Wilson here. Mr. Struggan wishes you a very happy September. To mark the occasion, and the impending end of summer, Mr. Struggan recently enlisted my help in a grand experiment: Mr. Struggan’s Ultimate Summer Song Bracket. He complied a list of 32 overtly titled summer songs and devised a bracket, pitting song against song, head to head, until only one remained: The Ultimate Summer Song. 

The experiment was conducted using my own Facebook page, where I used the Questions App to survey people for each match-up, each round of voting lasting for 3 days.

Little did I know, though, that my friends would form a band of trolls, add a 33rd song to the bracket, and vote it to ultimate victory. The newly crowned Ultimate Summer Song, Summer Girls by LFO, beat out Summer Nights from Grease in the Championship Round of voting, 7 to 6. 

Mr. Struggan sends his regards.