New painting - about 2½ hours. Decided to indulge in an old favorite of mine: Beelzemon from Digimon Tamers! He was one of my favorite characters, and still holds a special place in my heart.

I might offer a limited amount of Holiday Comissions after the 15th December. Anyone interested?

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If Pokemon Evolved Like Digimon [src]

8/1 | あゆみ・NB

Monday, August 1st - The Power of Friendship [Platonic & Familial Relationships]

The Digimon for March 18th, 2013 is Leviamon!

Called the “Devil Beast” out of terror of the exceedingly mighty power that this monster possesses, it is counted as one of the “Seven Great Demon Lords” and is the strongest monster existing in the Digital World. This extensive monster, said to possess gigantic jaws which could guzzle even the Digital World, is reported to sleep in the depths of the Net Ocean nearest to the Dark Area, and if it is awakened, it will despise any Digimon at the top, and will flee even Angel Digimon, much less other Demon Lord Digimon. However, as the existence of the limits on Digimon are decoded, its own appears similar to nothingness, and it is said that it builds the foundation for the existence of wickedness in the Digital World. Its Special Moves are destroying everything with its gigantic jaws (Rostrum), and mowing everything down with its long tails (Cauda).

- Digimon Reference Book translation credit to Wikimon.

Did you know that…?

  • Leviamon is an Ultimate-level digimon, which is known as a “Mega” in the US. His Attribute is Virus, and he is classified as a Demon Lord Digimon. He belongs to the Dark Area, Deep Savers, and Nightmare Soldiers families.
  • Leviamon’s name is derived from “Leviathan”, a gigantic demon beast associated with the sea in the Bible. His opposite is the Behemoth, which represents land. Some interpretations of the Leviathan depict it as a crocodile, hence why Leviamon is visually based on one as well.
  • In Paradise Lost, Leviathan was one of Lucifer’s right-hand demons, and one of the strongest in existence.
  • Leviamon belongs to the group known as the “Seven Great Demon Lords.” Each member of this group represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins. In Leviamon’s case, he represents Envy. The same is true of Leviathan in classical Demonology.
  • Leviamon’s attacks translate to “Snout” (“Rostrum”), and “Tail” (“Cuada”) in Latin. He has two other attacks as well: “Duo Cuada” (“Double Tail”) and “Anima” (“Breath”) respectively.

Anime and Manga Appearances:

External image

Leviamon had a brief cameo in Digimon Savers as one of the Seven Great Demon Lords as part of a flashback depicting the origins of Belphemon.

In Digimon Xros Wars, Leviamon is one of several legendary warriors who fought the Bagra Army alongside Omegamon. He, like the others, was transformed into a Digi Memory, which was later discovered and used by Kudou Taiki. Later, at the end of the second half of the series, Leviamon was restored to life by the power of the Code Crown alongside his comrades.

Leviamon also had a brief cameo in the Digimon Xros Wars manga series.

Video Games and Virtual Pets:

Leviamon has a fairly major role in the video game Digimon Savers: Another Mission (Known as Digimon World Data Squad in America), where he is one of the bosses and part of the Seven Great Demon Lords. He also features in a Demon Lord-focused subquest in Digimon World DS, and will appear with the other six in the upcoming Digimon World: Re:Digitize DeCode for the Nintendo 3DS.

As for virtual pets, Leviamon is featured in the Digivice Burst, DigiWindow, and Digimon Xros Loader.


“Light and darkness appear to be opposites: never together at the same place at the same time. Imagine what it would take to bring them together. But you don’t have to imagine. Allow me the pleasure of showing you, shall I? It’s just too bad you won’t survive the experience.”

-Lucemon, “Digimon Frontier”

I love Yamato’s new outfit so much because

he looks like the secret 8th member of BTS.  Just join a boy group Yamato, you know you want to.

The Digimon for April 25th, 2013 is Aegisdramon!

Aegisdramon | Level: Ultimate/Mega | Cyborg Digimon | Attribute: Vaccine

A subspecies of Digimon born from the fusion of a Plesiomon with Seadramon-species data. It is said that its shining figure, clad in golden armor, will purify all evil. Its Special Move “Shine Breaker”, in which it simultaneously fires concentrated bombardments of shining energy and bombardments of scorching energy at the target, from all the cannons on its body, completely annihilates the target with the gigantic explosion of super-destructive energy produced from the fusion of the two types of energy at the point of convergence of all the bombardments. That explosion releases a glistening, golden flash, causing you to feel its terrifying power while also sensing its divinity at the same time.

- Digimon Story: Lost Evolution translation credit to Wikimon

Did you know that…?

  • Aegisdramon’s name is derived from the greek word “Aegis”, which refers to either “the protection offered by a high religious authority”, or “the holder of a shield signifying the same”, as well as the English word “dragon”.
  • Aegisdramon’s attacks are “Tera Hydro Breath” and “Shine Breaker.”
  • Aegisdramon made its debut in Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, the fourth game in the Digimon World DS series, which to date has not been released in America.
  • Due to not appearing in any media outside of video games, Aegisdramon does not belong to any existing family. However, given its profile, we’d guess that it’d be one of the Deep Savers.

Notable Roles

Aegisdramon’s sole role has been in Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, where it first appeared as part of a quest that had to be unlocked via a password. After completing the quest and reviving Aegisdramon, one could find wild Aegisdramon in the game, as well as evolve a Plesiomon into one after meeting certain requirements.

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