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During the 1966 University of Texas shooting, several frat boys and hunting enthusiasts heard the shots fired by perpetrator Charles Whitman and rushed out to meet him, armed to the teeth with their own guns. Police, who were also defending swarms of terrified people against Whitman, allowed the would-be heroes to shoot at him in a joint effort to kill him. A sergeant reportedly took one look at them and shouted: “Shoot to kill, boys!”.

Whitman was ultimately shot dead by police, however the brave and quick-thinking students were said to have distracted the killer momentarily, consequently saving more lives.

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A - Z of Kim Jongdae (This ones a little different too)

U is for Ultimate Bias      

Kim Jongdae is my ultimate bias. But why? 

It started off with a vague interest in the pretty boy with the sharp cheek bones and the lively eyes. How did we get to here? To the mere mention of his name bringing a smile to my face and to the strongest desire for him to always be safe, healthy, happy and loved?

  • Because he protects the people around him 
  • Because he never stops working to improve himself 
  • Because he is kind and loving
  • Because he tries his hardest to always be his best
  • Because he makes me laugh
  • Because he has committed himself 110% to EXO and EXO-l 
  • Because he has the voice of an angel 
  • Because his eyes crinkle when he laughs 
  • Because he is the Chensing Machine
  • Because he is beautiful inside and out 
  • Because he is a pleasure to write about 
  • Because his eyelashes cast perfect shadows against his cheeks
  • Because he is naturally good natured  
  • Because he’s a prankster but won’t take the joke too far 
  • Because he inspires me to be a better version of myself
  • Because he puts so much emotion and feeling into his vocals
  • Because he love his EXO brothers just as much as his actual family 
  • Because he is thoughtful 
  • Because he’s grown so much over the past 5 years 
  • Because of the look of concentration on his face when he’s learning something new
  • Because it hasn’t been easy but he never let it show 
  • Because his lips curl perfectly at the corners 
  • Because of the way his neck veins stand out when he sings
  • Because he has the right to be proud of what he and his family have a achieved and stood strong through 
  • Because he has soft hair and gorgeous skin and pretty hands
  • Because he is passionate
  • Because the dimple on his right cheek is more prominent than the one on the left side
  • Because of She Dreaming
  • Because he is so devoted to the things he loves
  • Because he’s so grateful of everything he’s received

If anyone wants to add on any reason at all the he became your bias, or simply caught your eye, please do  ♡


I like to call this…the Bonedaddy extended universe

In Dead-Eyed Tsuna, Federico survived, making him the Vongola 10th. Problem is, Federico survived by skiving off to Japan and becoming a kindergarten teacher. He wants absolutely nothing to do with the Vongola or his dad, and loves children more than anything. The only way to motivate him is to imply children are suffering. 

He lives just outside of Tokyo with his space-case adopted teenage son, Ettore Lamia (also known as Toru). Everyone in the mafia has met Toru at least once, it’s really weird. He’s clever, but a bit broken after Massimo (previous dad) died. Gets doted on by everyone, even Reborn, though Reborn probably only does it because it makes Federico pissy.

He only has 2 best friend Guardians: his Rain, Yuuma, a bartender and a lethal chemist who does most of the babysitting, and his Sun, Roxana, a kickboxer and ex-hitman who was inspired by Federico’s creed of peace and babying teenagers.

(People can use my OCs and interpretations if they like so if you wanna use this Federico squad knock yourself out)

Not Good Enough (1/4)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky thinks he isn’t good enough for you to love him (not giving a lot away gotta read it)

Warnings: swearing, slight smut (maybe not really sure), violence

Word count: 1,633

Notes: this is my first imagine hope you guys like it don’t judge please, request if you want a specific one.  I’m nervous ah help.

You have been dating Johnny storm for quite some time, to be exact 3 years you were with him. You were certain he was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life and have a family with… Or so you thought.

It was another party that was hosted by the billionaire playboy, Tony stark, celebrating who knows what. Being one of Tony’s best friends he pleaded you to go.

“Come on (y/n) you barely have any fun and I’m sure Johnny would love to come too.” Tony whined.

“Fine Tony I’ll go, but I promise if we get bored we are leaving.” You say with a sigh.

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Sidemen Volley Crossbar Challenge (Josh’s Channel)

*I could only capture the in focus part of the video as the other pictures wouldn’t sharpen enough and my editor crashed and broke, so I appologize :(*

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