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ok sid its time to brainstorm: how do we become famous and take the world by storm as the ultimate otp

let’s make the plan unnecessarily elaborate; who wants to train 10 years to become a kpop star, the other person can just be famous by association aND BOOM WE’LL BE AN OTP

Bias Tag!

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1. Who was your very first bias: My first bias was Baekhyun (everyone is always surprised by this lol)

2. Something you wish you could tell your bias: He’s a beautiful teddy bear of sunshine and love and dont let the world get you down. Also dont overwork yourself. I love you <3

3. Pick a bias, where would you go for a holiday: I would want to go to an artsy city with Kai

4. Name of the song your currently obsessed with: The Weekend- “Tell Your Friends”

5. If you were in a K-pop group, what group would you be in: Either 2ne1, Mamamoo, ooooooor BTS

6. What animal do you think relates to your bias: A Samoyed 

7. Whats your ultimate OTP: Originally it was Taohun but I dont want to talk about that right now so I’ll go with KAISOOOOOOO *punches wall*

8. Whats your favorite hobby: I looooooove to cook and bake.

9. Favorite gif of your bias: THERES TOO MANYYYYY

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When did you start shipping rennerson em? At what point did they cross the final stage line and became the ultimate otp?

okay so if you go way back to the dawn of time when my blog wasn’t but a few months old (christmas 2012 i can tell you all about it) i rewatched the avengers and had that momentary flash of fandom insanity and reblogged quite a few rennerson posts because i thought they were so fucking adorable and they were a ship of mine but i never paid them much more attention after that

and then over a year ago i just got so tired of all my other fandoms and started working on my crossover fic lights out full-time and started watching a shit ton of mcu movies and then started watching a shit ton of clintasha videos on yt and reading 4 new fics a night and then started watching a shit ton of scarlett and renner movies because that was who i was obsessed with the most and tHEN I WAS LIKE WAIT THESE TWO ARE OBVIOUSLY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER AND THATS HOW RENNERSON ENTERED THE PICTURE AND THEN THE SCARLETT/JEREMY INTERVIEW COLLECTION GRACED ME WITH ITS PRESENCE AND AT THAT POINT I THREW ALL METAPHORICAL CAUTION TO THE WIND AND WAS LIKE WELL SO MUCH FOR BEING A SANE HUMAN BEING THESE TWO OWN ME and ever since then it’s just been nonstop rennerson