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He Changes Your Contact Names- Youngjae

Part of He changes your contact names

Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Junhong


B.A.P: Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Junhong; BTS: Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, EXO: {coming soon}, Got7: {Coming soon}


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Miraculous Holders [spoilers ahead]

Okay but can we just analyze the order of how these silhouettes are shown?

Like, we know the Ladybug miraculous is Creation and the Cat miraculous is Destruction. The form Yin and Yang - A perfect balance when they’re together.

But what really intrigues me is how the miraculouses [miraculi?] in the middle are placed. I feel like the order has something to do with the potential good and evil in each miraculous holder. Or rather, what type of personalities + the amount of darkness within them the miraculous are most compatible with.

Ladybug = Creation/Ultimate good.



Turtle = Neutral 



Cat = Destruction/Ultimate Evil

Let’s take the Butterfly miraculous for example. Butterfly miraculous and Hawkmoth’s silhouette is closest to Adrien [Cat Miraculous, which represents destruction]. Hawkmoth is the ultimate villain in the show at the moment, and the Peacock miraculous is on his left, which is closer to the Ladybug miraculous. This got me thinking: What if the peacock miraculous holder never becomes the ultimate villain in the show since the Peacock miraculous has more good in it than evil compared to the Butterfly miraculous?

But then this brings the question of the miraculous holders and their personalities. Adrien holds the miraculous of destruction, yet he uses its powers for good. We all believe that Adrien is good, which he is. But since he’s still the cat miraculous’ holder, does this mean that he has a certain darkness within him too? Like for example, in the Dark Cupid episode. When Adrien was hit by Dark Cupid’s arrow, he said “I’ve always wondered what would happen if I used my cataclysm on someone.” I mean sure, it could be out of mere curiosity. But for the sake of this argument, why would anyone even think in that direction? And then in the Christmas Special, he was so distraught throughout his musical, and he was even about to destroy and I quote “their symbol of hope” in his fit of anger. So what I’m trying to say is that the reason why he’s compatible with the cat miraculous is because he has darkness within him, which really isn’t surprising considering his family and his mom’s death and all. But the thing with Adrien is that he’s still good, even though he possesses this darkness sin him. Or maybe nothing has prompted him to release that darkness and lash out violently yet. Just a theory guys. Or maybe his “darkness” isn’t exactly evil. It’s just his sense of mischief. Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent. 

The point is, The arrangement of these miraculous holders are interesting because they might represent the amount of light/darkness the miraculous are best compatible with. So Hawkmoth here isn’t pure evil. He has an ulterior motive to steal Ladybug and Chat Noir’s miraculous, which is wanting his wish to be granted, He isn’t doing it out of sadistic intentions of watching Paris being burned to the ground or anything. In fact, I personally believe he wants to bring his possibly dead wife back. 

And the peacock miraculous holder might have a motive too which is less dark compared to Hawkmoth’s, which is why they’re further up the arrangement [I mean c’mon guys. Nothing beats resurrecting your dead wife with magic]. But I guess we’ll need to wait and see. 

To support this argument further, let’s take the Turtle miraculous which I’m assuming is neutral. It has a balance of both good and bad. Take Master Fu. He’s the current owner of the Turtle miraculous. He has both, good and bad in him. We know that he’s a good person in general, but he also has a balance of bad in him. We don’t know what he did, but we do know that he did something that resulted in that entire temple in Taiwan being destroyed [this represents the bad]. Whatever that thing was probably represents the bad in him. Maybe he tried to use the two main miraculous for himself? Maybe he succumbed to greed? Who knows. But since he is ultimately a good person with a dark past, my best guess is that the turtle miraculous is best compatible with someone seeking out retribution. Now, I don’t know if this theory applied to Nino, but he does seem like a very neutral character in terms of the amount of good and evil within him. He’s ultimately good. But as for retribution? I don’t think it applies to Nino…yet. Or maybe the turtle miraculous just represents neutralness. Someone who’s chill and laid back like Nino and Master Fu.

Then you have the Bee miraculous which Chloe got. We’ve seen a 2 second snippet of Chloe’s past and it basically explains everything about her. She got abandoned by her mother. Of course she has issues. But since she’s closer to the LB miraculous, we know that she has good within her. Also, she’s a huge LB fan, so she’s definitely a supporter of justice. Bratty, yes. But good nonetheless.

Which finally brings us to the fox miraculous. Alya. Need I say more? She’s closest to LB and we all know why. She’s good, but the reason why she’s probably not on the far end is because she has the potential to be cunning. Foxes are known to be cunning so that’s what I’m going with lol.  

That’s my weird theory about the arrangement of the miraculous in the opening.

Or maybe they’re arranged like that because of the colors of the rainbow. Who knows.

7 Underwater Facts for World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day, a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. A healthy world ocean is critical to our survival. Together, let’s honor, help protect, and conserve the world’s oceans!

1. While the Earth’s oceans are known as five separate entities, there is really only one ocean.

2. The ocean contains upwards of 99% of the world’s biosphere, that is, the spaces and places where life exists.

Both above GIFs are from the TED-Ed Lesson How big is the ocean? - Scott Gass

Animation by 20 steps

3. Jellyfish are soft because they are 95% water and are mostly made of a translucent gel-like substance called mesoglea. With such delicate bodies, jellyfish rely on thousands of venom-containing stinging cells called cnidocytes for protection and prey capture.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How does a jellyfish sting? - Neosha S Kashef

Animation by Cinematic

4. Plastics & litter that make their way into our oceans are swiftly carried by currents, ultimately winding up in huge circulating ocean systems called gyres. The earth has five gyres that act as gathering points, but the largest of all is known as the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and has grown so immense that the oceanic garbage patch can shift from around the size of Texas, to something the size of the United States. 

From the TED-Ed Lesson The nurdles’ quest for ocean domination - Kim Preshoff

Animation by Reflective Films

5. The 200 or so species of octopuses are mollusks belonging to the order Cephalopoda, Greek for ‘head-feet’. Those heads contain impressively large brains, with a brain to body ratio similar to that of other intelligent animals, and a complex nervous system with about as many neurons as that of a dog.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why the octopus brain is so extraordinary - Cláudio L. Guerra

Animation by Cinematic

6. Some lucky animals are naturally endowed with bioluminescence, or the ability to create light. The firefly, the anglerfish, and a few more surprising creatures use this ability in many ways, including survival, hunting, and mating.

From the TED-Ed Lesson The brilliance of bioluminescence - Leslie Kenna

Animation by Cinematic

7. Sea turtles ultimately grow from the size of a dinner plate to that of a dinner table. In the case of the leatherback sea turtle, this can take up to a decade. Happy World Turtle Day!

From the TED-Ed Lesson The survival of the sea turtle - Scott Gass

Animation by Cinematic Sweden

Handjob While With the Guys- Mark and Jaebum

Part of Handjob while with the guys

Part I, Part II, Part III


BTSPart I, Part II, Part III; GOT7: Part I, Part II, Part III; Monsta X:{coming soon}

Pretty self explanatory on the warning. Mark wasn’t too sexual.

Credit to gif owner


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imactuallyjorge  asked:

Thank you thank you thank you! I had never heard of Voltron until I found your post with the guys in the fort. I did a little digging on line to try and understand the joke but instead I fell in love with Voltron. I owe you my life. Thank you

That’s fucking hilarious and also I am so sorry welcome to the shit show 

Wings of Fire Headcanon that Turtle, Tsunami, and Kinkajou are the biggest Anemarin shippers

-Turtle’s able to stalk Anemone and gather information
-Kinkajous can use that information to make plans to matchmake
-Tsunami, as a teacher, has the power to execute those plans

I mean come on

Together they’re unstoppable

The greatest bae to have ever bae’d.

Seriously though, for those who’ve followed me for a while, I always tend to reblog this girl every chance I get. She is one of the coolest female leads (albeit one of the fewest) and serves as a fantastic character that goes beyond the trope of just being ‘the girl.’ My god I cannot even. Kat is just perfect in every fucking way. If any of you are given the possibility, play this game.

Sea turtles ultimately grow from the size of a dinner plate to that of a dinner table. In the case of the leatherback sea turtle, this can take up to a decade. Happy World Turtle Day!

From the TED-Ed Lesson The survival of the sea turtle - Scott Gass

Animation by Cinematic Sweden