I loved the new Digimon movie, but I had a few issues.. but first, here’s what I loved:

1) We got to see HerculesKabuterimon fight unlike last movie!!


3) While I hated that Sora had to go through what she went through with Piyomon, it was a great story arc for them. 

4) THE BACKSTORY!! Himaki and Daigo were 3 of the 5 original DigiDestined??? And 4 of the 5 Digimon became the Sovereigns??? But poor Tapirmon died???


6) It was so cool seeing the Dark Masters again in the flashback. Though I feel like the ones in present day are fakes.. Like Imperialdramon.


Now for my issues: 

1) How did Plotmon’s attack stun Machinedramon??? But then it took 3 Ultimate Digimon to bring him down??

2) Why was Gennai so… rapey? Ew.

3) As much as I LOVED seeing Seraphimon, it felt like he was just shoved in. Takeru and Patamon had no arc this movie, they had their’s in the last one. 

4) I’m kind of tired of dragging out the 02 kids mystery. Where the fuck are Daisuke, Ken, Iori and Miyako??

5) WHY ARE THERE NO WARP EVOLUTIONS. I love the evolution sequences, but they’re a bit overkill. I want a warp evolution from child to ultimate. 

My take on this:

The obvious conclusion that most people likely come to after seeing Angemon in action next episode is that Angemon is OP. Which he is, no doubt about it. Later in the series when he starts joining the fray more often, he holds his own easily against Perfection and even Ultimate level digimon. Given that, from a strictly narrative perspective, it makes sense that the writers want to keep Angemon in reserve to build up just how powerful he is.

Beyond that, however, I think part of the reason why Patamon takes the longest to reach the point of evolving has to do with Yamato.

Consider that up until this point, any time Takeru has been in danger, that danger is never specifically targeted at Takeru. Yamato makes certain of that, always doing everything he can to ensure Takeru’s safety at all costs. This means that whenever Takeru is threatened, he is, by virtue of Yamato’s protectiveness, the LEAST threatened out of everyone.

This episode marks the first time Takeru will be in danger without the rest of the group ALSO in danger and without Yamato to shield him any way he can. Given that Patamon is exhausted and hungry (as established some 4 episodes ago), he wouldn’t have the strength to evolve just yet, and this drain on his self-confidence is likely not doing him any favors either.

Loss Countdown Day 2: Best Moment of Sora Before Tri

I know that I said that Yamato’s Dark Cave scene was “probably my favorite moment,” but my God do I love this scene where Sora sacrifices herself to save Takeru and Hikari. I appreciate the Dark Cave scenes because they’re so introspective, but in the following episode then actions speak louder than words, and for me, Sora’s sacrifice speaks the loudest.

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Anime series I've watched

I probably need this more than my kdrama list cuz I’ve seen so many animes that I’m starting to forget them.

Sailor Moon
Ghost in the Shell
Samurai Champloo
Cowboy Bebop
Yu Yu Hakusho
Death Note
Prince of Tennis
Hajime No Ippo
Clannad After Story
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
The Daily Life of High School Boys
Kimi to Boku
Full Metal Alchemist
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Love Live
Sword Art Online
Log Horizon
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Naruto Shippuden 
Kimi ni Todoke
One Piece
Psycho Pass
Kokoro Connect
Tamako Market
Angel Beats
High School of the Dead
School Live
Little Busters
Baby Steps 
Eyeshield 21
The World God Only Knows
My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute
Monogatari Series
Tokyo Ghoul
Attack On Titan
Boku no Hero Academia
Hunter X Hunter
Fairy Tail
Zatch Bell
Ultimate Muscle
Eureka Seven
Paranoid Agent
Kyoukai no Kanata
Chuunibyou Demokoi ga Shitai
One Punch Man
A Certain Magical Index
A Certain Scientific Railgun
Girls und Panzer
Fate/Stay Night
Ranma ½
Tenchi Muyo
Natsume’s Book of Friends
Your Lie In April
Hibike! Euphonium
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Akame Ga Kill
Tengen Toppa Gurran Lagann
New Game!
Card Captors
Soul Eater
Mob Psycho 100
Crows Zero
Sakurasou no Pet Kanojo
Infinite Stratos
Ikki Tousen
Rosario to Vampire
School Rumble

Digimon Adventure Tri Prophecy Theories

Hey cyg!

So I had this thought: remember the prophecy from Confession that the Children thought may be related to ultimate evolution?

“Those who desire true power must know the darkness and go beyond”

And the beginning of Loss gives us this: “light is born of darkness. DARKNESS sails north and becomes WATER..” (etc.)

What if the underwater scene between Taichi and Yamato was supposed to embody the prophecy? it may explain it’s artistic/bizarre pacing and execution. They went under water and drowned - meaning that they past through the darkness - but they fell into a circle of light and lived - went BEYOND the darkness - and then Gabumon and Agumon evolved into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. As in - their ultimates.


Hey look, a Taiyama shipper is analyzing the Under Water Scene in Loss and not just freaking out about how Super Gay it was!

Okay all jokes aside, this is actually really interesting,

This idea never occurred to me because I just assumed the prophecy was referring to the fact that all the children who have gone to their ultimate forms so far have had to know the darkness within themselves and accept it or overcome it before being able to get to their next evolution. 

Mimi was feeling down about being who she is and had to learn that her being who she is is not really a bad thing despite what others may think (this is a horrible explanation… I was having so much trouble explaining Mimi’s dilemma, maybe cause I don’t fully understand it)

Jyou I think had to realize that he was always looking for reason where sometimes there simply was none and had to learn to just accept things and choose what to do with what is handed to him

Koushiro had to come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t know everything and will never know everything but not let that get him down and just keep moving forward to learn as much as he can

and Takeru had to face losing Patamon again and forgive himself for not having the strength to tell everyone about the fact that Patamon was infected

(I’m still fuzzy on Sora)

Also after seeing the poster for Kyosei/ Symbiosis I assumed it was going to really play a part in the fifth movie since I feel Darkness is going to be a main theme in that movie with Hikari representing Light and having her crest be infected. 

And I kinda thought the prophecy’s meaning was going to be spelled out for us the way it was in 01, that scene seems way too subtle. Although, I do agree it would explain the artistic execution. 

But the biggest thing for me that makes me think that scene wasn’t referring to the prophecy comes down to the fact that, like I said earlier, I see it as saying the children must see the darkness in themselves and accept it or overcome it. I see this prophecy referring to the end of their respective character development and I believe that Yamato and Taichi’s development isn’t even close to being done. Neither has conquered their primary dilemma in Tri. I am predicting that both Taichi and Yamato are going to get another evolution. They did just release new Ultimates for Gabumon and Agumon and honestly I think we are going to be seeing those evolutions in Tri. I could be totally wrong but right now that is what I’m predicting. 

Regarding the whole “darkness becomes water” part. I went and re-watched the opening to Loss and noticed that in the first couple of minutes it looks like there is black rain falling from the sky, and that there are dark clouds (rain clouds) in the sky the entire time the Dark Masters are present, and there is a quick shot of a wave of water that looks like it’s coming to engulf the children… I’m not sure what this means but I wanted to put it out there. Also that scene in Loss doesn’t account for the “Light Sails North and Becomes Fire, wind flows in between light and darkness, light sinks into darkness and returns to the earth” part of the opening. I think all of those lines are going to come together in one sequence. Although now that you have pointed this out I’m even more excited for Kyosei and movie 6 cause I think there is way more coming.

I think your explanation is super interesting though so I’m going to ask @rainbow09 @adventure-hearts and @couragesun for their opinions on it. What do you guys think?