“I was never able to become the Gray Fox because I went down the chute before picking up the Elder Scroll… I’ve tried to get back into the Palace to actually perform The Ultimate Heist but it won’t let me in. And I’ve overwritten all of the saves. So I’ll never be the Gray Fox and Corvus will never be Count again. I’m such an idiot.”

Oblivion confessions

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Le Premier Cercle (The First Circle) (aka Inside Ring) (aka Ultimate Heist)

Directed by: Laurent Tuel

Written by: Laurent Tuel, Simon Moutairou, Laurent Turner

Year: 2009

Running time: 95 minutes

Rating: R

The First Circle is a classic tale of a rebellious son (Gaspard Ulliel) and his distant father (Jean Reno), except that both of the characters in this piece are vicious criminals. Anton, son of gang boss Milo, wants out of the criminal life. However, his dear ole dad wants him to inherit the family’s criminal empire. Their differences are brought to the surface when the gang plans a risky heist that will net them all millions. It’s not spectacular, but the drama’s good and the characters are interesting. Unfortunately, there is a major subplot that remains vividly unresolved by the end of the film.

The main problem with the film is that it’s marketed incorrectly (at least in the US release.) With a title like Ultimate Heist and a poster of explosions and vehicle chases, one would expect a thrilling action film. Instead, the viewer is presented with a slow drama, comprised of little more than character building and piano music.

Overall: A fairly unsurprising and slow drama.