chara likes to kill for fun, too.

(undertale spoilers)

chara’s “perverted sentimentality” speech may lead people to believe that they dislike the act of murder to some extent, even at the end of the genocide route. that seems unlikely, however.

in truth, chara is simply perplexed by the player’s desire to keep around a boring world with nobody in it. with nobody to interact with and nothing left to find, chara makes it clear that “there is nothing left for us here.” the world is barren and “pointless” now that all options have been exhausted. when chara mentions that they “cannot understand these feelings any more,” they are referring specifically to the player’s choice to not erase the world: “this feeling you have. this is what i spoke of.”

as it turns out, chara is pleased with the player as long as the player agrees with them – that “this pointless world” should be erased so that the two can “move on to the next.” in fact, not only is chara content with the player, they go as far as to compliment them: “right. you are a great partner.”

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so if chara isn’t berating the player for killing again and again in the genocide route end, what does this mean for chara’s view on killing? in particular, one of chara’s actions independent of the player stands out – their reaction to defeating sans.

if sans is killed but the game is reloaded to a point before his death, he’ll share some extra dialogue. 

after he’s killed once:

after he’s killed twice or more:

as chara is “THE ONE IN CONTROL” at this point, has just previously expressed their “creepy face” to flowey, and was the one to deliver the killing blow on sans, it’s implied that sans is speaking of chara’s reaction (rather than frisk’s). if the expression is similar to the one they recently showed to flowey, this face is likely a smile, suggesting that chara actually enjoys tormenting sans by killing him repeatedly with the help of the player.

furthermore, chara continues to encourage the killing of monsters in subsequent genocide routes: they still provide the save point kill counts; they berate the player if they fail to kill snowdrake; they advise the player to finish off the monsters in waterfall before reaching undyne; the exclamation mark above frisk’s head upon encounters still changes to a smiley face. additionally, when asked whether or not the player will erase the world, if “do not” is selected, chara will laugh while destroying the world regardless. (the soulless pacifist route also ends in chara’s laughter.) none of these things speak to someone who dislikes killing or being cruel.

there is even a statement from chara in the undertale demo that confirms their enjoyment in killing – when the genocide route is completed in the demo, the following is seen at the end:

in red text and in first-person, chara describes the demo’s genocide route is as “fun.” not only do they advocate and enjoy it, but they encourage the player to finish what they started in the full version of the game.

despite chara suggesting that a different path be taken on the next route, they show no resistance and will continue actively encouraging the genocide route once it is triggered. based on this, chara seems to enjoy killing in the genocide and soulless pacifist routes.


[PS vita/ PS Vita 4]
New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing

Release Date: January 12, 2017
Official Site


▲Ultimate Pianist: Kaede Akamatsu
Character Voice: Sayaka Kanda

▲Ultimate ???: Rantaro Amami
Character Voice: Hikaru Midorikawa

▲Ultimate Inventory: Miu Iruma
Character Voice: Haruka Ishida

▲Ultimate President: Kokichi Ouma
Character Voice: Hiro Shimono

▲ Ultimate Robot: Kiibo
Character Voice:Tetsuya Kakihara

▲ Ultimate Entomologist: Gonta Gokuhara
Character Voice: Shunsuke Takeuchi

▲ Ultimate Detective: Shuuichi Saihara
Character Voice: Megumi Hayashibara

▲ Ultimate Cosplayer: Tsumugi Shirogane
Character Voice: Mikako Komatsu

▲ Ultimate Folklorist: Korekiyo Shinguuji
Character Voice: Kenichi Suzumura

▲ Ultimate Aikido Practitioner: Tenko Chabashira
Character Voice: Sora Tokui

▲ Ultimate Maid: Kirumi Toujo
Character Voice: Kikuko Inoue

▲ Ultimate Nursery Teacher: Maki Harukawa
Character Voice: Maaya Sakamoto

▲ Ultimate Tennis Player: Ryouma Hoshi
Character Voice: Akio Otsuka

▲ Ultimate Astronaut: Kaito Momota
Character Voice: Ryohei Kimura

▲ Ultimate Magician: Himiko Yumeno
Character Voice: Aimi Tanaka

▲ Ultimate Art Club: Angie Yonaga
Character Voice: Minori Suzuki

▲ The Academy for Gifted Prisoners Headmaster: Monokuma
Character Voice: Tarako

▲ The Monokumas
Monodamu, Monosuke, Monotarou, Monokumas, Monofanii, Monokid
Character Voice: Koichi Yamadera


Me researching Sombra interactions:

‘Lastly, Zarya’s Barrier abilities can block out Sombra’s EMP Ultimate and allow players to walk through her ultimate without suffering any Hack penalties. A blocked Sombra ultimate also grants full Barrier generation which makes Zarya’s damage stronger.’



Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate HD Ver.

Coming in from Europe; JOIN THE HUNT IN FULL HD. The world of Monster Hunter 4 is coming to the Wii U!

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today confirmed that the hunting action title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate HD Ver. is coming this fall to the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system along with exclusive features. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate HD Ver. will offer the greatest experience with 60FPS and 1080p, and is fully compatible with all data from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS.

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate HD Ver., players take on the role of a hunter sent to explore a settlement within the Monster Hunter universe, completing their journey to seek and slay monsters while improving their skills and earning equipment upgrades. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate HD Ver. is the most expansive offering of the series to date.


Official info has been leaked!

From top-to-bottom, left-to-right, the game’s cast includes:

▪Korekiyo Shinguuji – Ultimate Folklorist
▪Angie Yonaga – Ultimate Art Club
▪Zanbi Toujo – Ultimate Maid
▪Koyoshi Ouma – Ultimate President
▪Tsumugi Shiragane – Ultimate Cosplayer
▪Kiibo – Ultimate Robot
▪Tenshi Chabashira – Ultimate Aikido Practitioner
▪Kaede Akamatsu (Protagonist) – Ultimate Pianist
▪Hiroto Hyakuta – Ultimate Astronaut
▪Maki Harukawa – Ultimate Nursery Teacher
▪Shuuichi Saihara – Ultimate Detective
▪Ryouma Hoshi – Ultimate Tennis Player
▪Rantaro Amakai – Ultimate ???
▪Himitsuko Yumeno – Ultimate Magician
▪Gonta Gokuhara – Ultimate Entomologist
▪Mito Irima – Ultimate Inventor

Jamie Benn is basically the ultimate hockey player. My teammate Drew Doughty is one of the best defensemen in the world, so I’ll take his word above anyone when it comes to players, and he’s always saying how tough it is to play against Benn. He can do everything at a high level, but I think he also buys a lot of space for himself on the ice because he’s tough as nails. Benn will hit you. He will fight you. He’s not afraid of anyone. Sometimes the game plan against star players is to rough them up and see if they can take it. With Benn, forget it.
—  Anyone ever tells you that Chubbs isn’t elite, tell them to take it up with Jonathan Quick. From the Players’ Tribune 2015