - t:

qalbee, quibbler, remusjohnslupin, reverseracism, riddlemetom, robinhook, saintsrow3girl, samclafs, samecoin, sarweee, savedher, saviourswan, shutupmerlin, sirblack, snogbox, sonicamelot, soufflegirlandbeakyboy, squad104, storiesofstruggle, strawberreli, surfeitdoldrums, the-last-enemy, the-writers-ramblings, the104thsquad, theatomicboom, thedoctorssonic, thefortuneofedwardkenway, themesrec, theprinceofcats, thewatsong, thisismysoliloquy, timelord-in-neverland

u - z:

ultimatedisneyblog, unreasonablyme, vaniccio, veronicachristmars, watsonlove, watsonly, waywardism, weezlyismyking, winter-soldier, wormstash, zachillios, zeldona


ultimatedisneyblogOn this particular day, everyone was rushing like mad for it was the king’s birthday. & he had invited a long list of dukes and duchesses, lords and ladies to celebrate the day with him. While the queen was in the kitchen, hard at work, baking the royal birthday cake. Oh this was no ordinary cake, it was a blue cheesecake, the kings favorite! Blue cheesecake! Yuck! All of a sudden, the mouse queen appeared! “Hey sister, gimmie some of that cheese. I’m a queen too! and I want something to eat! ” - The Nutcracker Prince.


So I was going to make a follow forever a couple weeks ago when I hit 1k, but time (and life) got away from me and so I figured with me hitting 1.1k and it being the holidays/end of the year, this was as good of a time as any to make one.

I made this blog a couple months ago because I adore animation, and also because it’s part of my happy place and a way for me to escape and cope with certain things. I’m so grateful for the love, support, and encouragement I found here! I’ve met some really kind and cool people and people who I’d like to get to know more (I’m sorry I’m terrible at communicating, I’m very shy and I have anxiety and stuff.) 

Below are some of the people who make my dash a little brighter and who inspire me. I hope as time goes on, I can discover more awesome people!

ps: if you’re not on here, I promise I didn’t mean to leave you off intentionally or that it means I care about you any less…sometimes I can be forgetful *gives you hot cocoa* And if you’re a mutual of mine - whether from here or from my personal - I consider you a friend. :)

A - D

agrabahprincess, amazinglyanimated, amy-box, animatedsensation, animationalley, animationforever, animation-magic, animation-picspam, avelinegrandpre, berkdork, bluthmagic, bootyhontas, capt-johnsmith, carnationplaza, clarabellecows, culturaldisney, dazzledbydisney, disney-and-company, disney-pixars, disneycollective, disneyconceptsandstuff, disneydailly, disneydayandnight, disneydeviants, disneydiversity, disneyforprincesses, disneyineveryway, disneyismyescape, disneykingdom, disneylandelight, disneyofcolor, disneyyandmore, disno, droo216

E - O

elisabethdewitt, elsaflake, endlessdisney, evergreenring, fantasmics, feministdisney, flynnrideres, flynnriders, forgottendisney, fuckyeahdisneysongs, gamersdaily, gogotomagos, hakunamatatas, hamadashi, herculaes, idiinamenzels, janeported, jimhawkiins, johndarlings, kida-tiana, kidakagash, lilopelekai, llionkings, lovelydisneys, mickeyandcompany, moahna, musicalhog, nakomahs, nevrra, nostalgiaunicorn, originalthree, outfoxfate

P - Y

perfectlyanimated, pocahontases, prlncenaveen, purelypixar, raphunzels, rapunzelaisaka, rottenclickers, simplydisneys, smallherosix, snowwhties, snowydisney, sorryblondie, tadahshi, tarzanjanes, theanimatedwonders, thedisneyrollercoaster, tianaofmaldonia, to-infinity-and-beyonds, ultimatedisneyblog, ursulaseawitch, waltdisneyconfessionsrage, waltdisneys, waltdisneysdaily, wilburobinson, yzmas

I’d also like to show my appreciation to a couple people I follow on my personal, who are talented and wonderful and who inspire me:

dangercupcakemurdericing, elisabettagonzaga, emmyiskhaleesi, ethelreds, haroldlloyds, lady-arryn, littlehorrorshop, oonachaplins, queenrhaenyra, robb-stark, sansaspark, witchfeminism

Thank you all so much for following me! Happy holidays :)

It’s the new year, what’s better to celebrate than a (new) Follow Forever?! It’s also a way to celebrate the milestone of 2100+ wolves followers.

These blogs are my absolute favorites and I totally recommend them.

amazinglyanimated, amy-box, animationalley, animatedsensation, aprettyfire, bluthmagic, charlottielabuff, culturaldisney

dazzledbydisney, disneyyandmore, disney-pixars, elsaflake, endlessdisney, ghibli-forever, graphrofberk

ladyeboshis, llionkings, maidmarians, miusix, nostalgiaunicorn, perfectlyanimated, purelypixar, rapunzelaisaka

snowydisney, studiioghibli, studioghibligifs, studio-ghibli-gifs, theanimatedwonders, to-infinity-and-beyonds, ultimatedisneyblog, wonderfulanimation


AddictiontoanimationAnimationalleyAprettyfireAnimatedsensation, Arendelsa,Aladdin-sAnimationforeverArndellesBasicallyrapunzelBibbitybobbitywhoCaddies, Callingtheguardians, Clavelina, CookiecarnivalDailyclassicdisneyDailyodcDazzledbydisneyDreamberksDisneyandbluthDisneysfairytale, Disneyharmony, Disneyineveryway, DisneylegacyDisneypilgrimDisney-pixars, Disneyyandmore


Endlessdisney, Fadingchildhoodmemories, Findsomethingtofightfor, Frosty-vikingFrozendragonsGrimhildesHansideburnsHayleythehatterHowtotrainyourhiccup


Llionkings, Jadoredisneyclassics, JinglbellesJohndarlings


Maryflair, MaestromickeymouseMerida-straighthairMickeyandcompanyMufasaandsimbaMy-life-in-disney, NostalgiaunicornOhjackfrostsOkdisney,  Pocahontases


Queenofthesouthernisles, ResortmonorailS-tudioghibli, Sorryblondie,TarzanxjaneThedisneytruthTimelordemort, Totoro-is-my-neighbor


Ultimatedisneyblog,  Unfinishedchildhood, Waltdisnerd, Waltmydisney, Welcometothecityofatlantis, Withsunshine, Wonderfulanimation





It’s that time of year again. Here are some blogs that brighten my dash every day. Whether it’s with their wonderful gifs and edits or their cheerfulness and friendliness. You should follow them! 

A: Alwaysadisneyday | animationalley | animatedsensation | aladdin-s | aladdingifs | artisticdisney | adisneyfairytale | Alicecomedies

B: Brightdisney | Burdona |Bibbitybobbitywho

C: Classydisney | cookiecarnival | culturaldisney

D: Disneyyandmore | Disneyanimation | Disney | |Disneytasthic | dr3amingofdisn3y | Disneyharmony | disneyismyescape | disney-alltheway | dreamadisneydream | disney-pixars | disneyineveryway | disneydeviants | Disney-gif | Divinedisneymemories |Disneydictionary | Disneygifs

E: Everythingwaltdisney | endlessdisney

F: Frozeneverater | forgottendisney

G: Gawrsh-golly-goofy | Giffinganimation | Garnetyuna


J: Justlikedisney | janeported

L: Llionkings | lionkingfreak | Lilopelekai

M: Mickeys-Apprentice | Madamdisney | Maelficent

N: Nooneblogslike-gaston | nonhumandisney | Nostalgiaunicorn

O: Obsessedwithtlk | onlypooh | 

P: Peterpansshandow13 | perfectdisney | pocahontases | pocahontasperfection |Perfectlyanimated | Purelypixar

R: Russianduchess | Rapunzels- | Rogeradcliffe | Rumpleshtiltskin

S:  Sensationaldisney | Surfthehawaiiansea

T: Thedisneytruth | theanimationblogintown | thed1sneygirl | the-disney-gang | talkdisney2me | to-infinity-and-beyonds | technicolordisney | themermaidgrotto | Thedisneymuse

U: Ultimatedisneyblog

V: Vintagemickeymouse

W: Wonderfulanimation | wounders | Waltdisneysdaily

Y: Yzmas