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I've been bored a lot lately, what do you do in your spare time?

My top 10

1. hauturely.com - The hottest models on the planet
2. commaful.com - Most addicting stories I’ve read
3. omegle.com - Talk to strangers
4. uncrate.com - The ultimate in technology 
5. thisissand.com - Draw things with sand
6. koalabeast.com - Play capture the flag
7. dearblankpleaseblank.com - Funny letters from others
8. fmylife.com - Sad stories that happened to others
9. ted.com - Some extra education
10. pornhub.com - Just becase…

what are some of your faves???

Transparent solar technology represents 'wave of the future'

See-through solar materials that can be applied to windows represent a massive source of untapped energy and could harvest as much power as bigger, bulkier rooftop solar units, scientists report in Nature Energy.

Led by engineering researchers at Michigan State University, the authors argue that widespread use of such highly transparent solar applications, together with the rooftop units, could nearly meet U.S. electricity demand and drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels.

“Highly transparent solar cells represent the wave of the future for new solar applications,” said Richard Lunt, the Johansen Crosby Endowed Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at MSU. “We analyzed their potential and show that by harvesting only invisible light, these devices can provide a similar electricity-generation potential as rooftop solar while providing additional functionality to enhance the efficiency of buildings, automobiles and mobile electronics.”

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Dark City (Alex Proyas, 1998)

“First there was darkness. Then came the strangers. They were a race as old as time itself. They had mastered the ultimate technology. The ability to alter physical reality by will alone. They called this ability “Tuning”. But they were dying. Their civilization was in decline, and so they abandoned their world seeking a cure for their own mortality. Their endless journey brought them to a small, blue world in the farthest corner of the galaxy. Our world. Here they thought they had finally found what they had been searching for.”

Bestiary -- FFXV vs the Daemons AU

I’ll raise you a Daemon!Ravus AU with a Daemon!chocobros AU, too. c; Because why make only Ravus a goo boy when you can make everyone into goo daemon monsters!
Sans Noctis, unfortunately. He’ll be a resident Daemon Hunter, reporting in his bestiary for us~


Humanoid - Retains a fully human appearance.
Human-Type - Predominantly humanistic over creature-like in form.
Beast-Type - Predominantly creature-like over humanistic in form.

Hybrid-Class - Infused with Daemon blood to obtain daemon essence.
Scourge-Class - Acquired Daemon essence after death VIA the Starscourge disease.

Prompto Argentum –

  • Type: Hybrid Class, Humanoid, Class B Daemon
  • Featured Skills: Daemon-Sight (Able to Detect other Daemons), Daemon-Tongue (Able to Communicate with Other Daemons), Enhanced Accuracy
  • Physical Description: Human-Like Appearance, Blue Eyes that Flicker Red When He ‘Snaps,’ Barcode Imprinted on Wrist
  • A creation by Minister Verstael Besithia as a means to test out immortal replication VIA clones.
  • Infused with daemon blood and magitek technology, manufactured on a mass-scale.
  • WARNING: Appears human and friendly at first. May cause potential harm.
  • Travels with Noctis as a companion for most of Noctis’s venture as a daemon hunter.
  • Can detect and communicate with certain types of daemons.
  • Due to his magitek nature, he’s prone to moments where he’ll ‘snap.’
  • This results in him becoming a threat rather than an asset, rampaging and putting those around him in life-threatening situations.
  • Earlier stages upon meeting Noctis, he was more frequent to snap. Traveling with a companion has shown a more human side to him, however.

Ignis Scientia – 

  • Type: Scourge Class, Human-Type, Class C Daemon
  • Featured Skills: Restorative Abilities, Enhanced Hearing, Elemenancy
  • Physical Description: Tall, Sharp Tentacles Emerging from Back, Charred and Burned Eyes, Blind, Float
  • It is rumored that within the ruins of Altissia, a daemon lurks within.
  • Few accounts were ever made, for the many who tried to restore Altissia to its glory never returned. Yet at night, you can hear the daemon whisper.
  • Highly intelligent – for when it hunts for you across the ruins, it will find you. Laying traps out, using strategies for find its prey, it is a frightening foe to challenge.
  • Noctis ventures upon the daemon, noticing that it is blind, eyes covered with blackened ash and charred skin.
  • Its form is smaller, tentacles forming from its spine with edges sharp as daggers, and moving as if treading on invisible wires.
  • In its hands, it holds the remains of a tattered book, uttering incoherent words of ‘servitude’ and ‘betrayal.’
  • WARNING: Remain absolutely still when confronted by the daemon, for it can hear you if you make a loud noise.
  • This daemon is non-confrontational, only wishing for peace as it whispers that ‘the king shall return.’ One day, it hopes.

Gladiolus Amicitia – 

  • Type: Scourge Class, Beast-Type, Class A Daemon
  • Featured Skills: Enhance Strength, Physical Endurance, Steelguard, Antagonize, Masochism
  • Physical Description: Scaled Body, Horns, Wing-Like Protrusions from Back, Massive in Size
  • A creature noted to rival the size and ferocity of a dread behemoth itself – in fact, it’s tenfold more aggressive than the behemoth is.
  • Hard to penetrate its armor. Not even Prompto’s Piercer shot can scratch it.
  • It’s heavily resistant to physical attacks due to its strong skin, but also because of the wing-like joints that can close and act as a shield.
  • First spotted outside the ruins of Insomnia, guarding and protecting the city like a watchdog, lashing out at those who dare challenge it.
  • Nothing gets past it. Nothing.
  • WARNING: Do not persist in physical attacks against the beast. The more pain it feels, the stronger it becomes.
  • WARNING: Will rally other daemons to assault it to enhance its power. Avoid being swarmed as it uses its Antagonizing Roar.
  • Seen with a massive scar over its eye, torso, and forehead. Nobody knows what creature was skilled enough to make such an injury, but perhaps its best that nobody knows.

Ravus Nox Fleuret – 

  • Type: Hybrid Class, Human-Type, Class S Daemon
  • Featured Skills: Enhanced Speed/Agility, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Strength, ‘Swordplay,’ Retainment of Sentience
  • Physical Description: Towering Figure, Mostly-Human in Form, Tainted Black Skin, Capability to Shift Between Beast and Human Forms
  • Once a face that Noctis once knew well, the poor soul had found itself twisted and corrupted by the Starscourge that turned him into a monster.
  • Originally infused VIA MT technology, ultimately activated officially after ‘death.’
  • Human will and resilience allowed the twisted man to retain a sense of humanity with him, but humanity that is harder to control.
  • Not as capable of control as Prompto, the man haunts the remnants of Gralea, screaming with sorrow over his death.
  • Those who see him only may see the form of a silver-haired ghost about the city.
  • But when they gaze upon the man, the monster is revealed, mutating as it screams for the death of ‘the monster that took everything.’
  • WARNING: He will not fight you unless you provoke it. If a fight ensues, chance for survival is low.
  • He lives in despair, wishing for death. But alas, his pride forbids him to accept his fate so easily.

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OKAY do you have any like.......specific lesbian pidge headcanons about how she's Gay and Trans and Loves Girls because I need more of that choice content

You can bet your ten gallon hat I do

  • Pidge Loves Nessie and insists that Nessie is her girlfriend. It was a spring wedding, and Lance wasn’t invited because he doesn’t understand the depths (pfft) of their love.
  • Pidge: (out to lunch) Hi, can I order a LGBT sandwich? Extra lettuce and tomato please :)
  • Pidge loves Bad Puns so when she tries to flirt she’s… oh my god she’s kind of like Lance but almost worse… “I could really use a gal paladin :/ Wanna volunteer? ;)”
    • Can you imagine Lance trying to take Pidge under his wing… This would go really well or really poorly, it depends on how much effort Lance actually puts into it.
  • Constantly refers to everyone as ‘Harold’
    • Shiro: Pidge, do you understand the plan?
    • Pidge: Of course Harold…
  • Pidge voice: Fuck off Mattie, I’m a solid futch.
    • Can you imagine like 13 year old Pidge taking test after test trying to see where she lands on the femme-butch scale lmao
  • Pidge is a Girl Lover but she’s not really ready to Love Girls yet. Meaning, she knows she’s a lesbian, and she does find girls attractive, but she’s not ready to date, y’know?? She needs to emotionally mature a little bit more… She’s a baby.
    • That being said, where Pidge lacks a physical girlfriend, she makes up for with technology. The Castle is her girlfriend, and they’re very happy together.
  • Pidge is a Holt which tells me she most likely will be… an embarrassingly loving girlfriend. She has more ‘I love my gf memes’ saved than pictures of, her gf.
  • Pidge has set all of her social media profile pics to the “I, am a lesbean” meme. She owns it on a shirt.
  • Finding her family takes precedence over getting a girlfriend so Pidge is kind of… reserved? I guess when it comes to other ladies. Technology is ultimately her One True Love at the moment. Like, Pidge is very (rips off jacket to reveal a shirt that says ‘I LOVE GIRLS’) but she’s also still easily distracted by robots… lmao
  • That being said if Team Voltron ever runs into a teenager who spends all her time trying to hack the Galra empire… 
    • (Pidge voice) Life goals or wife girls, amirite??? Also Lance if you try to flirt with her I will taser you. I-I’m not jealous, shut up!!! That’s not even- I don’t even know what a girl is! I just don’t want you to, um, distract her while we’re working together… under the stars… hacking Zarkon’s ugly droids… looking for my family together……. SHUT UP, LANCE. STOP LAUGHING. I hate this quiznaking family so much.

RM Appreciation | Day 5 | “Gajah Lyrics Analysis” 

so allkpop, in an article about the song, stated “Gajah" is a song about today’s citizens who are at a loss due to too many choices provided by the information age, advising them to just do what they want to do. The MV contains a unique storyline told through 3D animation graphics.

the important excerpt from this is the “just do what they want to do”… esp since this is Namjoon, we can anticipate a focus on the societal pressures to conform and identity confusion.

((ok these lyrics are hard, and i worry that some things are unclear because of how korean translates into english. unfortunately there might be some inaccuracies in my analysis.))

Life just, just Comes thru
We ain’t never ever want to
Everyone’s an involuntary player
You don’t choose life
Chose you
The world is monochrome pretending to be colourful
Cuz everything so grey
The night is much longer than the Nile River
Our sadness is a grey area

He’s saying that because you don’t get to choose to live chose, at least choose to be you. “Everyone’s an involuntary prayer” *sigh* a really beautiful way to say we’re all involuntary wishes granted by God. Now, when he refers to life I’m confused. I assume he means the current state of life – a life in the “information age” where people are bombarded by advertising and brainwashing of what is ideal and perfect and what networks you must take part in to be happy… and he describes this general state of life as “grey” as something that pretends to be beautiful and interesting but really is lifeless. And now the last two lines… I’ll again assume something and say that this is cause and effect. Because we are trapped in these “grey lives” we become depressed, caught in a night longer than the Nile.

There’s only one thing certain about this complicated world
That your state and mine are washed up by life
A thing like fate decides our value
It’s always pressuring us to buy loneliness
If you’re often in dissonance with the world
We’re like the black piano keys
What’s certain is that you’re only part of a piano
Please sit down and play the black keys

We out in dangerous waters my dude because it’s all in korean now and Namjoon is so fucking poetic that I’m extra worried about the ease of the translation. Esp line 2. I suppose he might mean that one thing is certain, that we are all somewhat ruined by this state of the world ((again assuming that life is used in the context of ‘the current world’)). Fate as in where we end up in life and how we are set up for that future ((aka to whom and where we are born)) thus determines our value to the world. “Pressuring us to buy loneliness” because buying into this “technology age” ultimately isolates us from what is genuine and really when everything around you is ingenuine, now matter how “full” your life is you will feel alone. Then he goes into a really pretty metaphor about being a black key on a keyboard, and allowing yourself to be that dissonance ((sorta musicians with something to prove might feel the need to complain about this. if it makes you feel better, I will phrase this as “the world is C Major, be the accidental keys to a C Major world”)). 

Think about it
Will you become a star or a starfish
No disrespect for starfish
But if you want a fish, be selfish
If you looked into the mirror this morning
Think hard on what you thought about
And then look and tell yourself again
You fight for yourself
You raise me up for yourself

Okay so here is the line people have enjoyed joking about. “Star or starfish”. If you think about it, its really quite brainless (no pun intended but–). become a star, someone great, or become a starfish, a creature without a brain that blindly exists. he’s just playing on words. and then he’s like “sure no disrespect to people who aren’t looking to be great, but if you’re gonna be a fish, be selfish. aka still be yourself”. This line – If you looked into the mirror this morning
Think hard on what you thought about – 
I love. We look at ourselves in the morning and we think on our flaws, we think on how we might fit in and look right. He tells us to fight for ourselves, to fight for the courage and right to be who we are. 

So I might be reaching in some parts, but I did understand a good 80%. I will never stop being impressed with Namjoon’s lyrical talent. I loved his verse. A lot. Hopefully this helped you all to appreciate it too.


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why do you hate black mirror?

i dont like the constant droning about how social media is turning us into dumb robots or technology is gonna turn on us violently or we’re dumb sheep for using smartphones or whatever. the only one actually liked is san junipero bc the technology is ultimately seen as a helpful, useful tool 

honestly its not really super deep i appreciate the show for its creativity and production value and high-concept episodes but i just dont like the tone.. its usually very pessimistic and like….when i watch sci fi i watch star wars and star trek for a reason. i like optimistic visions of the future, not the shit that black mirror shovels out


Often, your name is WENDY TESTABURGER. However, in this particular moment, and a number of others to follow, your name is WENDYL TESTABURGER.

You are quite the SOCIAL ACTIVIST, or at least you were before Earth was destroyed. You now spend your time as your session’s SYLPH OF SPACE, keeping the balance and harmony between your fellow players to the best of your ability. Beyond that, you are tasked with the creation of the GENESIS FROG. Your primary problem in this task is that all present frogs suffer from DEBILITATING NEUROTOXINS, because your planet is drenched with HIGHLY-LETHAL LIQUID MERCURY. You were unable to leave your house for a week after the start of your session without alchemizing the what you call the ULTIMATE OPUS in TRANSGENDER TECHNOLOGY, the MATERBINDER.

Almost all of your FELLOW PLAYERS have refused to listen to you or even offer you help. Only two are truly concerned with your VILE AND BURDENING PLIGHT. Your HERO OF LIFE has worked tirelessly to keep the FLORA AND FAUNA of your planet alive, and your HERO OF HEART oversees your frog-breeding. The Hero of Heart was once your boyfriend, but things turned quite sour.

They always do.

Although you work hard on this one task, it cannot compare to your civic duty: Keeping tabs on the HERO OF TIME. If you can even call him that. If left to his own devices, he will ultimately DESTROY THE SESSION ITSELF. And a good SYLPH cannot allow that.

You are known as the SWEETEST AND MOST CARING boy in the session. You are also falsely known as the MOST INCOMPETENT, leaving you wondering why you stick your neck out for everyone sometimes when they always  take your help for granted. Your shitcode is radiatingMidwife, And you make Sure to idEntify your emphasis WherEver you deem It nEcessary.

*crosses fingers for Wendyl to return next season*

New technology that will change the world(s):

1. Ion Propulsion

(Image credit: NASA/JPL)

Technically not upcoming, ion propulsion is already a reality. Since it propels a spacecraft one particle at a time (as opposed to chemical propulsion, which explodes, generally, out the back), this propellant is hugely efficient.

The trick is what’s known to physicists as “specific impulse”. When a chemically propelled vehicle propels, it causes an explosion out the back, pushing the object forward. After exiting the vehicle however, the explosion immediately spreads in all directions, meaning that much of the energy of the explosion is lost on direction other than the one the spacecraft wishes to move.

Ion propulsion takes a long time to build speed but is so efficient that NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, being an ion propelled machine, is the first to be able to orbit multiple things in the solar system.

With ion propellant, a spacecraft may be able to even generate enough speed to allow for interstellar space exploration (meaning it could enable us to leave the Solar System). Though speculative, the possibility is undeniable.

2. Solar Sailing

(Image credit: NASA)

This technology is still controversial. The science is this:

Light has momentum. When light hits a highly reflective surface, the surface, is pushed. With gradual building of velocity, a spacecraft could easily attain vast speeds, again leading to aspirations toward interstellar exploration.

The advantage over ion propulsion though, is that this is exploration without propellant.

Such methods of discovery haven’t been relevant since our ancestors explored the Earth on boats driven by the wind.

Though the science is known, the engineering applications are still somewhat mysterious.

The momentum gained from a single photon is very small. The area of material needed for a solar sail that could carry something like a generation starship is many orders of magnitude larger than any tested solar sail concept. It’s arguable whether or not this technology would ultimately turn out to be the most efficient way to go.

That space exploration is expensive means that when someone bothers to pay for a launch, the first thing they would hate to do is lose their spacecraft because it turns out to not be able to propel itself. Most bankrollers of space travel tend to favor tried and true methods.

That said, the testing of solar sails is underway.

Agencies like NASA, JAXA and even the Planetary Society (holla) are currently undergoing mission preparation, or already have a mission underway, testing solar sails.

3. Renewable Rocketry

(Image credit: SpaceX)

This one’s a biggie.

Imagine, you buy a car. You go buy groceries, come home and then your car explodes.

Every. Single. Time.

Tell me, could you afford to buy a new car every week to buy groceries, or would you figure something else out?

Personally, I wouldn’t be able to travel by car. I just don’t have the money to buy a new one every week.

Space exploration faces the same problem. Rocket technology was mostly driven and invented by military ventures that didn’t care about getting the rocket back. In fact, for a military rocket - if you see it coming back at you then you’ve probably done something wrong.

New efforts are underway to change this.

Companies like SpaceX, Reaction Engines and Blue Origin are devising groundbreaking new technologies that are fundamentally different from the rocketry of yesteryear.

Soon SpaceX will be carrying people into low Earth orbit, dropping them off and returning to a landing pad in Florida.

Reaction Engines Ltd has invented a hybrid rocket engine which breathes oxygen from the atmosphere like a jet engine, then becomes a spacecraft engine once the air becomes too thin (meaning it needs a fraction of the fuel to get to space as most others).

Blue Origin plans on carrying tourists to the edge of space, with the rocket then returning to the landing pad softly on a plume of fire.

Each of these ventures has already proven their technology. They’re each on the road to implementing it now, with both SpaceX and Blue Origin currently launching with the technology.

Let me give you an idea of how much this is going to change humanity:

The cost of a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch is around $61 million.

Of that, the cost of fuel is about $200,000 (according to SpaceX).

In two years, SpaceX will be regularly launching seven astronauts at a time to the space station.

If all you need to pay for (approximately) is the cost of fuel (similar to fueling up your car), the cost of fuel between seven to get to space drops to a potential $28,500 or so.

Though still expensive, it’s easily within the bounds of startup companies to launch to space on commercial endeavors, meaning there will be private sector astronaut positions opening up in the very near future (they already exist actually).

Some vacations cost more than this. It’s within the bounds of reason to expect such entertainment prospects to carry into orbit.

Imagine: zero-gravity theme parks and floating hotels where you can watch, romantically as the Sun sets on the Earth below 16 times a day and you can see the Northern lights, lightning storms and the artificial spark of city lights spread out below you like some wondrous surreal painting.

With companies already developing espresso machines and cups for microgravity, and astronauts already testing greenhouses that grow vegetables in orbit, it seems inevitable that humanity is on the cusp of realizing the experience of the final frontier.

(More technologies to come in a later post)

Post-Cyberpunk - A Balance of Light and Dark

Post-Cyberpunk is a term I originally came across a few years ago on TV Tropes. It refers to a sub-type of cyberpunk rather than a separate genre. Post-Cyberpunk works are still cyberpunk. Now first off I want to admit that I might be completely misinterpreting what post-cyberpunk is suppose to mean and I know what could be considered post-cyberpunk is open to debate. I merely use the term (possibly incorrectly) to refer to cyberpunk which isn’t quite as dystopian as some cyberpunk can be. What I want to talk about here is why it’s my favourite type of cyberpunk and in order to do that I’m going to use Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex as an example.

To put it simply I like post-cyberpunk because it provides a balance between light and dark, it shows a world that’s neither a dystopia or utopia. There are parts of the world that are bad but there are also things that are good, it’s not unrelentingly grim. In general I like to see this contrast in stories, I like some stories which are darker and some which are lighter but ultimately I think having contrast in tone regardless of what you are overall going for is a good thing. Some cyberpunk stories are basically “grr, technology is evil” which usually makes me roll my eyes. In post-cyberpunk technology is essentially neutral, what matters is how people use that technology, it can improve people’s lives or make them worse. And I find transhumanism, the idea of using technology to improve the human condition to be a fascinating theme to explore. Likewise the technology itself is just really cool. Morality tends to be grey rather than simplistic black and white, good vs evil and the problems people face are often far reaching societal issues which can be difficult (although not impossible) to fix. In post-cyberpunk the world can get better or worse and while things may never be perfect there is room for optimism, things can improve.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a good example of what I’ve been talking about. The world is very much a mixed bag. There have been two more world wars, poverty and inequality is still a huge problem, governments and corporations both are horribly corrupt and all manner of other awful things still happen. But there are still good things in the world, lots of people still live relatively normal lives and there is still joy to be found. Technology can be used for nefarious ends like the Individual Eleven virus which is a computer virus which infects people’s brains and causes them to do terrible things but it can also be used to improve lives like how many people’s lives are better due to cyberization. In terms of morality people run the gamut, sure you have genuinely good people like the Tachikomas and terrible people like Ghoda but on the whole people and morality is more complicated than that. Take Section 9 for example, they’re the heroes and are for the most part good sure but they have murdered people and they still work for a government that is shown to be corrupt and doesn’t seem to have people’s best interests at heart. As for complicated issues, the refugee crisis in the 2nd GIG is a problem that can’t be resolved by simply shooting Ghoda in the face but that doesn’t mean people can’t try to improve the lives of the refugees.

So I’ve rambled a lot, possibly incoherently. Hopefully I’ve gotten what I was trying to say across and haven’t just wasted your time. To sum up I do like stories/settings with a lighter tone and stories/settings with a darker tone and I by no means inherently dislike more dystopian cyberpunk. But something I like about post-cyberpunk is how it shows us a world that is neither a dystopia or a utopia, where good things and bad things happen, where things can get better or worse and where technology is ultimately neutral, what matters is how we use it. 


Is this a record?  Kind of.  These are Edison Diamond Discs, a format used between 1912 and 1929 by–you guessed it–Edison Records.  I came upon three of them today while checking on some of our uncatalogued materials.

Unlike most records of their day (or any day, really), diamond discs are about 1/4″ thick with very thin grooves.  As their name suggests, they’re meant to be played with a diamond-tipped stylus, rather than a more typical steel needle; in fact they flat-out won’t play on the Victrola machine most people envision when thinking about playing older records.  Instead, they’re built to be played on Edison’s own Edison Disc Phonograph–something our library is sadly lacking.

Their fine grooves allowed for a longer playback than contemporary 10″ records, but the medium never quite caught on with the public.  Whether it was because of the musical selection (Edison favored more traditional music over the jazz that was becoming increasingly popular during the era), the cost, or the fact that they were incompatible with most other types of contemporary records and machines, the technology ultimately vanished from the marketplace when Edison Records closed in 1929.

Okay so we all know The Lunar Chronicles are full of OTPs, but what about brOTPs?
Cress and Cinder becoming the ultimate technological dream team and designing, building and programming the best droids and ships anyone’s ever seen
Thorne and Scarlet competing to see who’s the better shot (it’s Scarlet) and watching bad action flicks together
Kai and Wolf awkwardly bonding over their mutual loyalty to Cinder and realizing they have the same taste in books
Cress and Iko watching hours and hours of bad net dramas and styling each other’s hair/makeup (they’ve tried to bring in Cinder and Scarlet, but Cinder hates makeup and Scarlet refuses to let anyone straighten her hair)
Cinder and Wolf being workout buddies and each other’s secondary emotional support, having in-depth conversations late into the night about how they feel like total outsiders and, at times, even monsters
Cress teaching Wolf all she knows about Earthens and their strange ways, and eventually developing a close brother/sister relationship because neither of them really have any family left
Jacin and Wolf grudgingly being forced to spend time together and eventually realizing they actually get along pretty well (other than the whole “you got my alpha kidnapped” thing)
Winter helping Scarlet survive and get over her torture, and Scarlet helping Winter learn how to function in society again (as well as giving not always great relationship advise)
Cinder and Winter finally finding the family they always deserved in each other, Cinder being Winter’s ambassador and confidant when she eventually becomes queen
Cress staying at Scarlet’s farm and learning how to farm/take care of animals as well as how to be a relatively normal teenaged girl
Thorne constantly teasing Jacin and helping him feel like a member of the team, trusting him enough to have his back in a fight and giving him a chance to prove his loyalty
Thorne saying he won’t have to do anything if Kai hurts Cinder because literally everyone else on the Rampion will tear the poor guy’s head off
Scarlet seething at the mere sight of Jacin until Winter finally forces her to actually talk to him. They wind up spending most gatherings making snarky and sarcastic comments about the rest of the team.
Just…Lunar Chronicles characters being buddies and not constantly having to fear for their lives