Sherlock Holmes & John Watson

BBC Sherlock

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We decided to make this weekend an “individual” shipping day for each other. Today is my turn and I chose Johnlock because there is nothing better than a classic. A worldwide ship that not even the actors can deny; I love Johnlock so much and it means a lot to me because this ship has given me inspiration for many things that I have written. I am definitely sure Johnlock is my ultimate OTP and for a person that has SO MANY ships, this statement is a big deal.

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite friendship on Arrow.?

oh man! I can’t pick one! That’s like asking me who my ultimate otp is. I love all of them okay, 99.8% of them.

In no particular order:

  • Diggle/Felicity/Oliver

  • Diggle/Oliver

  • Oliver/Tommy

  • Tommy/Thea

  • Sara/Felicity

  • Sara/Oliver

  • Diggle/Felicity

  • Lyla/Oliver

  • Roy/Oliver

  • Lyla/Felicity

  • Roy/Felicity

  • Oliver/Felicity

  • Sin/Sara

  • Thea/Sin/Roy

  • Roy/Sin

  • Thea/Sin

  • Laurel/Tommy

  • Laurel/Thea

  • Laurel/Sara

  • Laurel/Johana

  • Quentin/Felicity

  • Quentin/Oliver

  • Roy/Diggle

  • Diggle/Carly

  • Diggle/Roy

  • Shado/Slade

  • Oliver/Slade

  • Oliver/Tatsu

  • Oliver/Maseo

What could have been: 

  • Sara/Thea

  • Diggle/Tommy

  • Tommy/Roy

  • Moira/Felicity; 

  • Tommy/Felicity;

  •  Sara/Lyla; 

I am looking forward to:  

  •  Thea/Diggle

  • Felicity/Sin
  • Thea/Lyla
  • Thea/Felicity