ultimate target

Normally I’d brush it off as being social justice overreacting but goddam, Torb is like the ultimate acceptable target in Overwatch. You can call him a short ugly dwarf and go on about how much you want to murder his bitch ass and everyone’s all surprised he has a wife and 8 kids because wow????? Torb’s had sex???? A lot???????? Someone found him attractive enough????????

Like hahaha okay shut the fuck up. No one found it unbelievable that Junkrat and Roadhog are apparently gay for each other (”Oh my God, someone found Roadhog attractive??? Someone wanted to bang Roadhog???? This is crazy!!!!!!”) and I’m pretty sure the first person to call ANY nonwhite character in Overwatch (that isn’t Zen, Bastion or Winston) ugly would be publicly shot.

Maybe you’re all just mad he killed you in-game but the hate for Torb really comes off as ableist. Dwarfism is a physical disability and okay we get it, he ain’t a pretty guy but holy FUCK Tumblr you sure are showing your true colors here. You only care about ~diversity~ and ~acceptance~ when you can fetishize it somehow.

Failed Witcher Schools #2

School of the Golden Retriever

Reason for Failure: Instead of a sword-based attack, Golden Retriever School favored the “Puppy Kisses” attack: a witcher would run up to the monster, jump onto it, then attempt to “slobber” it to death with a barage of furious licking about the face and head. 

Their “Cold Nose Warm Neck” attack proved slightly more effective as a means of surprising sleeping targets, but ultimately this school was folded into Wolf School for its own damn good.

Tiffany: *almost got Jodi’d; has been under pressure since Day 1 because of her ‘Vanessa’s sister’ secret, while houseguests like Michelle, Nicole or Da’Vonne already saw the rumours of Vanessa’s sister being casted before getting sequestered; has been countlessly called paranoid only because of her sister; has been distrusted and low on the totem pole in her alliances without a reliable reason; got nominated Week 2 for whatever reason; got nominated Week 3 because she’s Vanessa’s sister and was the ultimate target without knowing, yet the vote flipped; got nominated Week 4 because she’s Vanessa’s sister again with nobody wanting to associate with her therefore being forced to work with her mortal enemy she’s hated for all four weeks and called out during her eviction speech*