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David Tennant showing off his encyclopedic knowledge of The West Wing trivia (and being outrageously cute) in The Ultimate West Wing Challenge.

Link to part 1 of a really low-res copy (sorry) [x]


Secrets of Sienar 
Star Wars Rebels Magazine (UK) #13
Words: Martin Fisher
Art: Eva Widermann

A mission to steal intel from Sienar Systems gets sidetrack when Kanan becomes fixated on kidnapping an inventor/worker who will know secrets and needs to learn the errors of his ways. Everyone - including the kidnapee who works for the Empire to protect and support his family - objects as it’s not worth the effort, the heat and danger it’ll bring from the Imperials. Ultimately it doesn’t work out, and the Ghosts get away empty handed.

It’s about the big picture - Kanan got fixated on this one potential asset losing sight of everything else, whilst everyone else is considering survival and the mission at large: if they die or get captured over this, they can’t carry on fighting for the galaxy; if this man disappears his family will suffer and die; the incidental toll on innocents as the Empire rips the planet (galaxy?) apart to regain this one asset. There’s also the importance of family, of home, of a purpose worth fighting for. Weighing up the odds. And Kanan just can’t. This one failure is, to him, an absolute failure, let the Empire win. 

If anything i think this issue reinforces the point of Wings of the Master where, yes, they lost a blockade runner - whether it was at full- or skeleton crew, it’s still a notable loss, but not as much of a loss as losing a whole planet (or city, I don’t think it’s made clear what area the supplies were supporting - ultimately irrelevant). It’s about acceptable loss, the bigger mission, picking and choosing fights and priorities. 

(That last panel of Hera and Kanan is just lovely.)


Scene from @leupagusto the sky without wings, chapter 1.

Fact One: even at the age of 11-practically-12, Poe Dameron is composed of approximately 90% sass and no amount of being rescued from possibly-axe-murderers in strange alleys is gonna change that.

Fact Two: under that hood, Luke’s hair will still be Absolutely Terrible.


shiro/sieg dump!! i love these two AHH…most of these doodles are siegbert visiting hoshido to learn more about its customs or something. anyways i love these boys….



Sorry if this sounds rant like but here we go…..

As a straight woman I find the lack of LGBT characters in comics, films and TV shows annoying. It’s sad that we’re in 2016 and we still can’t have a main or supporting character who’s Gay/bi/trans that doesn’t get killed off!

Come on writers, let’s give Tony Stark a best friend who’s a lesbian and have him insist on helping her find dates so he can play the ultimate wing man!

Let’s have a trans character leading their own team in the X-Men!

Let’s give Gotham a Bi superhero that joins the Bat family!

Let’s have a Gay longterm relationship in a top TV show and here’s an idea don’t kill one of them off!

I understand I may lose followers over this post, but after seeing the state of a good friend of mine after getting the crap kicked out of him for holding his boyfriends hand in the park. After the terrible tragedy in Orlando….isn’t it time things changed? Isn’t it time we all learn to accept each other for who we are?

Isn’t it time to stop the hate?

It’s time to spread the love, in the real world and the fictional one.


Aedion and Lucien are both like:

Aedion: *yawns lamely when it looks like Rowan and Aelin want to be alone* “I’m uh tired….yeah…PEACE OUT” -insert suggestive winks at leisure-

Lucien: *Sees that Tamlin is making an effort to win Feyre over* “I just remembered I have very important things to do lol bye”

Aedion and Lucien deserve awards. They are the ultimate Bros, Wing Men, and Captains of the Ships in 2015.

It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

I finally finished my objectheadzine entry, which is a sort of anthropomorphic representation of the eponymous Chaos Butterfly. I had a lot of fun designing and making this, I can’t wait to see everyone else’s work when the zine comes together!


As promised, here is my Marilyn Manson concert experience. 

My friend and I were directly behind the people at the barrier.  While Manson’s crew was setting up we made friends with a guy named Greg from Northern Ontario who had rum and cokes in both hands but was a very nice dad. He gave 0 fucks and didn’t let anyone squeeze between or go in front of us. Manson starts out with Angel With the Scabbed Wings, an ultimate throwback to 8th grade jam. The crowd was pretty crazy but Greg from Northern Ontario had us covered blocked most of the crowd for us.  Manson threw some bag of pink powder that hit me and Greg from Northern Ontario and got all over my shoulder.  This girl soon pushed her way next to us and said the guys on the other side were too aggressive. She was super cute and cool and told us it was her 11th time seeing Manson and it was the worst performance so far and that he was wasted.  This was apparent when Manson took out a saxophone out of thin air and started a little doot-doot routine and no one knew what was going on. He said something like “how long do you think I can play without breathing” and played for about 4 seconds.  Soon after whoever plays guitar now threw a pick at me and it hit me and fell on the ground and had to find.  Now this is where Manson came down from the stage the first time.  He sat at the edge of the stage with his legs dangling and waited for security to lift him down like a baby.  He was walking around in front of the barrier and the entire crowd was pushing in every direction. Everyone wanted a slice of old goth ass and I needed a chiropractor. Greg from Northern Ontario was too old for this shit and had abandoned us for the back of the crowd. I was being lifted off my damn feet every time the crowd moved yet I was in the same spot moving with them.  Some other dad replaced Greg from Northern Ontario’s spot and kept telling everyone it was past his bedtime and that he was sweating like a pig.  Between songs he screamed that Manson was looking around on the ground for his career and the security guard told him to shut up, which he replied to enjoy his $10 an hour job.  Mentioned girl before made him apologize to security and shake his hand.  A beautiful intersection of goth girl/lonely dad/security guard sagas. All in all Manson basically crawled around on the ground and sang as I tried to not get my ribs crushed for the last 4 or 5 songs. 

Donald Trump is no joke.

Well, I take that back. The man himself is a walking talking hot-air cartoon, but what his campaign and the reaction to it is telling us about the state of American politics is no laughing matter.

Have you heard about the poling numbers for Deez Nutz?

Deez Nutz is a joke write-in candidate who’s apparently polling at about ten percent.

With The Donald polling at around twenty percent, and Deez Nutz polling at ten percent, we’re seeing that almost a third of the potential voters polled are basically telling the nation’s current political system to go fuck itself.

What do The Donald and Deez Nutz have in common? What, ultimately, is the message they’re communicating to the voters who “support” them? The message is one of contempt: contempt for the system that provides us with a choice between recycled (but dressed-up-as-feminist) centrist politics on one hand, and off-the-wall right-wing (but ultimately bland and unconvincing) authoritarians on the other.

People are fed up with that kind of choice. They’re fed up with politicians who are bought by and owe they fealty to billionaires and Wall Street financial hacks. They’re tired of being lied to, of hearing the same tired and insincere speeches and calls to action that never result in the policies and plans they were told they were voting for. They’re sick to death of a political system that is designed solely to serve the whims and wishes of the very wealthiest citizens and richest corporations.

They’re mad as hell and I’m pretty sure they’re not going to take it anymore.

It’s been mildly amusing to watch the political class of pundits and consultants and big money donors struggle to make sense of the Trump phenomenon these last few months. It’s been like watching a terminal patient coming to terms with their diagnosis. First, the pundits were full of disbelief: Trump is a clown, a joke, he’s a ten day wonder, a summer squall. He’ll vanish as soon as one of the more “serious” candidates enters the fray. When he didn’t vanish, they moved on to anger: He’s a dangerous man, he’s disrupting the process, he’s ruining the party, he must be destroyed. When they couldn’t destroy him, they turned to bargaining: He’s only going to be trouble for a few more months, we can marginalize him, he’ll never make it through the primaries, he can never get the nomination. That’s the stage they’re at now. When he starts winning primaries, they’ll move on to grief. And then, finally, they’ll accept the truth: the system they’ve built, the process they’ve defended their entire careers, is dying before their eyes. They’ll accept the reality that Trump is not a symptom of the broken system– he’s the product of it, it’s ultimate expression, the black fetid boil of the fatal plague fever that has consumed American democracy.

They’ll accept the truth of Donald Trump, and it will be too late.