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Ouma cries and gets over it
New Danganronpa V3
Ouma cries and gets over it

Rough translation (might be slightly inaccurate so take it with a grain of salt)

eh? that’s so cruel, I was only trying……. to… find the… culprit

*cries* you’re so cruel

ush I feel better after crying

i found this and please just read hussies comments on vriska because im almost in tears i cant believe ive never seen this before…. shes my FAVE and i will eat up literally any commentary made abt her 

When I was about to launch into the Hivebent arc, I thought one cool opportunity that presented was to introduce a very major character out of nowhere, who we had literally no foreknowledge of other than one shot of a strange looking horn cropped off panel. The entire profile of this character was always meant to be “someone who is in some way involved with practically everything", and the scorpio sign seemed suited to this. This aspect of her profile was conveyed up front in her introduction, and hammered repeatedly with almost every scene she’s been in. Hivebent was a good introduction to the ways in which she entangles herself nefariously with everything, and slowly but surely, this has been revealed to be the case in the main plotline. It was unclear before, and indeed unclear that this was even a question that needed to be answered, because she had not been introduced yet. And personally, I think there's something kind of exciting which that proposition injects into a story.

Before Hivebent, most of the trolls were portrayed as incompetent at trolling. And when the roster was expanded, the question was begged: are any of these trolls any good at trolling? So part of her profile was also to serve as the ultimate troll. Karkat was an effective troll insofar as he was loud and angry and obnoxious, but that’s about as far as it went. Vriska was designed to be a good troll in the purest sense of the word. She gets people legitimately riled up. Both in the story, and even more importantly, outside it. There is no other troll, or really even any other aspect of Homestuck, which generates more debate. This was intentional, and continues to be. 


others have theorized there will be a teaser immediately following the end of Bon Voyage. if that were true, there would only be six individual teasers before then. but who would be missing? what if it was…Seokjin? I wouldn’t even be surprised at this point. but that got me thinking…BTS has placed little bits of future concepts in all of their past material, spending years building up themes and storylines. WHAT IF the way Big Hit has mistreated Seokjin since their debut has been THE BIGGEST PIECE OF THE STORY? what if it was intentional all along leading up to the Love Yourself concept??? WHAT IF JIN HAS BEEN IN ON IT THIS WHOLE TIME????? even if each member has official teasers this could still be true…in conclusion: I don’t trust Big Hit and I don’t trust BTS, thank you for your time, appreciate Kim Seokjin.

this conspiracy was brought to fruition and penned with the help of @hoebihoeshi 💞👌

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Here's a hc for your birthday, Jeff doesn't have insomnia (he used to) his sleeping patterns are just really messed up. But he can sleep anytime anywhere. He uses this to scare the others by sleeping in weird places. Ben almost had a panic attack when he found Jeff sleeping (his eyes open of course) in the top of his closet.

jeff is the ultimate troll

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I headcannon that once Bruce tried to use the "if _____ jumped out a building would you do it to?" And it totally backfired on him. It probably went a little something like this: Bruce: Boys, why did you do the bad thing? Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian: Cause you did it Bruce: You can't copy everything I do. If I decided to jump off a buil- Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian: Yes Bruce: *Deep sigh* Boys... Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian: What's the problem???? We do it every night??? Where's the issue???

Yes yes yes!!!! 

Though I think Jason and Tim would use it for dark humor, like when Bruce asked it would go like “If I jumped of a building would you do it too?” “Of course Bruce, I would love the opportunity to die” And Bruce just stares at them for a while and they’re trying not to laugh but Bruce doesn’t know if he should be concerned or not. So basically Bruce is trying to give wise advice but his kids are the ultimate trolls and at this point Bruce might actually jump off a building.     

Also, he was so witty with it that we usually ended up having a great shouting match and then the meeting would end perfectly amicably. As we walked through Westminster Hall and I headed back to the office, he (Peter) startled onlookers by suddenly yelling out in the campest voice he could muster: “Love you lots.” It is impossible not to like him.
—  Alastair Campbell and Peter Mandelson’s arguments and completely-without-homoerotic-undertones friendship, from the Alastair Campbell diaries.
Reasons why Annet Mahendru is the best Natasha fancast of all time

1. Brilliant actress

2. Holy shit watch The Americans she will break your heart, no doubt

3. Fluent in German, Russian, and English, and speaks Hindi, French, and Persian (Has the language skills to authentically pull off WORLD’S GREATEST SPY) 

4. She’s Russian-Indian, a chance to FINALLY BRING A WOMAN OF COLOR TO THE MCU and an added layer of complexity to Natasha

4. Ultimate armor against racist trolls who say that race bending isn’t accurate: she’s actually Russian and would be able to dig into Natasha’s psyche in ways ScarJo never could

5. Already has done a FANTASTIC job portraying the complexities of a female KGB agent in The Americans

The lack of Bughead in the promo's is obviously done on purpose!

RAS and co. know they’re the main draw of the show, so they aren’t exactly gonna just forget about them are they? They obviously want to try andf promote other aspects of the show (V*rchie who?), but also know fans will be going cray for BH scenes, and they’re leaving us hanging. RAS is the ultimate troll with this stuff! I guarantee we’re gonna get some awesome scenes this season, probably even in the first few episodes. They just don’t want to give anything away!