I finished comics for the week so here’s Mulamon’s Perfect evolution, Atalantamon! A Digimon whose running abilities are considered legendary, it can outrun even Ultimate level Digimon and never seems to stop. Tenacious and confident, Atalantamon is undeterred in its goals and fights to the finish. The canons on its arms balance perfectly while Atalanta runs so its aim is always accurate.

Atalantamon’s design is part Rapidmon and part Globemon, and then some big legs. While it looks mostly insect, it still has some plant abilities. Atalantamon’s wings can enlarge when its needs to fly, but it’s actually faster on land.

8/1 | あゆみ・NB

Monday, August 1st - The Power of Friendship [Platonic & Familial Relationships]

“Having a crush on a fictional character will pass and you will for sure grow out of this fandom, believe me.”

                                                      - any weird non fangirl person on this planet


“So naive…you don’t know what you’re talking about”

I sort of just threw this together in the past couple of hours since I’ve been a bit preoccupied over the weekend with my new PS4. Anyway, here’s Boltboutamon, the apparent source of all evil. Why are all ultimate/mega Digimon so… ultimate? There are so many which are classified as some absolute or another. Almost all of them are said to be stronger than 99% of other Digimon. I digress…

Kiimon art made by @digivolutioncentral and Yaamon art made by me because the only art is from the anime.


six years difference, from my very first wiztail fanart to a loose redraw from tonight. it really doesn’t feel like six years at all