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Hi! Love your blog, super new to this shit. Is there a tag I can look up on your blog that explains this fake insiders trashing Zayn thing? I'm a Zayn fan (wish the other boys well but don't necessarily care about them or 1D) and new to Tumblr, and just finding out exactly how problematic some people claiming to be woke on this website are. Alternative facts exist here, like everywhere else and it's really saddening. Like isn't fandom of any sort supposed to bring you joy?

Hey nonnie. Thanks for the blog love. I didn’t dedicate a specific tag to that. It’s all in my fandom fuckery tag I think, which unfortunately, is over 2500 posts strong (damn fandom get it together).

In a nutshell, as far as I’m aware, it started on twitter and spread to tumblr. There was a fake insider that really was an insider, but was spreading alternative facts on purpose. Confused yet? Yeah, it was a mess. Basically a tiny “mistake” made by this person led to it being found out that they worked for Modest. They tweeted a relative from their fake account and of course, fans went digging and found their true identity. Their resume was still online.

Anyway, this person was using Harry and Louis as bait to draw Larries in. They’d tweet little things that turned out to be true, which gave them cred. But it was always little things. Like when Louis momentarily fucked off to Fiji while on tour…

…they posted pix of where Louis was before the pix of Louis in Fiji hit the fandom. So after reeling people in, the rumor mongering started. It wasn’t all about Zayn. They acknowledged Louis and Harry were in a relationship–they also added a heaping helping of drama. Lots of angst and lover’s spats. I assume they were trying to get people to become disillusioned with Larry. They also implied that Liam and Zayn were in an on/off non-monogamous relationship. Yep, some of those Larries who denied/ignored Ziam were told by their insider that they were hooking up. To be fair, a couple of Larries caught in this web did say on blog they thought their was “something” going on with Liam and Zayn. And that was probably because of the insider. But just a couple…

So once Fall 2014 rolled around, after over a year of grooming, the big Zayn rumors hit. In hindsight, this was staging for the coming Zayn leaving mega stunt. And because it was Larries that had been targeted from jump, it was Larries that ran with it. Remember, they had been piecemealed little inconsequential bits of truth to establish credibility. But still, given how terribly dysfunctional this fake insider portrayed Harry and Louis, they should have been suspicious. When I was told about all this, I was immediately suspicious. And I was shown screencaps of conversations that were hella confusing. But in the end, it wasn’t difficult to call bullshit. They should’ve called bullshit. Because the ultimate target of this con wasn’t even Zayn. It was Larries and their credibility. They’d guessed right about a lot of things, so that credibility needed to be impeached. And 1DHQ was successful in keeping Larries marginalized and looking “crazy”.

Because the Larries involved have still not come clean about this (some aren’t around anymore), the damage done by these fake rumors still impacts the fandom. Many people hate on Zayn based on all the on blog shade these Larries were throwing based on planted, fake rumors. Off blog, they were also aggressively pushing their inside information. So a lot of other fans do not have all the facts and don’t know they’re collateral damage in a long con. smh But fights broke out, mutuals broke up, partial receipts were released into the wild. Messy messy stuff.

P.S. Don’t ask me for details. I’m not getting back into ancient history. This is the one and only FYI.

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There is a mutated form of sea dwellers who are based on freshwater environments such as ponds or rivers. The biology between them and ocean dwellers is like that of fresh water or salt water fish with the same results. Many of these fresh water mutants are killed by noble trolls who see their existence as the sea dwellers trying to send in spies.

Originally posted by razle-dazle

You know, funnily enough, I’ve actually had some headcanons where the Amporas are freshwater breathing trolls via mutation. Only because they were concerned about being culled [both Beforus and Alternian Amporas], they actually managed to hide it. And, in some cases, they actually acclimated themselves to salt water via starting off breathing brackish water, until they could take the sea. [Still hurts like a bitch for a respiratory system to breathe what it wasn’t meant to, but Amporas are nothing if not determined.]

And I love the idea that land trolls would see the fresh water dwellers as spies and hate them and try to cull them. Not only are they mutants but they’re mutant sea dwellers. The ultimate acceptable target for them.

interview with cassie spiral

Porpentine: can i interview you via text about this starcraft 2 thing
cassie spiral: sure
Porpentine: where did you get this copy of starcraft 2?
cassie spiral: i was staying with a family member and his girlfriend, and her parents work for blizzard
cassie spiral: the video game company maybe that’s redundant
cassie spiral: but she asked if i wanted a collector’s edition of starcraft 2 her parents had ‘lying around’ at their house after the last blizcon
cassie spiral: starcraft 2 legacy of the void which i think is the protoss one
Porpentine: protoss are good people
Porpentine: so in other words, this is not merely a copy of starcraft 2, but a collector’s edition of starcraft 2
cassie spiral: ive never played starcraft but did accept it bc i thought i could probably sell it quicly
Porpentine: was it holographic in any way?
Porpentine: were there any visual enhancements?
cassie spiral: definitely, incandescent insignia
cassie spiral: the thing i remember from the back of the box was 'exclusive in-game content’ which is like pets for WoW & skins for diablo or something
cassie spiral: one of them was a protoss themed card-back for your hearthstone deck and i think it said 'show your loyalty with’
Porpentine: i’ve seen those too
cassie spiral: all in all it was an extremely lux box
Porpentine: it assumes you participate in the grand ecosystem of their products

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Is there a greater feeling than respecting your gf

bro having your own woman to respect above all other women is the most powerful feeling in the world you have the ultimate primary target of which you can eternally and unflinchingly pour your respect into and that is where heaven lies

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Gimme that pointless fact

    Jhin is no stranger to the idea of seducing someone, just so he’d get close to them– and ultimately kill them. Targets that die to this method are.. different. As the emotions are different, the shock is amplified tenfold, the look of betrayal in their eyes..

Today’s post was written by Guest Professor Austin, a chemical engineering student who also wrote Darkrai and Rotom! If you’d like more information on how to write for us as a Guest Professor, please send us an ask!

In this article, we will be discussing Genesect, the legendary steel bug pokemon.  Team Plasma revived Genesect from a fossil, and decided the only way to make this prehistoric bug pokemon cooler was to strap a giant laser cannon to its back. When different drives are equipped, the cannon attached to its back can fire a variety of different types and colors of lasers. For example, the burn drive fires a red laser that is fire-type, and the Shock Drive fires a yellow laser that does electric-type damage. Different colors are created by different wavelengths of light, but how does a laser work?

In basic chemistry, you know that electrons orbit the nucleus of an atom in specific shells, or energy levels. When you give an electron energy, typically by absorbing a photon, the electron will jump from a lower shell to an higher shell, called an excited state. If you excite it with too much energy, the electron leaves the atom entirely. But if the electron is still bound to the atom, it will eventually de-excite and go back to ground state. To do this, it must release some of its excess energy, which it does by creating a photon. The amount of energy that it gives off determines the wavelength, and therefore color, of the light. Purple photons have higher energy than red photons.

This is the same atomic process that glow in the dark toys and many other things use to emit light. What makes lasers different is that this light is then focused. A typical laser consists of several parts: a flash lamp, a medium to excite, a reflector, and an output coupler. The medium determines the color of light. For example, many green lasers use Helium-Neon gas as the medium to produce green light. The first ever laser used ruby, and emitted red light. This is where Genesect’s drives come in. Different drives produce different colors and types of attack, so therefore the different drives represent different mediums.

(From top to bottom: InGaAlP (first two), HeNe, DPSS, and InGaN (bottom two) lasers)

The flash lamp is used to give the medium the initial energy it needs, exciting the electrons inside the medium. The electrons will release photons through the emission process discussed above, and that will start a chain reaction, causing other photons of the exact same properties (same direction, wavelength, frequency, photon energy, polarization) to be emitted while the flash lamp is being pulsed. More and more photons team up together in this way, amplifying the total signal.

(A poorly drawn diagram of photon amplification during stimulated emission)

The reflector and the output coupler are on opposite sides of the laser. The reflector, as you might have guessed, simply reflects the photons towards the output coupler. Every single photon reflects off of the reflector: it is 100% reflective. The output coupler is what focuses the beam itself. It is not as reflective, and only allows a portion of the photons to be escape in one direction: a beam. The photons that do not escape bounce back to the reflector, and keep going back and forth until they do manage to escape in the right direction allowed by the output coupler, creating a single focused beam of light.

Lasers have tons of applications, including surgery, dentistry, targeting and radar systems, astronomy, laser printers, acne treatment, fingerprint scanners, thermometers, and metal cutting. Metal-cutting lasers actually heat up and melt the metal in a very focused line, to cut it.

Larger destructive weaponized lasers like Genesect’s canon are largely still in development, but they work in similar ways. However, instead of a steady beam of laser, it emits in very fast pulses. The repetitive rapid change between laser and no laser, heat and cool, evaporation and expansion creates a shockwave throughout the target, ultimately damaging them.

Genesect’s laser canon excites electrons in different mediums that emit light, depending on which drive is installed.  The light is then reflected and bounced around inside the canon, allowing the light to escape in only one direction, creating a damaging beam.

Normally I’d brush it off as being social justice overreacting but goddam, Torb is like the ultimate acceptable target in Overwatch. You can call him a short ugly dwarf and go on about how much you want to murder his bitch ass and everyone’s all surprised he has a wife and 8 kids because wow????? Torb’s had sex???? A lot???????? Someone found him attractive enough????????

Like hahaha okay shut the fuck up. No one found it unbelievable that Junkrat and Roadhog are apparently gay for each other (”Oh my God, someone found Roadhog attractive??? Someone wanted to bang Roadhog???? This is crazy!!!!!!”) and I’m pretty sure the first person to call ANY nonwhite character in Overwatch (that isn’t Zen, Bastion or Winston) ugly would be publicly shot.

Maybe you’re all just mad he killed you in-game but the hate for Torb really comes off as ableist. Dwarfism is a physical disability and okay we get it, he ain’t a pretty guy but holy FUCK Tumblr you sure are showing your true colors here. You only care about ~diversity~ and ~acceptance~ when you can fetishize it somehow.

On October 14, 1993, 19-year-old James Buquet murdered four people at the Family Fitness Center in El Cajon, California. Armed with a 12-gauge shotgun, he fatally wounded a man outside who was leaving the health club. He then entered the building and opened fire, wounding two elderly men and killing three women. Afterwards, Buquet returned to his car where he committed suicide by a shot to the head.

About a month before the shooting, Buquet wrote a 13-page story about a mass murder for his creative writing class at Grossmont College. The story follows a character named Natas A. Bishop who believed “he could give meaning to life by taking it away from others and himself.” He wrote, “Natas had these thoughts a lot. They would come and go, along with his depressions. God how many times had he thought about this? At night it was the last thought he had. The one that put him to sleep. In fact, he didn’t feel right at night unless he thought about killing.” Natas ultimately decides on targeting a restaurant, and the narrator details what this choice means: “He had to grab life, he had to face the beast and be a warrior. He couldn’t get lost, like them. His time was now. He would die if that’s what it took. A glorious death early would be better. He had to grab society and shake them, just let them know that there will be a death and they had to take life more seriously than this. He had to fix their values, he had to show them what living was. He would give his life for them. Just to let them know.” As the character walks to the door with a 12-gauge shotgun in hand, “A weight pressed against his soul. It was fear. That’s what it was about, he knew. That is what this life was ruled by. This is what he had to fight. He had to face the beast and be a warrior. All his life he hated people for not fighting the beast. He would destroy his.” He kills the first man he sees before shooting indiscriminately at the people in the restaurant. After the carnage, Natas flees outside, and the last sentences marked both the end of the story and foreshadowed the end of Buquet’s life: “Slowly, Natas raised his gun up and put it in his mouth. The voice stopped. Without a second of hesitation, Natas found the end. He pulled the trigger.”

A (slightly) in depth analysis of VK's ending

Hi guys,

So, as always, I’ve been talking to Soph about VK, and I’ve been meaning to make this post for awhile now read since last year as I’ve had a lot of people asking me about it, but as we all know I’m incredibly lazy (just look at my inbox).

I know a lot of people are still confused by the ending and I seriously do not blame you but as an aspiring writer I can kind of see where she was taking read trying to take VK.

So I thought I’d finally jot down my thoughts on the parallels between arc one and arc two in VK, and how the ending was always alluded to since the start.

As we know Hino had envisioned the ending for VK all along. Therefore she knew who Yuuki would ultimately end up with. When analysing the story, the two arcs that Hino split VK into show deep parallels, indicating that Hino intended the first arc to reflect the ending all along or alternatively wanted to mirror the first arc in the second arc. Now I’m not saying that Hino’s ending is brilliant. Far from it actually. But what I am saying is that I can see the logistics of it, and hope that I can kind of provide some kind of clarity behind it.

Arc one

The majority of arc one focused on the revelation that both Zero and Yuuki were vampires. In Hino’s words it primarily detailed Zero’s awakening as a vampire and him coming to terms with his new life.

It also had:

- Yuuki wanting to get close to Zero.

- Zero pushing Yuuki away because he’s a vampire and thinks she deserves better.

- Zero relying on Yuuki’s blood to remain calm and in control.

- Yuuki dancing with Kaname at a ball.

- A strong female pureblood ‘Queen’ with her own agenda who was ultimately killed by Kaname. This Queen and her death links to the ‘ultimate battle’ at the end of the arc. In Shizuka’s case she was after Rido, who was ultimately killed by Zero and Yuuki on the end.

The ending of arc one consisted of:

- Yuuki regaining her stolen memories.

- Zero’s brother ‘betraying’ Zero before ultimately ‘dying’ and in doing so binding him to Zero for all eternity by becoming a complete twin.

- Zero and Yuuki fighting alongside each other to stop the ‘King’ and his 'minions’ destroying the academy.

- One of the male leads (Zero) pushes Yuuki towards the other male lead (Kaname) in the belief that they are the one who can make her happy (in this case walk the same path of time as her).

At the end of Arc one, the story resets and the same events are played out again, except this time the focus is on Yuuki’s awakening as a vampire and her coming to terms with her new life.

Arc Two

It also had:

- Yuuki wanting to get close to Zero (Again)

- Yuuki pushing Zero away because she’s a vampire and thinks he deserves better.

- Yuuki relying on Zero’s blood to remain calm and in control.

- Yuuki dancing with Zero at a ball.

- A 'strong’ and I use the term 'strong’ very loosely for Sara female pureblood 'Queen’ with her own agenda who was ultimately targeted by Kaname. This Queen and her death links to the 'ultimate battle’ at the end of the arc. In Sara’s case she was killed by the original metal which lead to Kaname taking it’s place in the end.

The ending of arc two consisted of:

- Zero regaining his stolen memories.

- Yuuki’s 'brother’ 'betraying’ her before ultimately 'dying’ and in doing so binding her to him for all eternity by becoming the new parent.

- Zero and Yuuki fighting alongside each other to stop the 'King’ (at the headquarters) and fighting together to stop pureblood vampires trying to destroy the academy (again) because of the 'King’.

- One of the male leads (Kaname) pushes Yuuki towards the other male lead (Zero) in the belief that they are the one who can make her happy (in this case smile from the heart and lead her out of the Deep, Dark forest because they are radiant together)

Also some questions and themes brought up in arc one;

- Yuuki wondering what Zero is to her; 'what am I to you, Yuuki?’, 'what is Zero to me?’

- During their separation, both Yuuki and Zero were forced into a 'deep dark forest’, which is symbolised through the kuran manner.

How these questions and themes were answered in the second arc:

- Yuuki realises that Zero is 'the boy I want to cherish; I love him’.

- When they finally reunite and Zero promises to stop running away from his feelings both Zero and Yuuki free themselves from the Deep, Dark Forest and find happiness.

In addition;

The beginning of arc one starts with Zero struggling to survive on blood tablets, leading him to consume Yuuki’s blood and slowly realise only her blood can sate him.

While the beginning of arc two shows Yuuki struggling to survive on Kaname’s blood, which leads to her consuming Zero’s blood and realise only his blood can sate her.

I’m sorry guys. I’m not sure if that’s helpful or not but I hope that by seeing these parallels you can kind of imagine that Hino had attempted some kind of structure in the second arc despite how it may not seem that way But hopefully it also highlights how, despite how vague the ending actually was, Yuuki was always going to end up with Zero, because if we follow the actual structure of the story, the parallels and the hints Hino left in the first arc, it’s really kind of obvious.

Tiffany: *almost got Jodi’d; has been under pressure since Day 1 because of her ‘Vanessa’s sister’ secret, while houseguests like Michelle, Nicole or Da’Vonne already saw the rumours of Vanessa’s sister being casted before getting sequestered; has been countlessly called paranoid only because of her sister; has been distrusted and low on the totem pole in her alliances without a reliable reason; got nominated Week 2 for whatever reason; got nominated Week 3 because she’s Vanessa’s sister and was the ultimate target without knowing, yet the vote flipped; got nominated Week 4 because she’s Vanessa’s sister again with nobody wanting to associate with her therefore being forced to work with her mortal enemy she’s hated for all four weeks and called out during her eviction speech*


I was thinking about that whole “the person you love most” thing yesterday, because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it being Felicity. A big part of me wanted it to be Felicity for several (obvious) reasons, but another part of me isn’t sure how they’ll swing this because I don’t want them to ruin this pairing by jumping into it too early. 

And the longer I thought about it, the more I started to see the situation differently. So I thought I’d skip on over here and share some of my thoughts.

Let’s start with this: I think that Oliver has been realizing lately that he cares about and values Felicity a lot more than he lets on. He treats her differently than he does anyone else: he opens up to her without any prompting, even sometimes without reason. He feels comfortable telling her things like his private thoughts. But, I also think that he (subconsciously or not) looks to her for validation. Felicity is the moral compass of Team Arrow and Oliver knows it, so he turns to her for guidance. Her opinion is important to him; her words carry a lot of weight.

I realized all of that a while ago. What I didn’t realize, was this: Felicity is the embodiment of everything that Oliver thinks he’s lacking - and everything that Starling City is lacking. She is everything that Oliver is trying to protect, neatly packaged into a beautiful human soul: hope, faith, innocence … you name it, and Oliver finds it in Felicity. She supports him, keeps him in line, teaches him and inspires him - even, a lot of times, unintentionally. She’s the human equivalent of what he hopes that both he and the city can once again be: pure and happy and full of light.

Strategically speaking, therefore, Felicity is the ultimate target for Slade. Physically  she may be the weakest corner of the Team Arrow triangle, but that weakness ends there. Oliver relies on Felicity in ways that he relies on no one else, and she provides a lot of things for him that no one else does, or can. Losing Felicity would be the ultimate blow for Oliver. I’d even argue that it would be a more monumental loss for him than any loss that he’s suffered prior to this, including that of his mother or father. Felicity’s death wouldn’t just rob Oliver of her, but also of the almost perfect amalgamation of ideals that she embodies for him. 

“You need someone to harness that light that’s still inside of you”, Sara told Oliver last week (or the week before?). Felicity doesn’t just harness that light, she creates it. 

Slade Wilson is playing a game of chess, and everyone knows the game is won when you take the queen. Only in this game, the queen isn’t a Queen at all - she’s a Smoak. 

Kingdom come

Two days came and went, the plan succeeded but not flawlessly. Arne and Maeron had been injured and Rose nearly made it out alive, but the target had ultimately been eliminated.  When she returned to the Cullen’s home, Rose looked worse for wear but she was successful, “so what was that about it being a suicide mission?” She asked with a clear tone of sarcasm in her voice.

Lawyers will challenge four marriage equality bans all at once

Tomorrow, lawyers will gather in Cincinnati to stage the biggest attack yet on unequal marriage laws.

On the same day, lawyers will argue for marriage equality in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. So far all the states have worked separately to overturn their marriage bans, but on Wednesday, there will be one massive hearing with arguments from each state coming in one by one.

Despite the variations in the attacks, make no mistake: The ultimate targets are the bans, and the real goal is the right to marry, adopt children and enjoy the same rights that opposite-sex couples have when they exchange vows.

“Putting all of the arguments on the same day back-to-back is certainly unusual and actually a very good move,” said Al Gerhardstein, the lawyer heading the challenge to Ohio’s same-sex marriage ban. “That way the panel gets the benefit of all the arguments at once, giving them a chance at harmonizing the law in this area.”

Let’s do this. I’m so ready. 

Please like and/or reblog it if you think Echo should be added to Mighty No.9 game!

While even a cameo appearance is welcome, we ultimately target her as a playable character as can be seen at our concept idea posted here! http://echo-chamber-stuff.tumblr.com/post/77681439366/bringing-the-echo-chamber-campaign-to-tumblr

Any support is welcome! ^^ Even if you think she should be in the game but not playable, please support us! We only consider supporters to her being playable characters if the supporters explicitly states so!

Let’s make Echo happen! (`_´)ゞ


The Ultimate Hot Body Workout

Targets | Abs, Inner Thighs, Glutes & Arms

Duration | 15 min

Via | Blogilates

Failed Witcher Schools #2

School of the Golden Retriever

Reason for Failure: Instead of a sword-based attack, Golden Retriever School favored the “Puppy Kisses” attack: a witcher would run up to the monster, jump onto it, then attempt to “slobber” it to death with a barage of furious licking about the face and head. 

Their “Cold Nose Warm Neck” attack proved slightly more effective as a means of surprising sleeping targets, but ultimately this school was folded into Wolf School for its own damn good.