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Danganronpa V3 Personality Theory (but its confirmed pretty much)

Not sure if reddit user hrcmstrbl has a tumblr, but I read their post and kinda wanted to talk about it because I was thinking this anyways SO

“[If] it’s true that their personalities were inverted for the killing game, it just makes everything all the more fucked up.” 

So like can we really talk about the characters for a split second please?

  • O!Kaede has major fucking trust issues yet still managed to create Kiibo and loved the character of Makoto from the killing games (since they are fictional in this universe, meaning he doesn’t exist). Her and Miu also didn’t have a good sister relationship. Probably went into the killing game to bring on despair, since she died in the name of hope. Named Kiibo “hope” as the ultimate troll.
  • O!Shuuichi was depressed which probably drove him into a corner and developed his love/passion/interest w possibly killing but more so murder (if it involves killing or not is still debatable)
  • O!Ouma was ultimate meme lord. Fandom was right. Darn.
  • O!Kaito and O!Gonta were bullies who maybe bullied people who loved bugs/space and became those ultimates as the ultimate joke lmao
  • O!Maki was Chisa Yukizome 2.0. Love kids, loved life, lol happy days but much like Yukizome fell to her ultimate vices and became the ultimate assassin 
  • O!Rantaro wasn’t ultimate survivor so instead of being able to survive maybe he has a serious illness or something where he could die at any second? Kinda unclear on him
  • O!Korekiyo didn’t have a split incestic personality with their sister but instead was very at peace with her death and moved on from it, even though it was a traumatic event in their life. But nope they brought that back and added 100 layers of pain to it
  • O!Tsumugi despised the ultimate despairs and wanted nothing to do w them, probably had a future foundation t-shirt.
  • O!Miu was soft spoken and had absolute good manners. Somehow O!Miu and O!Kaede seem more like sisters then rather than their splits?
  • O!Kirumi prob’ed loved Ryouma deeply instead of hating him. (fuck this one hurts - she killed the guy she loved out of false hate)
  • O!Kiibo probably hated Kaede which explains Kaede’s feelings of not being able to trust anyone.
  • O!Himiko wasn’t lazy, really upbeat and down to try anything once. 
  • O!Angie didn’t believe in religion
  • O!Tenko was team boy over team girl - wanted to love all the boys instead of loving all the girls. This means no canon relationship w himiko.
  • O!Ryouma probably gets really scared over the most life threatening things. Not calm whatsoever, really on edge all the time. Ryouma mentions that he had a positive childhood and was now a shadow of himself. REVERSE THIS. He had a horrible childhood and learned from it and grew into a good, yet timid, person. 

What is confirmed is that “Kaede, Kaito, and Shuuichi because those are the audition videos we’ve seen. Ouma’s comedy/clown group does exist; they showed it in game but made it look like they were spreading despair when in reality it’s the opposite. So this partially confirms that their backgrounds / personalities / motives / etc. have been inverted for the game to an extent.”

So because DR doesn’t exist in this universe bc they are fiction not reality Danganronpa fans sign up to have their minds erased and their personalities replaced, so they can literally become Danganronpa characters, which most likely give them more killing/cunning qualities to make the game show interesting. Most of these characters got royally fucked over because, unlike the cold and evil Ouma we see, he really was just a meme lord who wanted to raise money for a good cause and drink phanta soda.

when phil tweeted the dove emoji as a hint for his new video we were out here like…maybe the video is about doves?? maybe it’s related to MAGIC because doves??? maybe…doves can fly…flying is freeing…PHIL IS COMING OUT SO HE CAN BE FREE???

turns out it was just about the design on his jumper smh phil is the ULTIMATE TROLL

dragondash98  asked:

In response to a previous question on Venom. So you basically see Venom as the ultimate troll for Spider-Man?.... well it's better then other versions where he's a villain I'll admit. *Remembers Spider-Man 3*

Oh, no, he most certainly is a villain - just that he has his own twisted sense of ethics - he legitimately thinks he’s better than Spider-Man and Spidey is the one in the wrong. At least, that’s how I see it.


Okay quick burst on my little soap box here:

I know I am way behind on the series here and almost everyone in the Fairy Tail world has seen this already and everyone rambles about this, but let me just say it again:


I support GaLe all the way and NaLu is my ULTIMATE OTP.

You see these?????????

NOT OKAY! (I will actually give him credit for actually at least giving us an actual photo of this pairing.)

AND THESE!!!!!! THESE RIGHT HERE?!?!??!?!?!?!?


I should have seen that coming, but really though?! Mashima-sensei, I love you, but I hate you.

"Wander Over Yonder" Alternate Episode Titles
  • The Picnic: Wait What
  • The Greatest: Wander Clones Himself
  • The Fugitives: Wander, You Had ONE JOB
  • The Good Deed: Wander, You Had ONE JOB: The Sequel
  • The Prisoner: That Was SpongeBob's Laughter
  • The Bad Guy: That One Episode That (Almost) Had Male Zbornaks
  • The Troll: Welcome to the Internet
  • The Box: Wandere Over Yandere
  • The Hat: The Ultimate Troll
  • The Little Guy: Introducing Your Favorite Character
  • The Ball: Wander Over Yandere 2
  • The Bounty: T H E P O T T E D P L A N T
  • The Hero: The Prophecy FORETOLD
  • The Birthday Boy: The Darkest Birthday Song Ever
  • The Nice Guy: B r u h
  • The Time Bomb: Wandere Over Yandere 3: Sylvia
  • The Tourist: So THAT'S Trudie Traveler
  • The Day: Oh.
  • The Night: OH.
  • The Lonely Planet: Your NOTP
  • The Brainstorm: Banjo
  • The Toddler: WANDER NOT AGAIN
  • The Fancy Party: OTP Goes Wrong
  • The Epic Quest (of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!): Is This Your Sock?
  • The Void: Wandere Over Yandere 4
  • The Party Animal: Jaws 2
  • The Gift 2-The Giftening: WAIT DID I MISS AN EPISODE
  • The Date: That One Shipping Episode
  • The Buddies: Hater Makes a Friend
  • The Liar: . . .said NOBODY SHALL DIE THIS DAY
  • The Stray: Kittens are Evil
  • The Big Job: Guess What HT125-F Stands For
  • The Helper: In Which Wander Kicks Himself Out of Town
  • The Funk: They Have a Papercraft of this Somewhere
  • The Enemies: Return of the Jerk
  • The Rider: Find the Flarf-Narbling Jerk
  • The Gift: THERE IT IS