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Squee!!!! OMG, we got the selfie in a tee!!!!! *0*

 Wonder Woman And Superman Love Birds DC Comics Licensed Adult Shirt S-5XL

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The story about why Joe is how he is in my M&G picture: 

Before I met them my friend Sydney went in and gave Joe the ultimate t-shirt (truly it had Black Flag and Seinfeld references - it was very Joe) and he was super into it so when I went in for my picture he was still looking at it. I said hi to everyone except Joe (I didn’t want to interrupt his moment) and I asked for a “squad pic.” Joe, being as immersed in the shirt as he was, didn’t hear me say what the picture was going to be, and at the last second threw the shirt on a table and did THAT pose. I said thanks and as I was walking away Joe turned to Pete and said, “I don’t know what I was doing in that picture.” Thus, this was born. 

Another Gem-Monster to add to the collection!
At last I had time to draw another one ( The next step is to redo digitally the lagiacrus and the rathalos) and SOON I will start giving out info about the T-shirts// Sweaters!( prices, etc.)
So stay tuned if you are interested in having one! You may decide if you want also the gem and the monster of course ;)

Vincent went straight to work making sure his shift flew by quickly, hell the man hardly sat down for even the smallest of moments due to how excited he was. Literally he almost impressed the boss with how well he was doing his job. 

He was happy though happy that Ryan had agreed to it and happy he was not going to be completely alone tonight. 

Soon he would find himself changing into his normal street clothes this time being a Ozzy: The Ultimate Sin T shirt with dark jeans and black shoes. He had his hair down as he went outside to see if he would find Ryan waiting for him there.