For the anon who requested the guys being first time fathers/seeing their newborn baby for the first time:

Yo its Mod Gonta! This is my first time posting a prompt on here and I spent a lot of time on this one so I hope the anon who requested this and everyone else here enjoys!

Rantarou Amami:
-is probably the most calm out of everyone in this situation
-He’s very slightly nervous that some complications could possibly happen and you or the baby could get hurt.
-When the baby is born, he is smiling so much his jaw begins to hurt, but he can’t stop smiling anyways.
-“S/O, they look just like you!”
-He’s literally the chillest dad ever. He barely lectures his children at all.
-His child ends up having tiny double ahoges just like him and he finds it adorable.
-Is very supportive of his child and everything they do!
-They want to play basketball? he’ll go to every game! They want to become a musician? He will pay for everything!
-His favorite thing about being a dad? teaching his kid how to ride a bike.

Kokichi Ouma:
-He acts like he’s chill when his S/O is going into labor but he’s internally screaming.
-When the baby comes out he immediately takes the baby in his arms and is in awe over how cute and innocent he looks.
-“You’re gonna be the most evil supreme leader some day!”
-The nurses have to stop him from feeding Panta to the baby.
-is a huge jokester for a dad!
-all of the kid’s friends find him to be the coolest dad ever, but the kid finds him somewhat embarrassing
-likes to prank his kid a lot, but his pranks towards the kid are quite harmless (airhorns, putting honey on the doorknob, etc) even the SHSL supreme ruler has slight morals when it comes to kids.
-He likes to purposely embarrass his kid sometimes just to annoy them. Sometimes he’ll blast inappropriate music out the window when going to pick up his kid from school.
-Kokichi also likes to send his kid memes while they are at school.
-Basically he is more of a best friend than a father.

-Obviously a robot can’t get anyone preggo, so he adopts a human baby with his S/O!
-Does a TON of research on taking care of human babies before he gets one!
-When he gets his human baby, he’s amazed at how adorable they can be and that all humans once started out this small!
-“where are you going? Get home before dark! its unhealthy to stay up too late! Do your chores! Get your homework and studying done! Finish your fruits and vegetables!”
-encourages his child to be respectful to everyone. Does not tolerate an ounce of disrespect and will lecture his child if they disrespect anyone.
-He is a master at helping his kid with their homework and studying for tests; his kid ends up getting straight A’s in all of their classes just because he’s amazing at tutoring his children.
-D r e a d s parent-teacher conference day
-Poor Kiibo gets so many weird and disturbed looks from the teacher.
-“This teacher is a robot racist!”

Shuichi Saihara:
-Oh boy he’s a nervous wreck
-he’s shaking, sweaty, and very red in the face while watching his S/O go into labor.
-“What if I’m not a good enough father??? What if I let something happen to my child??? Will (S/O name) be okay???”
-When the baby is born, it looks a lot similar to him. It has beautiful grey eyes and long eyelashes
-he’s very surprised that he managed to hold his baby without dropping it after it was born.
-The kid likes to take his baseball cap and wear it around the house, and he just melts whenever the kid does this because its really adorable.
-He even lets the kid wear the baseball cap to school sometimes.
-Shuuichi tries to distance his kid and his job from each other as much as possible, he doesn’t want his child to see anything disturbing.
-His child thinks that his job is really interesting though, and considers their dad a hero.
-Shuuichi tends to spoil his child a lot unintentionally, its just so hard for him to say ‘“no” when his child asks for the toy they want.

Korekiyo shinguuji:
-He tries to stay calm about having a child, but is a bit nervous.
-“Will it be frightened by my appearance???”
-cannot believe his sight once he sees his child for the first time, “What a beautiful human baby!”
-If the baby starts crying in the middle of the night, he gets up and rocks it, singing it to sleep. The baby falls asleep so fast because his voice is so soothing
-If the child ends up growing their hair out, he likes to braid and style their hair in a bunch of neat and unique styles before they go to school (the kid’s friends are jealous)
-Lets the child play with his hair and won’t get mad if they knot his hair by accident.
-He reads his child a bedtime story every single night before they go to sleep, he has a whole stack of books filled with bedtime stories to tell his child.
-Whenever the child has nightmares, he lets the child lay on his chest while he reads them a calming poem.
-After the child ends up falling back asleep, Korekiyo falls back asleep himself and its literally the cutest thing ever.
-He sometimes tells his child creepy folktales that involve misbehaving children so his child won’t misbehave, but he makes sure it isn’t too scary.
-Him and his kid love to bake and cook together! They just both genuinely enjoy it and its just a cute bonding activity for them.

Gonta Gokuhara:
-He is filled with so much anxiety on the delivery day.
-“What if the kid doesn’t think I’m a gentleman?”
-Once the baby is born, he is stunned and amused by how adorable it is and how small it is compared to him.
-The baby smiles and coos at him when Gonta holds it in his arms for the first time, it feels very safe and secure in his arms.
-His s/o will have to help him out quite a bit with raising the baby, due to his upbringing he doesn’t know too much about raising a child properly.
-He loves to find new insects for the child and let them keep some of them as pets! of course not the poisonous ones, though.
-If his child is male then he preaches to him about being a gentleman and makes sure he treats everyone with respect.
-especially women
-If his child is afraid of bugs then he is willing to help them get over their fear!
-Is respectful if his child is not interested in insects, though
-Like Shuuichi, he has a problem saying no to his child since he is too nice. He ends up unintentionally spoiling them.
-But if you aren’t acting like a gentleman or if you intentionally kill a spider? you’re grounded

Ryoma Hoshi:
-Before the child is born he is hoping to god that the child won’t grow taller than him.
-After the child is born, his depression starts to improve a lot
-It makes him so happy to have a child in his life !!
-Tries to be a strict dad but whenever his child does something cute he m e l t s
-He likes to take his child to the park afterschool everyday and practice tennis with them
-its a very cute bonding activity for them and they both enjoy it very much and have a lot of fun!!
-He sometimes loses his patience with the kid and gets angry with them, but will feel bad and apologize profusely later.
-The child ends up growing w a y taller than him and he is pretty upset about that.
-He likes to tease his child about them being tall as much as the child likes teasing him about him being short.

Kaito Momota:
-Is very excited to have the baby!
-He does a lot of shopping ahead of time while his S/O is pregnant!
-The first things he buys are a space mobil and glow in the dark stars for the ceiling
-if his baby is crying he will take it outside and gaze up at the bright stars and moon at night with the baby.
-Is the dad who constantly takes photos of his kids when his family goes on trips!
-Also the generic dad who wears an apron and flip flops and flips burgers on a grill in the summertime
-buys his kid pajamas with stars and moons all over them
-Will sometimes scold his kid if they do something wrong, but he keeps his composure and tries not to get too angry.
-He still apologizes later though
-Teaches his kid about all of the different planets and stars and shapes in the sky when they look up through his telescope together
-The kid ends up getting all As when they learn about space in science, thanks to kaito.

Me researching Sombra interactions:

‘Lastly, Zarya’s Barrier abilities can block out Sombra’s EMP Ultimate and allow players to walk through her ultimate without suffering any Hack penalties. A blocked Sombra ultimate also grants full Barrier generation which makes Zarya’s damage stronger.’


Update on Lightning Bolt & Path to Exile

After all the discussion this weekend, I asked a whole bunch of the developers today their thoughts on which is stronger, Lightning Bolt or Path to Exile.

I talked to the majority of the developers and while they all felt either side was defendable, every one I spoke to chose Lightning Bolt as the card they felt was stronger.

It’s ability to also kill planeswalkers and players (the ultimate planeswalker) was referenced by a number of them.

How the houses survive college:
  • Gryffindor: honesty & grit
  • Owning up to their mistakes, keeping it 100% real with friends, classmates, and professors, pulling an all nighter to cram because they promised a friend they'd go that party the night before, sitting at the front of the class to make sure they hear everything, even if it means the professor will notice every absence.
  • Slytherin: hacks galore
  • Complimenting professors, pretending to share their music taste/political views/love of dogs, strategically sitting in a forgettable spot in the room, bouncing off of others' ideas to make it look like they did the reading, having friends sign their name on attendance sheets.
  • Ravenclaw: genuine curiosity
  • Staying after class to ask questions, going to office hours, always keeping their hands raised in class, writing interesting, thoughtful papers even if they don't fit the prompt exactly, getting into lively debates with the professor during class discussions.
  • Hufflepuff: being the ultimate team player
  • Bringing snacks to study sessions, holding hair back over toilet bowls, mediating roommate squabbles, always being ready to come to a friend's aid with homework or heartbreak, actually using group projects to learn efficiently, making new friends in every single class.

11/1/16 Patch


Torbjorn has a third skin based off of his pirate ones that changes colors rapidly and has additional effects

  • His gun will now decrease in size every second
  • Every  time he fires his turret will double in size
  • All voicelines except for “Hard work pays off!” removed, including those   automatically said 
  • His ultimate now forces the player to switch to a support hero 

McCree Rework

  • McCree was too powerful in the hands of experienced, skilled players, so he has been replaced with a short Swedish man with a braided beard who builds turrets named Tarbjarn

Fixed a bug that allowed Reaper to teleport to unintended locations

Undoing Unhealthy Game Design

As Game Designers, we have a responsibility: To create an enduring, fun, and captivating experience for our players. Within that experience we can pursue various mechanics or stories to elicit emotional or satisfactory feedback from our players, but ultimately we have something to keep in mind as well: our livelihood.

Game Design is a career, it is an industry, and as a result we have to encourage players to play our games so that we can earn an income. The question I ask is… can we create ethical play when we are trained to keep a player engaged ( / addicted) to our games? 

(Image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6ZrYQNjLs4)

How long do we expect players to sit and stare at a screen to play our titles? Is 30 minutes enough to make a profit? 1 hour? 4 hours? 12 hours? How long should our loops be? How far until the next save point? Is a 2 hour cutscene too long or a 3 hour boss battle asking too much?

Ultimately, do we exploit our players’ health for our own profits? (A secondary argument: It is the player’s choice how long they play a game for)

Some games are coming through that are mindful of this (ie Pokemon Go), and some companies run health awareness messages before their games begin, but on a whole it is not part of design and it is important to keep these things in mind. Are we encouraging unhealthy and potentially damaging behaviour? Can we develop systems within our games that reward our players for taking a break?

I believe ethical design should become common practice in game development and could be harnessed to create engaging experiences that encourage our players to upkeep healthy habits.


Happy 2017 to everyone who ends up seeing this!
Here’s another one for my series of Dangan ronpa idle animations - this is Ultimate Baseball player Leon Kuwata, from the first game.

Leon dreams of being a punk musician far more than he actually likes his talent, but I thought one of his animations should show that he does miss throwing that ball. I hope that gets across properly.


I forgot to post the first one last night I present to you all the first set of TRG and Friends as DanganRonpa characters. The style is not my forte but it’s cool.

So, in order as I have them, these are Ultimate Livestreamer ProtonJon, Ultimate Equestrian @pudgemouthjin, Ultimate Let’s Player Chuggaaconroy, and Ultimate Artist @masaeanela

More to come maybe?

i made my sister guess the v3 talents

(i did this with the second game and people thought it was amusing so.. here we go again)

shinguji - ultimate ghoul
angie - ultimate painter
kirumi - ultimate maid
ouma - ultimate ghost
shirogane - ultimate reincarnated genocider sho
kiibo - ultimate (evil) robot
tenko - ultimate sailor botanist
kaede - ultimate hitch hiker
momota - ultimate lazy guy
maki - ultimate volleyball player
shuichi saihara - ultimate goth dude
ryoma - ultimate cutie
rantaro - ultimate surfer
himiko - ultimate witch
gonta - ultimate scary giant
iruma - ultimate fighter


Good wood - straight out of a scene from Mad Men, vintage styling makes this drinks cabinet come record player the ultimate in classy accessories for any discerning retro fashionista. Introducing the rather delectable ‘EGB2’ console from Luno.

Dangan Ronpa Personality/Talent/Murder Swap by callmemayans

That comment about that made me think of alternate scenarios where that could of happened. So, I ended up coming up with things where that could of happened. This is what I came up with.

First Case

Victim: Aoi Asahina

Talent: Ultimate Baseball Player

Personality Swap: She has Sayaka’s Personality

Note: When she was younger, she ended up being very lonely as her family was very busy. However, she ended up joining a baseball club for her to people to love. However, once she ended up seeing a video of the club seemingly dying, she attempted to commit murder only for somebody to kill her in self-defense before that could happened.

Culprit: Hifumi Yamada

Talent: Ultimate Programmer

Personality Swap: Leon’s personality

Note: When he was spending many days on the computer, he grew overweight and hated that thus hating programming itself. Because of that (as well as him having a crush on Hina), he ended up asking Hina to help him became the Ultimate Fitness Expert. However, once she tries to kill him, he ended up killing her out of self-defense.

Second Case:

Victim: Yasuhiro Hagakure

Talent: Ultimate Affluent Progeny

Personality: Chihiro’s personality

Note: Despite him being the heir of the Hagakure family, he was severely bullied for repeating classes and such as many people call him “stupid”. Because of that, he ended up pretending to be a teenager instead of an adult. When a secret motive came-out, he decided to face his insecurities only for him to die before so.

Culprit: Byakuya Togami

Talent: Ultimate Moral Compass

Personality: Toko

Note: While he is very smart and gets Straight As, he was born with a spilt personality called Genocide Jack. He ended up pretending to be a jerk to push people away from them getting hurt by Jack. In addition, he was bullied a lot when he was a kid in which Yasuhiro saw that and he slightly bonded with him. However, Yasuhiro came to him about his age and wanting to get smarter, Byakuaya envyed Hiro’s strength to overcome his insecurities and tell his secret some day causing him to kill a fit of rage.

Third Murder Case

First Victim: Toko Fukawa

Talent: Ultimate Clairoyant

Personality: Mukuro

Note: She ended up predicting that her and Byakuya would end-up together though she is mostly shy about it and doesn’t address it. However, after Byakuya gets executed, she became depressed and was killed after somebody’s manipulation.

Second Victim: Makoto Naegi

Talent: Ultimate Writing Prodigy

Personality: Hifumi

Note: Makoto kinda lost his “Cinnamon Roll” edge and became a pervert that is into literature characters. He was manipulated into killing someone only for someone to kill them back.

Culprit: Kyoko Kirigiri

Talent: Ultimate Solider

Personality: Celeste

Note: As the Ultimate Solider, she is very manipulative and unemphatic. She ended up manipulating Makoto into killing Toko only for her to kill Makoto just for her dream to come true.

Fourth Case:

Victim/Culprit: Mondo Oowada

Talent: Ultimate Gamblr

Personality: Sakura

Note: Despite him being somewhat scary and being a gamblr which is illegal in Japan, he’s actually gentle and caring to the point where Monokuma threatened to kill someone or else his family will die, he committed suicide.

Fifth Case:

Victim: Sayaka Maizono

Talent: Ultimate Fashionista

Personality: Hiro

Note: When she was out doing fashion shoots, she became less intelligent and highly afraid of the occult believing that she saw a ghost one night. Because of that, the Mastermind convinced to trade places with her and they tricked her into being murdered.

Culprit: Celestia Ludenburg

Talent: Ultimate Pop Sensation

Personality: Junko

Note: Taeko Yasuhiro who goes by her stage name Celestia Ludenburg convinced many people to fall into despair and join the Ultimate Despair. There, she ended the world and became the Mastermind of this game so that she can spread despair into the world.


Survivor #1: Junko Enoshima

Talent: Ultimate Lucky Student

Personality: Hina

Note: Junko is very gullible and emotional when it comes to stuff and she is very into donuts. Her sister, Mukuro, is quite the opposite.

Survivor #2: Mukuro Ikusaba

Talent: Ultimate Martial Artist

Personality: Kyoko

Note: Mukuro is very emotionless and stoic. Despite her not being that gullible and not into donuts, she gets along with her sister very well.

Survivor #3: Leon Kuwata

Talent: Ultimate Detective

Personality: Taka

Note: As the Ultimate Detective, he’s very much into people following the rules so nobody can get into legal trouble. In addition, he’s very much into detective cases and work.

Survivor #4: Sakura Oogami

Talent: Ultimate Biker Gang Leader

Personality: Byakuya

Note: Sakura became less of a cinnamon roll as her time in the biker gang made her more of a jerk who stated that she will kill someone any time. However, Mondo’s suicide convince her to allign with the students and such.

Survivor #5: Kiyotaka Ishimaru

Talent: Ultimate Fanfic Writer

Personality: Mondo

Note: He is prone to swear a lot in his fanfics. However, despite that, he is much into his bros and often keeps his man’s promises towards things.

Survivor #6: Chihiro Fujisaki

Talent: Ultimate Swimmer

Personality: Makoto

Note: To prove that he was not weak, he became a very graceful swimmer. He is often optimistic and believes nobody will kill each other.

PS: Sorry if I get Mukuro’s personality wrong. I always imagine her being a bit shy though.