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Look, chowder definitely is the type to take a picture of you whenever you’re in an embarrassing situation and it is the bane of nursey and dex’s existence they barely have time to process it before chowder’s phone is in his hand and he’s always so??? Cheerful?? When he does it??? They don’t even know why he does it because it’s not like he sends them to the group text or anything, but they know….. that if chowder ever got mad enough he has more than enough to blackmail the hell out of them


To be honest, I think even the power of Mabel had a hard time getting these awkward dorks to talk to each other about their feelings. They had some very terribly hilarious failed attempts at asking each other out that make for good stories later on though.

DC Women Kicking ...the Flu?

A chance to hear about a bunch of the ladies of DC Comics coming together was what it took for me to return to posting after a few months. Today DC Comics released Batgirl and the Birds #15 which starts a new arc “Manslaughter” which sees the DC women coming together after an outbreak of flu downs the men. I spoke with the writers, sisters Shawna and Julie Benson about what readers can expect, the return of Oracle (!) and which Bird is has a big take out bill!

I’m so excited to see DC women coming together and kicking ass in the Manslaughter arc. How did you come up with the idea of a flu that hits only the men?

We wanted a story that would allow us to bring together a lot of women in the DCU. It seemed like the best way to bring both heroes and villains together was to give them common cause. Taking out ALL of the men of Gotham felt like a way to do that. Once we landed on that idea, the rest of it clicked into place. A story like this hasn’t really been done before in DC. Sure, there are a few BoP/Sirens team-up’s and individual cross-overs, but this felt unprecedented and well overdue. To their credit, DC JUMPED on the opportunity when we pitched them the idea. We weren’t sure how they would take, “So… all the men in Gotham are sick and out of commission.” But they were down from the start.

I was super excited to see Lois Lane in this because she’s always fun when she hangs out with the Birds once every decade. Which lady or ladies were you most excited to get to write and include?

We love writing all of the characters! But we were very excited to try our hand at Gotham Girl, Batwoman, Orphan, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman. Coming up with a way to bring Lois Lane to Gotham was a huge victory for us. We knew there weren’t many non-Gotham women we’d be able to include due to canon and availability, so getting her felt like a big win.

Anyone you wanted to include that you couldn’t?

There were so many – when you think of writing a story like this, the “ultimate female team-up” you want to have everybody – but we knew we’d have a tough job balancing the 13 or 14 we were already jamming into the issue. Supergirl would have been a lot of fun. We talked about others like Hawkgirl, Power Girl, and Barda… But again, their availability was limited to  us, so we took who we could and ran with it!

One of things I’m looking forward to are the alliances between characters who don’t often get together. Are there two characters you were excited to put together.What’s the most interesting team-up that you think we’ll see?

We’ve had such fun with unlikely pairings, like Poison Ivy and Huntress. Bouncing these other women against our core Birds of Prey team was such a fun idea, so we couldn’t wait to mix them up a bit. Batwoman going toe to toe with Catwoman felt fun – especially since there’s another level of relationship there that can’t be discussed (see Tom King’s “Batman” to understand that!) Harley with everyone was exciting as was getting to play with Gotham Girl, who Tom King created and we felt was a really good fit here.

The men of Gotham seem to be handling their illness in different ways. Who were you most excited to send to their sickbed? Who is the biggest baby? (Say Bruce, it’s Bruce isn’t it?)

We definitely felt that Jim Gordon would be the worst patient ever. But Bruce probably comes a close second. He’d be the guy too stubborn to realize he’s really sick. We included Grayson because if someone was going to be a big drama queen about it, it would have to be him!

So I noticed that Barbara was back at the keyboards in this issue, with Gus gone will she start doing double duty as Oracle and Batgirl?

Yes! That’s been a slow story burn for us through the series. We wanted to get Barbara back to being Oracle, but without losing her Batgirl side. It’s an issue that causes a lot of conflict for Barbara, which for us means, great stories to tell.

You’ve been writing the Birds for 15 issues. Do you feel you have a good feel for the characters? Care to answer a few questions?

These ladies live rent-free in our heads now. We love them as if they were real people – they ARE real people, to us. They are living, breathing, heroines and we are SO LUCKY to get to hang with them every month. We have enjoyed writing every issue of this book and are excited for people to see where we are taking them. As for questions, ask away!

Which Bird spends the most on delivery food?

Dinah. We estimate she burns like 3000 calories a day, more if she’s busting out the Canary Cry. She needs to stay fueled. Tacos, pizza, kale salads, she’s open to it all.

Which Bird spends the most time on SnapChat?

Now that she knows all about those kinds of apps, Dinah, for sure.

Which Bird takes the most selfies?

Dinah. (Sensing a pattern?) Helena wouldn’t want her face too be out there on too many facial recognition apps and Barbara is probably too busy to care.

Which Bird has the most unwashed laundry?

Once again, Dinah. She kinda got used to living out of suitcases when she was on the road. Helena probably has the most drycleaning, what with her professional day job.

Thanks Julie and Shawna!

issue #15 is out today and it is a fun read; pick it up.

lyssnh  asked:

oOoOH so football player!sam being the star quarter back of the high school team and you’ve been best friends for sO long and it’s pretty obvious that you guys like each other. anyways it’s the homecoming game senior year and it’s a super close game and your team ultimately ends up winning and you’re cheering for sam at the fence and he runs over with his helmet in his hand and you can barely get out “congrats! you did great!” before he’s kissing you like in those cheesy pinterest pictures

i’m not sobbing i promise????


Some Bruiseshipping headcanons cause I’m bored (some are NSFW, be warned)

  • They dance to R&B like, everytime its on the radio. They’ve got whole routines memorized and ready to go and they can perform them flawlessly
  • They’ll be up for hours just talking and playing video games they love each other’s company that much
  • Cole was never actually into Nya he only got involved cause Jay was being a dick but in the end they thanked her because she was the reason they got so close
  • They’ll work together to improve Cole’s cooking skills cause he really wants to be good at it and he feels so sad whenever someone doesn’t like what he makes
  • Jay has to shave his whole body in order to keep static electricity from developing, so Cole will join him in the shower to tackle the shaving if Jay needs to finish up fast
  • Jay once called Cole ‘Daddy’ in front of everyone just to freak them out and then they laughed about it for hours after
  • Then Nya got them back by calling Skylor ‘Mommy’ and all four of them just lost their shit
  • remind me to make an amberphoenix post
  • They do couples costumes on Halloween and then they do a Haunted House and they bet on who can last longer without messing up their costume
  • Jay tried to climb into Cole’s teapot while he was wearing it and it took them an hour to get out of it
  • They’re both very aware of each other’s fears and triggers and they take good care of each other whenever one of them is affected
  • They both love Hello Kitty but they never tell anyone 😺
  • Cole worked hard to be sure their first kiss was perfect. It was the middle of summer on a super hot day and he took Jay on a movie date and then they went for ice cream and then they sat on a grassy hill and he waited till the sun was just right and then just as he leaned in he got hiccups and Jay just laughed his ass off. Cole was sad tho, so Jay comforted him and they had their first kiss under a sky full of stars instead.
  • Their first time sleeping together was at 2 in the afternoon when they had the ship to themselves and it was full of giggles and blushing and sweet caresses and Jay’s underwear getting tangled up in his legs
  • Nya caught them making out once and that was sort of how they came out to the rest of the team
  • They are the ultimate prank team up against Kai and his sibs
  • Sometimes Jay will just… stick his face in Cole’s hair/chest/tummy and sigh when he’s tired and Cole just thinks its precious
  • They’re just all about cuddling even before they dated they were super cuddly with each other… as a matter of fact they were cuddling when Jay realized he was in love with Cole
  • He avoided Cole for a little while after realizing he was in love and that was around the time Cole realized how much he loved Jay
  • As a matter of fact if everyone’s memory hadn’t been wiped at the end of Skybound I am CERTAIN Cole would have realized his feelings for Jay and it tears me up inside knowing it probably will never happen on the show
  • i think i just made myself sad… 
A Rogue One Inception!AU

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is there a rogue one inception!au floating around anywhere in space? a picture set? aesthetic? whatever they’re called.

because guys.


i’ve never been in the inception fandom (except to stare at ariadne’s gorgeous face ok), but imagine (i’m gonna get all the terminology wrong and everything might not happen in the same universe but bear with me):

  • the rebellion has failed in successfully extracting information from galen erso’s mind regarding the empire’s top secret research
    • a woman had appeared during melshi’s interrogation. a brunette with a beautiful but tired face.
    • “i’m usually not one to impose myself in my husband’s business dealings, but,” a sad, exhausted smile, “things have changed.”
    • she’s a shit shot, but it ends the dream nonetheless.
  • the rebellion has lost their mole, and the empire knows who they want. they lose access, and erso disappears.
  • much later, the rebellion is given one more shot at erso’s mind. a defected pilot confesses that he knows where erso has been hidden away.
  • the rebellion commands captain cassian andor - the original team’s forger who had been the only one undetected due to his skills as the alliance’s best forger - to do the following:
    • one: to put together a new team for the extraction, including
    • two: finding and recruiting galen erso’s daughter.


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The Mighty Thor #21

Publisher: Marvel Comics
(W) Jason Aaron (A) Valerio Schiti (A/CA) Russell Dauterman

•  The Queen of Cinders sets the realms ablaze - and even the combined might of three Thunder Gods may not be enough to put out the flames!
•  But the all-new Ultimate Thor has a shocking secret. Can Thor trust her newest ally to have her back as Malekith’s army grows and the War of the Realms reaches Asgard’s doorstep?

In Shops: Jul 19, 2017


The laws of physics can kiss my butt

WOCtober Teen Superhero Parade Presents: America Chavez a.k.a. Ms. America

Coming from a utopian dimension outside the Multiverse, America was born and raised by two queens of this realm. When her mothers died to save it from a catastrophe, she ran away and dedicated herself to travel the Multiverse and become a hero like them.

Recommended Readings:


Marvel NOWPoint One special and Young Avengers vol.2 #1-15 – America’s adventures with Young Avengers, series that reinvented her and made so popular with the fans.

Avengers #0 and The Ultimates #1-ongoing – America joins th Ultimates – a very powerful team that tries to solve problems on a cosmic scale, if possible without resorting to violence. WARNING: The book will be re-launching in November as The Ultimates2

BREAKING NEWS: America has just (yesterday at the time of publishing this) been announced to be getting an ongoing series, titled simply America, in 2017.


Vengeance #1-6 – A story that had introduced America. However, because her portrayal being kinda iffy and her creator’s creepy behavior, you can skip it.

Contest of Champions #7-8 -  Minor role, America and the Ultimates team up with White Fox to save heroes kidnapped by Elders of the Universe.

All-New Hawkeye #2-3 – America and Kate Bishop go out to talk and party.

Civil War II: Choosing Sides #2-3 – An anthology connected to Marvel big event. Issue #2 has America as one of the characters dealing in various ways with death of James Rhodes in Civil War II. In#3 she and other Young Avengers help Kate deal with consequences of Clint Barton’s actions in that event.

Other Worlds:

During Secret Wars America Chavez is present first in A-Force #1 (where she breaks Battleworld’s law and is banished to the Shield) and then in Siege #1-4 and a short story from Secret Wars, Too anthology. It is unclear if it’s an alternate America or our America (as fans are debating whenever her having alternate counterparts is even possible).

Other media:

Lego Marvel’s Avengers – Ms. America is a playable character in this game.

I find it ironic that I lost my moral compass when I joined LD

Felicia Hardy/Peter Parker

Recommended Issues Reading List

  • Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that men do
  • Amazing Spider-Man #194-195, 204-205, 243-244, 226-227, 289, 606-630, 650, 677
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #75-76, 78, 83, 85-89, 90-93, 96, 98, 100, 128-129
  • Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #4
  • Wolverine & Black Cat: Claws
  • Spider-Man Unlimited #14
  • Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat 
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #50-53, 79-86, 152
  • Amazing Spider-man 700.3
  • Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #14
  • Spider-Man Noir

If you think I missed something let me know :)