ultimate teaser

Sexual shit the signs like + compatibility (use Mars/Lilith)

Aries: loves to be in control, mostly rough, spontaneous sex, but passionate. Very adventurous with their kinks, often unforgettable bc of their unpredictable nature.

Positions (m): standing up, doggystyle, divide and conquer’, kneeling v, bend over backwards

Positions (f): rocking horse, lock and key, kiss of life, hot seat, the bridge, high chair, fast fuck

Best partners: Sagittarius Mars/Virgo Lilith,
Scorpio Mars/Pisces Lilith, Gemini mars/Libra Lilith, Libra Mars/Taurus Lilith

Taurus: Embraces any forms sexuality, highly promiscuous and deceitful, uses sexual openness to allure, likes the idea of group sex; stubborn and enjoys dictating what occurs. Usually has no sexual boundaries, can switch roles (dominant/submissive), can be unforgettable depending upon circumstances

Positions (f): Amazon, Asian cowgirl, sybain, thigh tide, lunge, reverse cowgirl, rodeo

Positions (m): standing tiger, slider, rock the cradle, bike pump, stand and receive

Best partners: Sagittarius Mars/Aquarius Lilith, Aries Mars/Gemini Lilith, Pisces mars/Scorpio Lilith

Gemini: most deceitful, dirty and promiscuous of them all. High risk of having many friends w/ benefits, or flirting with others’ partners. Has no sexual preference nor boundaries whatsoever, prone to committing incest. Doesn’t care for love, just sex. Loves everything sexually adventurous, risky and obscene (i.e., group sex, public sex/humiliation, multiple one night stands, young/old, old/young)

Positions (m): Double penetration, butter churner, sniper, rock the cradle, reserve mambo, reverse hot seat, on the prowl, stand and receive

Positions (f): Wheel Barrow, scissors, jellyfish, Big Dipper, octopus, piledriver, socket, stand and carry, life raft, g-spot sniper, bridge

Cancer: Most dangerous. Has a lot of internal issues, most likely traumatized, childhood issues, emotionally unstable, extremely vulnerable and easily becomes ‘turned out’ by others, uses/mistaken sex for love and security. Uses their innocence/submissive persona to get what they desire (i.e, sex, drugs) or lure others as they were. Self-distructive, reckless, hypersensitive. Sexual encounters may be amazing, but comes with severe co-dependency. Comes off as angelic, innocent and highly submissive, ‘nightmare dressed like a daydream’

Positions (m): saddling, speed bump, crouching, 69, spooning, shower, Amazon, sideways, acrobat

Positions (f): 69-Inverted, Kneeling, 69-Sideways, Deep Stick, Drill, mastery-suspended, overpass, basset hound

Best partners: Cancer Mars/Cap Lilith, Taurus Mars/Virgo Lilith, Scorpio Mars/Scorpio Lilith

Leo: Passionate, needs to be heard and told they’re doing a good job, aims to please their egos during sex, superiority complex, animalistic, creative sex. Desires to be a dom. ONLY; aims to create the perfect sexual fantasy for their partner. Their ego is damaged when they become a mistress, jealously is apparently, becomes self-centered and deadly.

Positions (m): tribal dance, the steer, tequila sunrise, tangled spider, sniper, rock the cradle,

Positions (f): Bucking Bronco, Bodyguard, Washing Machine, Pump, Lotus, Bouncing Spoon, Mastery

Best partners: Aquarius Mars/Virgo Lilith, Scorpio Mars/Cancer Lilith, Virgo Mars/Sag Lilith

Virgo: Most submissive and undetected sexual energies. Has two personas: reserved, intellectual opinionated/submissive, sexually inclined, filthy-minded, fantasizes often about whoever they take interest in, secretively promiscuous. Aims to satisfy every desire of their partners’, ultimate teasers. Worries about their sexual desires being known and often is conflicted between feeling reserved and 'whorish’, has the ability of corrupting the young and/or innocent-minded. Can be sharp-tongued if sexual desires/needs are not met.

Positions (m): Bull horn, doorway to heaven, nose dive, poolside, under the hood, Bermuda Triangle, Amazon-kneeling reserved, Big Dipper, butter, cowgirl

Positions (f): woman on top, standing wheel barrow, batter’s up, Brazilian bedlock, corkscrew, fire hydrant, lock n’ pose, booster seat

Best partners: Leo Mars/Pisces Lilith, Libra Mars/Scorpio Lilith, Aquarius Mars/Libra Lilith, Aries Mars/Taurus Lilith

Libra: 'Split-imaged’ when sexual. Flirtatious and unfaithful. Rough sex, may choose partners who bring harm, co-dependent, usually a sweet, helpful persona is perceived as alluring. While commonly unfaithful, can be otherwise, and possess ruthless jealously, insecurities, and possessiveness.

Positions (m): speed bump, manhandling, kneeling fox, melody maker, lust and thrust, standing wheel barrow, raising the heat, the squat

Positions (f):the sultry saddle, the squat, the spider, edge of heaven, waterfall, star gazing,

Best partners: Pisces Mars/Pisces Lilith, Capricorn Mars/Virgo Lilith, Aqua Mars/Leo Lilith

Scorpio: Seen as the devil. Sexually exploits others, knows the deepest secrets of others; will never reveal their own. Faithful to keeping others secrets. Magnetic, seductive, intoxicating. May be on sadistic side, possibly subjected to abuse as a child. Manipulative with their lovers.

Positions (m): man trap, hit the spot, magic bullet, tight squeeze, standing tiger, sniper, batter’s up, planking

Positions (f): galloping horse, good spread, reverse cowgirl, x-position cowgirl, star gazing, planking

Best partners: Cancer Mars/Pisces Lilith, Pisces Mars/Sag Lilith, Virgo Mars/Taurus Lilith

Sagittarius: Unwise, unable to learn from mistakes, dedicated to secret philosophies, judges harshly. Known for their hypocrisy and lying. Uses sexual pleasures as a spiritual splurge, corrupts the young. Great, spontaneous lover, multiple partners known to them under different identities

Positions (m): pretzel, spork, Swiss ball blitz, waterfall, on the prowl, moon over Miami, corkscrew, Ben Dover, arm chair

Positions (f): crab shuffle, rainbow arch, reverse frog squat, threading the needle, bent spoon, ballerina

Best partners: Capricorn Mars/Aquarius Lilith, Libra Mars/Pisces Lilith, Sagittarius Mars/Gemini Lilith, Aqua Mars/Leo Lilith

Capricorn: Most dignified placement. Ambitious-goal oriented, traditional sex, may be perceived as under-achieving or boring in their sexual life, sex is seen as unless. Only uses sex to achieve success in the business world, may become known for their choice promiscuity, level-headed appearance allures all her lovers, unemotional and academically inclined

Positions (m): face to face, sexy spoons, missionary, close embrace, cat, Brazilian bedlock, bicycle, Russian ballerina

Positions (f): face to face, standing up, cowgirl, missionary, swan experience, wild stallion

Best partners: cap Mars/Aqua Lilith, cap Mars/cap Lilith Aqua Mars/Taurus Lilith

Aquarius: suffers from thwarted hope and dreams, life choices cause disastrous change and instability. Bad choices also cause loss of friends over the years, stubborn and associates with the wrong type of people, magnetic and experimental. She tempts with her experimentative sexual openness, willing to try anything. Swinger

Position (f): Swiss ball blitz, waterfall, Bermuda Triangle, Eiffel Tower, now and zen, pussy cat control

Position (m): snow angel, man on top, moon over Miami, Cuban cradle, Boston brute, bike pump, bumper cars, book ends

Best partners: Sag Mars/Sag Lilith, Virgo Mars/Pisces Lilith, Cap Mars/Gemini Lilith, Gemini Mars/Aries Lilith

Pisces: Secretive and suffers from martyrdom, exploits the sympathy of others for their delight, suffers from subconscious ailments, may hide wounds from sexual abuse and trauma during early childhood. Sexual inhibition and confusion is likely. Ties themselves to the dregs of society, allowing to be demeaned and used to satisfy the lower basic instincts of humankind, power to hypnotize and create the perfect sexual fantasy

Positions (f): corridor canoodling, good spread, threading the needle, wild rodeo, women on top, cross, cinema stroke, butterfly

Positions (m): lust and thrust, ballet dancer, moon over Miami, jack hammer, double legged anchor, stand and receive

Best partners: Cancer Mars/Scorpio Lilith, Scorpio Mars/Aqua Lilith, Cap Mars/Gemini Lilith, Pisces Mars/Cancer Lilith

“Wild Dogs (alternate recording)” by Tommy Bolin

Baggage handcuffed to my wrist,
I drag it everywhere I go.
Sometimes I fight it with my fists,
If I knew which way was home,
It’s where I’d go.
If I knew which way was home.

Porter come and cut me loose,
Bring that whiskey in my water.
Sometimes I get the blues,
But I know I shouldn’t oughtta.
That’s where I’d go.
If I knew which way was home.

If you want to hear a true guitar god of the 70′s, listen to this nearly 14 minute version of one of the great songs on a forgotten epic album.

Best Episodes for Doctor Crusher

Full disclosure—Doctor Crusher was my favorite character as a kid, and I never knew quite why. Doing this profile revealed that, when she was doing more than delivering her obligatory two-lines of dialogue per episode, she was a smart and funny nerd up for any adventure while rocking a lab coat. Here are her best moments:


All around one of the first season’s best episodes (yes, the first season had good episodes). Despite the show’s notorious rule that the lead characters could never have interpersonal conflict, the story here finds a good reason for Crusher and Picard to verbally duke it out—they both have high moral standards that compel them to take a certain action. Or, in Picard’s case, to not take action. (You might also check out Season 1’s “The Big Goodbye,” which isn’t a Crusher episode, but features her being adorable in a 1940s getup on the holodeck.)

“Remember Me”

The sci-fi hook is pretty easy to figure out early on, but the fun is watching Doctor Crusher argue with the unhelpful computer while solving the puzzle she’s trapped in. And Gates McFadden got to do some stunt work, running and jumping and almost flying around the ship, just a few days before discovering that she was pregnant.

“The Host”

I didn’t like this episode as a kid, but upon rewatch, I think it shows an enjoyable, very adult (as in grown-up) romance of the kind that Star Trek usually fumbles. The chemistry between Crusher and Odan is real enough to make you believe they’ve fallen for each other in two weeks, and it raises intriguing questions about identity and love (even if it sidesteps the issue of sexuality at the end).

“Cause and Effect”

One of my all-time favorite TNG stories. Known as the episode with the ultimate teaser, it’s a brain-teasing sci-fi concept with Doctor Crusher and the crew trying to figure out how to stop a time loop that keeps destroying them. It could have been any character’s episode, but the choice to let Beverly carry the show really sells it. It’s also one of Jonathan Frakes’ early directing efforts, and he nails the challenge of shooting basically the same scenes over and over again with subtle differences. Solid work all around.

The Quality of Life”/”True Q”: The first one’s so-so, the second one a very good Q story, but both these episodes give Crusher a supporting role in which she’s a friend, mentor, confidant, and philosophical debate partner, rather than the person curing or fixing the crew after their adventures.


To be honest, the mystery in this murder mystery doesn’t completely hold up, and the ending is beyond preposterous, but it’s fun to watch Doctor Crusher take some names as she doggedly pursues the truth, getting herself into trouble like a classic gumshoe. Plus, it’s Guinan’s final appearance on the show.


Finally, Beverly and Jean-Luc tell each other how they feel! It takes being psychically connected with brain implants—a sci-fi version of two fugitives being handcuffed together as they go on the lam across enemy country—but their obvious chemistry gets to sparkle at last. Beverly looks amazing in her shiny dress in the final dinner scene, which makes it hurt just slightly less that it ends the way it does.

The story of the Hannibal Season 3 teaser trailer: “I Forgive You”

Our minds can concoct all sorts of scenarios when we don’t want to believe something. We construct fairy tales. And we accept them.

Is forgiveness a fairy tale?

From its start, Hannibal has been a fairy tale concocted by Will and Hannibal both, with each offering the other friendship in one outstretched hand. But it’s never wise to deal with the fair folk, and each palmed betrayal in his other hand. 

And now the deceptions have spent themselves, the betrayals ended, and the two men are apart and adrift.

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