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“Adventures of Equestria”

Thought Process:

I have a very sick and twisted mind and thought “what if the mane 6 turned evil and celestia and Luna had to save the day using the elements of harmony?” To which I reply….sounds like a plan!

Next CoverArt is: Expensive Taste by DerpyHooves and Silva hound

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“Back in the day (of ponyville”

Thought process:

This picture was a bit of a handful to make. Finding a decent picture of YellingAtCat’s OC took longer then I thought but after finding one thats when I got to work. The picture uses some of the lyrics for inspiration, like the calender crossing out the days being a refrence to this line “Cause im not even sure if my albums coming out” and the 80s shirt meaning how things were better back in those days. Yeah I thought way to hard on this picture.

The next CoverArt is: The Final Trick but D. Notive



Windigoes and stuff by Dark Symphony

thought process:

  Windigoes always baffled me during the hearths warmings eve episode and I've always been compelled to draw them. I took some artistic freedoms but i retained their appearance for the most part. During the Process of making it I ended up with 3 different versions. Oh and they dont have a title either…so…if you want to add one, be my guest. 

The next coverart will be: Skies of Manehatten Night by Ibeabronyrapper


Operation Oatmeal Coverart

Music by General Mumble

Thought process:

 This song instantly made me think of war. The pace and grim reality of war while being incredibly catchy. After the season 2 finale the war was now against the changelings. I Drew RainbowDash specifically because she seems like the perfect character for it. Fighting Changelings to find her friends as her enemy toys with her and pretend to be her friends (Hence PinkiePie). I thought way to hard on this lol.

The next Coverart is: Pinkies Piano (Pinkies Lie Piano version) by ThePianoFilly