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I did a cover of “Birds” from Ultimate Storytime. It’s only the first verse and chorus, maybe I’ll do the full song eventually, and the chords are adjusted slightly for my voice - I’m no @originalshortdude! Terrence has PIPES!

I worked out chords for myself and did this in 1 take, so I hope you enjoy. It’s a very raw cover.

Thank yiu, @thatsthat24, for writing such a beautiful show.


is this not a visual representation of tumblr right now


Child services and police had at least 12 opportunities to save the life of 8-year-old, Victoria Climbié. Instead, she died of 128 seperate injuries, leaving the world to question: How could a child in Britain die like this? Her life was short and tragic; her brutal murder went on to prompt the largest review of child protection in the UK and ultimately produced major change in child protection policies. Born in Abbo, Côte d’Ivoire on 2 November 1991, Victoria left the country with her great-aunt, Marie-Thérèse Kouao, a French citizen who had told the Climbié family that she wanted to foster a child and give them a proper education. Victoria was more than pleased to accompany her back to France for a life she assumed would be filled with opportunities; sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. Kouao, an unemployed mother of three, appeared to reap the child benefits she received from having an extra child and this was the sole purpose of bringing Victoria back to France. When they arrived in France, Kouao enrolled Victoria in school but as early as the following month, the teachers had began to notice that Victoria was absent an awful lot, was falling asleep in class, and on the last day she was seen at school, she appeared to have a shaven head and was wearing a wig. Kouao was eventually kicked out of her home due to not paying rent.

On 24 April, 1999, they left France and travelled to the United Kingdom where they settled in Ealing, London and the abuse got progressively worse. Over the course of the following year, Kouao and her new boyfriend, Carl Manning, subjected Victoria to unthinkable torture and abuse. She was burnt with cigarettes, tied up for periods longer than 24 hours, beaten with bike chains, hammers, and wires. On one occasion, Victoria was taken to hospital where her left eyelid was practically hanging off and she had a number of burns on her face - Kouao and Manning claimed these injuries were self-inflicted and were sent on their way. She visited the hospital a second time with severe scalding to her head. The doctor and social services both noted that she was being abused, but again, she was discharged and sent back home to endure more suffering. 

Victoria had been in contact with the police, social services, the NHS, the NSPCC, and even local churches, who were all fully aware of her abuse due to the clear signs of abuse on her appearance, yet nothing was done. One social worker even claimed she was just suffering from scabies while a priest claimed she had been possessed by the devil. The suffering finally came to an abrupt halt on 25 February, 2000, when Victoria Climbié passed away, alone. She suffered from hypothermia, multiple organ failure, and malnutrition, as well as the numerous burns and injuries on her body. An autopsy uncovered 128 separate injuries on the little girls body and described it as the worst case of child abuse he had ever witnessed. Both Manning and Kouano were found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. 

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Common Misconceptions About: Finland

I can’t believe I haven’t done Finland yet lol.

As I’ve shown you before in my on-going series, I’m going through and knocking down the idea of Ukes. And Finland is perhaps the ultimate Uke.

Fanon does an excellent job in making Finland a perfect baby capable of no evil. But, I mean, Hima drew him with a fucking awesome gun. More historically, he fought tooth and nail in World War II to keep his land from invading forces. And his foundation period was one messed up stew of wars and famine—poor Finland lost a lot of people.

And yet, fandom turns him into a perfect, domestic wife. I don’t want to point fingers, but DeValier’s college!AU had a near-perfect Finland, complete with giant, sparkling eyes and dreams of a domestic life with a white-picket fence.

And that’s how people describe him, too. He’s waif-like, small, and probably wears short-shorts in whatever Fanfic he’s in because people can’t pull him out of Uke-dom. He trails after Sweden, and goodness knows he has to be a virgin. It’s so frustrating to see anything interesting about him bleached out.

I blame the fact that Hima never shows Finland without Sweden. They’re always together, so anything interesting about Finland has to be connected to Sweden. It’s hard to separate a character from his pairing if the source material doesn’t help you out much.

But that’s your job as a writer.

In real life, Finland is nothing like that. He likes alcohol, and doesn’t like being referred to as Sweden’s wife. It’s not funny, you guys. He’s close with Estonia and likes putting on weird festivals. He’s bad at naming things. He’s a quiet, mature nation. He’s nice, a little clumsy and awkward, but that doesn’t equate innocence.

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anonymous asked:

hi, i was just wondering why you dislike sheith? i can see why myself but i was just wondering why u do?

okay so let’s pretend that the ages weren’t confirmed.

  • it fucking decimates keith’s character and makes him out as the Ultimate Uke Pinup Boy™. a soft delicate flower made to be touched by shiro only (gagging). and gal/ra!kei/th in sh/eith is like, why would shiro think it’s hot? shiro has ptsd from his time with the galra. and shiro is such a good guy but the shippers make him out as some “sex god dad/dy” and i’m like, well, wherever you fucking pulled that out from.
  • like even if the ages were not confirmed, their behaviors are clearly one of a mature man who has seen shit and a hotheaded teen. and the fucking size difference IDK!!! squicks me out
  • Yaoi Tropes. fucking everywhere. yaoi is pretty heteronormative in the first place, with the Big Buff Seme and the Waif Uke. (ties into the first point but w/e it still grosses me out!!). one half of the relationship is “manly” while the other is “feminine” like what kind of fucking shit is this (and all the time!! keith is the feminine one) 
  • Favors white-passing boys instead of the interracial relationships (k/lance n sh/allura) and aLWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS THEY FUCKING. MAKE LANCE OUT AS LEAST DESIRABLE. Like keith prefers shiro and it fucKING KILLS ME BC I SEE YOU, PPL WHO MAKE FICS N COMICS ABOUT LANCE GETTING HIS HEARTBROKEN. like that is so fucking colorist. just say straight up that you think lance is ugly because of his skin.
  • asian fetishization, especially light-skinned asians. i’ve seen so many “”””headcanon posts”””” where they hc keith as korean and shiro as japanese and they are grossly stereotypical and lack research put into the fucking cultures.
  • also, asian men are often portrayed as feminine, especially in (white) western media, so showing either of them (usually keith) as excessively demure only plays into stereotypes and tropes.
  • also pre-kerberos ship is gross bc keith was a student and shiro was definitely graduated. like definitely canon. (ew)

berrrystrawberry  asked:

In that cops fanart you reblogged, next to Sosuke and Mikoshiba, Rin looks like the ultimate uke. ( ・∀・)


hello all non-brits out there who are wondering wtf is happening

so the UK has voted (51.9% vs 48.1%) to leave the European Union and this means quite a lot of things are changing

  • the value of the pound has dropped by a lot (here is a graph because i’m shit at numbers): (x)

(image src)

  • so far our Prime Minister is stepping down (x) and it’s fairly likely that a pro-Brexit politician will take over. probably Boris Johnson but nothing has been announced yet.
  • most of the major big cities, including London, voted to stay, although the majority of England and Wales voted to leave (x)
  • the entirety of Scotland voted to remain. (x) Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has previously said that if this happens, she wants another independence referendum. for those of you that weren’t aware, there was a referendum in 2014 to decide whether scotland should still be a part of the UK. ultimately 55% voted to stay, although stats say that if another referendum was held today, then things could be different. (x) 
  • (breaking) as i write this, she has just made a statement saying a second referendum could be on the cards. (x)

“We said clearly we do not want to leave the EU. I will do all it takes to ensure these aspirations are realised… An independence referendum is highly likely.”

  • Northern Ireland’s vote was fairly divided, but has been said that it could cause implications for the region and the Republic of Ireland (which is still a member of the EU as it is not part of the UK) (x)

I’m not pretending to be an expert on politics or finance or anything but this is going to cause major implications worldwide. spread the word if you can because tumblr tends to be very american-centric but this is really important!

Assclass characters in fanfics;

Nagisa; Uke who cries a lot for Karma-Kuun

Karma; Pervert Sadist who’s either in love with Nagisa or the OC.

Asano; Tsundere, usually Karma’s love rival or Karma’s lover.

Isogai; The nice guy/Ultimate uke/The Chairman’s bitch.

Okuda: k-k-k-karma-kun

Kayano; ultimate side-character.


Chairman; Evil overlord/molestor/mastermind/occasionally in love with Isogai.