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Unpopular opinion, but I liked the end of HIMYM

(Old news, I know, but I just watched the series all the way through for the first time)

It was clear to me from the start that the mother had been dead for some time since otherwise it would have been Tracy and Ted telling the story together. It was clear from the first episode that it was Robin who Ted ultimately wanted to be with, even if he married someone else. It made sense that what would ultimately make Barney come around was having a daughter, and that would be the one woman he could be 100% loyal to.

I thought the final season was brilliant. All the complaints I heard that kept me from watching it in its entirety can shove it.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: honestly the ending to how i met your mother is the biggest disappointment in TV show history i mean seriously the mom was in it for like .3 episodes and by making robin the one ted ultimately ends up with means that the entire show was about ted's quest to end up with her and not even about how he met the mother like why didn't they just call the show "how i met robin and dated her for a while and then broke up like eight times and then found your mom but then when she passed away i realized i still really wanted to bang your aunt robin so here i am at her doorstep 20 years later just like i was at the very beginning of the fucking show"