ultimate shot


During the 1966 University of Texas shooting, several frat boys and hunting enthusiasts heard the shots fired by perpetrator Charles Whitman and rushed out to meet him, armed to the teeth with their own guns. Police, who were also defending swarms of terrified people against Whitman, allowed the would-be heroes to shoot at him in a joint effort to kill him. A sergeant reportedly took one look at them and shouted: “Shoot to kill, boys!”.

Whitman was ultimately shot dead by police, however the brave and quick-thinking students were said to have distracted the killer momentarily, consequently saving more lives.

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Can i request a Hannah Baker Imagine where the reader is a artist and has a crush on her so the reader decides to confess their feelings by drawing a picture of Hannah

cute request, anon, I had a lot of fun with this! I’ll see what I can do ~

685 words, Hannah Baker/reader

“Nice ass, girl!” Came a chorus of teenaged boys, all yelling the same thing at the same, unfortunate victim. Hannah Baker, voted best ass on a dumb list. Now she’s getting all the shit for it. Your stomach churned, wanting so badly to run over there and hug her as you saw her face quickly twist into the face of someone about to cry. 


You snatched a sketch pad and your pouch of drawing pencils before storming off to the usually desolate art room during your free period. You felt terrible for not sticking up for her, or at least telling them to fuck off away from her, and you had no idea why you didn’t… wouldn’t you stick up for the girl you liked?


Anger still abundant in you, the heavy door of the art room was flung open with ease when you flew in. Completely ignoring the boy at one of the work tables across from where you were setting up to work. 

“Hey, thunder-face.” came the voice behind you. You recognised it as Clay’s, the only other person that knew about your crush on Hannah.

“I’ve got good reason for it, too,” you defended the expression on your face. 

“Don’t I know it,” Clay let you get back. to your artwork, not wanting to invoke any ranting from you. 

You’d had artists block for weeks and weeks, until the other night, when you realised you had the perfect thing to paint, Hannah. It was how you were going to confess your feelings, by sliding it into her locker when she wasn’t there. Tyler had provided some candids for you to base your work off of, not even asking why you’d asked for every close up of her. 

You still had no idea where to begin, so stood with your pencil poised above the paper until you got the initiative to just sketch. By the end of the period, you’d produced an outline of her face, basic boundaries for hair, and a few features of her face. You really didn’t want to waste anytime in getting this done for her - being so sick of just admiring her from across the halls, or staring at her in class (not once getting caught).

You carried on sketching secretly through some classes, careful to flip your sketchbook shut if the teacher shot a glance in your area of the classroom. You brought it home, working through the night to get the perfect drawing for the perfect girl, painting some of it even. You started thinking up what you could write on it, a witty way of asking her out. From what you’d heard of her speaking, she was good with her words and could appreciate wit and humor.

The next day at school, during your free period - which was luckily first - you finished it, Clay watching you paint all the waves in her hair and the carefully paint the detail in her eyes, it looking a bit like something that had come from the depths of the universe. Between being proud of your work, and a little encouragement from Clay, you were bursting to give it to Hannah; desperate to see her reaction. 

“I can’t do this Cla-”

“Of course you can, y/n, just put it through the side and walk away,” so you did just that, walking a little ways away to your own locker, waiting for her to walk right up to her locker and swing it open. The piece of paper fell to the floor, catching her attention away from the boys who were yet again assaulting her about her body. Bending down to unfold it and look over it, a small smile creeping over her lovely face. She, still crouched on the ground, looked all around the hallway, rising up off her haunches when she caught sight of you. You, a complete blushing, shaking mess. 

She smirked, making a phone with her little finger and thumb and putting it to her ear, mouthing ‘call me!’ at you before turning and walking away, hands still clutching your painting. 

The Hair Dye: Part 1 (Simon Minter)


You decided that enough was enough 

You was sick of seeing your plain and boring dark brown hair in the mirror every morning It was time a for a change! 

But you wanted to keep it a surprise for your boyfriend 

Mr Simon Minter 

You knew that he loved your hair colour already because he would tell you as he ran his hand through your hair at night 

But everyone needed a change, once in a while 

So one day you decide to go out and buy the hair dye that was essentially going to change the way you look 

Even if it was only for a few weeks 

You decided that it would be good to get a semi-permanent hair dye as if you didn’t like what it looked like on you then it would just wash out 

So once we get to the shop, you go to the hair dye section and realisation hit you, that you hadn’t thought this through properly 

There was so many colours of hair dye that would do all different things to your hair 

There was so many brands, some you hadn’t even heard of In a state of panic, you get your phone out and do some quick research on “semi-permanent hair dye for dark brown hair" 

Which you are glad you did 

This research made you realise that not all hair dye would work on your dark hair 

As you was doing your research, you saw that there was two main companies that had hair dye that would defiantly dye your hair 

"Manic Panic” and “Directions" 

Hoping to find hair dye by any of those two brands, you looking up and down the shelves in hope to find some 

And luck was on your side because you come across a whole section of "Manic Panic" 

Which contained all the colours under the sun 

When you you was doing your research you discovered that Manic Panic did hair dye for people who don’t want to change their hair colours 

So you went for a hair dye in that section 

You pick up a pot of hair dye with the words "After Midnight Blue” on 

The pot was dark because of the colour and you decided to get two pots of that, as your hair was quite thick In your younger years, you had wanted to dye your hair purple but that never happened 

Once the hair dye was brought, you make your way back to the Sidemen house, where you actually spend most of your days 

If you wasn’t busy working that is 

It was a quiet day in the Sidemen house With Vikk probably having a nap, Harry, Tobi and Ethan probably at their own places and Josh, JJ and Simon doing whatever they usually do 

It was considerably quiet in the house 

You take your bag with the hair dye in, into the kitchen and take the pots out to read the instructions 

“Hey (Y/N)” you jump as you hear someone speak 

You turn around to see JJ walking into the Kitchen 

“Hey JJ, what are you doing?” You ask 

“Well I thought that I could get something to eat after doing some editing, what have you got there?” JJ asks 

At this point, JJ isn’t that far away from you so he moves closer to you and picked up the the pot of hair dye 

“After Midnight Blue hair dye?” He quizzes 

You nod 

“Why do you have this?” JJ asks with a raised eyebrow 

You stand up straight with a “are you serious?” Look on your face 

“Well JJ, I brought it because I thought I could paint Simon’s bedroom walls with it, why do you think I have hair dye?” You say ask you put your hand on your hair 

“Does Simon know about this?” He asks 

“No and it’s a surprise, so don’t tell him” you say 

“Alright (Y/N), I won’t tell him” JJ confirms 

“Thank you” you sigh with a smile on your face as it go back to reading the instructions on the pot 

“On one condition” JJ says 

You roll your eyes and groan 

“What?” You question 

“I won’t tell Simon, if you let me help you dye your hair” he says 

You knew letting JJ help you dye your hair would be a bit mistake 

You would probably want to shave all your hair off by the end of it But you do want to keep it a surprise for Simon 

“Alright fine, you can help me” you say handing him one of the pots of hair dye 

“COME ON LET’S GO AND DO IT!” JJ shouts as he drags you out of the kitchen and up to his bathroom 

When you get up there you prepare yourself for what’s about to come as you put the old t-shirt on that JJ has give your to wear, so you don’t get hair dye on your clothes

After brushing your hair out, you was sat on a chair in JJ’s bathroom with a towel around your shoulders 

JJ was also stood above you with a bowl of blue hair dye in his hands 

“Are you ready (Y/N)?” he asks as he gets some of the hair dye on the brush to put on your hair

“I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be” you say 

JJ starts to brush the hair dye into your hair with a wide smile on his face

This was clearly the first time he had every dyed your hair 

He was acting like a kid at christmas

It isn’t long before between you, you and JJ had managed to cover all your hair in dark blue hair dye

You put your hair in a shower cap to keep all the heat in

“Alright now to wait half an hour” I say with a smile as I sit on the edge of JJ’s bath with my phone in my hand 

Suddenly there is a knock on JJ’s bathroom door

“What?” he questions

“JJ, It’s Simon, you’ve been in there for ages, what the fuck are you doing?” the voice on the other side of the door 

You and JJ look at each other with wide eyes

“I’m just about to get in the shower” JJ says as he looks at me with a shrug

“Well hurry up because I want to record a video with you” Simon says through the door

“Alright, I’ll try and be quick” he tells Simon

“Whilst your in the shower, I’m going to ring (Y/N) and see If she wants to come over” You hear Simon say

As you hear Simon say that, you quickly turn the sound off on your phone because if you didn’t, Simon would probably hear it ringing

It isn’t long before your phone lights up with a phone call from Simon 

You knew that if you answered the phone then he could think something is up so you just let it ring

You hoped that Simon would think seeing your new hair colour is a nice surprise 


JJ’s phone starts to beep, signalling that half an hour was over and that it was time to wash the hair dye out 

“Right let’s get this hair dye washed out” you say as you stand up from the bath and turn around 

You flip your hair over so your dark blue hair was in the bath

JJ starts the flow of water through the shower head that was near the bath taps

He moves the shower head over your hair and you feel the warm stream of water go through your hair

You could see the colour of the water as it hit the bottom of the white bath and it happened to be blue

After a few moments so JJ washing your hair, you suddenly hear the door open

You quickly look up and see Josh stood in the door way

“Oh my god, what did I just walk into?” Josh questions as he looks at the event that is unfolding in front of him

“I’ve been dying (Y/N)’s hair!” JJ happily exclaims as he carries on running the water through your hair

You see Josh shake his head and laugh before he grabs whatever he needed

“Don’t tell Simon about this!” You tell Josh, who puts his hands up in defence

“Alright, alright, I won’t jesus christ, don’t kill me” Josh says with a chuckle before he walks out

You and JJ get all the hair dye washed about in about 20 minutes and you go to JJ’s room to dry your hair whilst JJ went to film a video with Simon to distract him

You dry your hair and brush it through to try and make it as straight as possible without using your hair straighteners because you didn’t have them

Your hair was like a turquoise colour rather than a dark blue which you thought it would be but you liked it being a turquoisey green colour

Once you was done, you put your hood up on the grey Sidemen zip-up hoodie that Simon gave me as it was his

It’s the same one that you see Josh wearing in his YouTube videos

Anyway, you walk out of JJ’s room and slowly walk over to Simon’s with thoughts running through your head

“What if Simon hates it?”

“What if I hate it after a while?”

“Have I made the right choice?”

With all of these thoughts running around your head, you get to Simon’s bedroom door and knock on it 

You wait for a moment before you hear a voice from the other side of the door

“Come in!” You hear a voice call out from behind the wooden door

You open the door to see JJ and Simon staring at you 

They both had smiles on their faces

Out the corner of your eye, you could see JJ giving you a small thumbs up as a good luck sign

You walk towards them with a smile on your face

“We was just recording a video” Simon says to you with a smile before he pulls you into a kiss when you get over to him

“Oh well I’ll go and sit on your bed until your done” You say with a smile before running your hand through your new blue hair 

Simon smiles at me before you go over to his bed, which you through yourself down on

Both JJ and Simon turn around back to Simon’s desk to carry on recording

“So guys, we are-” Simon cuts himself off and spins his chair around quickly towards me

“Have you dyed your hair?” he questions with a raised eyebrow

I look up at him from my phone 

“Yeah, what do you think?” you ask as you run my hand through your hair

“Come here” he says as he moves his chair away from his desk

You get off the bed and go over to him

Once you get over to him, he pulls you onto his lap 

Simon runs his hand through your blue hair, admiring it’s colour 

“It’s beautiful” He tells you as he looks into your eyes

“Just like you” You mumble 

Simon smiles at you before pulling you into a gentle kiss

“And with that I’m out” You hear JJ say

You and Simon pull away from the kiss but you don’t look away from each other

Every blue haired beauty needs a dish water blonde boyfriend

The Columbine High School Massacre

One of the most infamous school shootings in US history and one of the most frequently talked-about subjects in the true crime community, the Columbine High School Massacre was a tragedy that definitely left a mark on the world. This post is going to explain in detail the events of the shooting. 

On the morning of April 20, 1999, two Columbine students put their year-long plans into action. Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, arrived at their high school separately around 11:10am. Both were heavily armed with guns, knives, and several home-made pipe bombs. Harris carried a Hi-Point model 995 carbine rifle and a sawed-off pump-action shotgun, while Klebold was armed with a Tech-DC9 9-mm semi-automatic handgun and an additional sawed-off double barrel shotgun. The pair wore their usual attire of black trench coats, as well as personalized t-shirts. Klebold’s black t-shirt displayed the word “WRATH” in bright red lettering, while Harris wore a white t-shirt with the words “NATURAL SELECTION”. When the two arrived at Columbine High School, they each parked their cars on each side of the school cafeteria’s entrance, as the cafeteria was their main target. 

Photo: The knives of which Harris and Klebold were armed with.

Photo: The firearms used in the massacre.

Prior to arriving at the school, Harris and Klebold had planted a small fire bomb in a nearby field. This bomb was set to detonate at 11:14am and was intended to be a distraction for firefighters and emergency services. Luckily this bomb only partially exploded, causing a small fire that was quickly extinguished by the fire department. Back at the school, the vehicles of each perpetrator contained additional bombs set to explode at noon. Harris and Klebold first entered the school to plant two 20-pound propane bombs, which were concealed in duffle bags, in the cafeteria. This action was not caught on the school’s security footage due to the tapes being switched out. These bombs were set to blast at 11:17am. The strategy of the perpetrators was to eliminate the majority of the school population during the busiest lunch time, then execute any remaining survivors.

When duo returned to each of their cars to await the explosion, Harris encountered Brooks Brown, a fellow student. The two had a history of conflicts with each other, but they had recently made amends. Brown approached Harris, remembering that he had been absent from an important class test. After mentioning this, Harris stated “It doesn’t matter anymore”, and continued on saying, “Brooks, I like you now. Get out of here. Go home.” Brown nervously decided to walk away and later heard what sounded like gunshots.

Fortunately the propane bomb explosions failed to occur. It was later discovered that if they had exploded with full power, all 488 people present in the cafeteria at the time would have been killed, or at the least severely injured. The ceiling also could have collapsed, dropping the school’s library onto the cafeteria. When the bombs failed to detonate, Harris and Klebold decided to proceed with their plans. They approached the west entrance of the school at 11:19am, throwing a pipe bomb in the direction of Rachel Scott and Richard Castaldo. The two friends were having lunch together when Castaldo noticed an object being thrown towards them. The pipe bomb only partially exploded, causing Castadlo to assume that this was merely a senior prank. Harris then yelled “Go! Go!” according to a witness, and both shooters retrieved guns from their trench coats. They first began to shoot at Scott and Castaldo. Rachel Scott is believed to have been shot first, ultimately a total of four times, by Harris. She was killed instantly. Castaldo was shot eight times in the arm, chest and abdomen. He became paralyzed below the chest and fell into unconsciousness.

Following this, Harris removed his coat and shot in the direction of three students ascending from a staircase. The students were Daniel Rohrbough and Sean Graves, both 15, and Lance Kirklin, 16. All three were hit and wounded. Meanwhile, inside of the school cafeteria, students had heard the commotion outside and believed they were witnessing a senior prank. A teacher by the name of Dave Sanders realized that the school was really being attacked and took immediate action. Sanders successfully evacuated the majority of the students in the cafeteria and continued to secure as much of the school as possible. Back outside the school, the perpetrators began firing towards five students sitting on a grassy hillside. A 15-year-old boy named Michael Johnson was shot in the face, arm, and leg, but was able to run and escape. Mark Taylor, 16, was shot in the arms, chest, and leg; he fell to the ground. The remaining three students were able to get away unharmed.

It was at this time that Dylan Klebold approached the injured Lance Kirklin, who was weakly calling for help. Klebold shot him in the face after saying “Sure, I’ll help you”. Kirklin miraculously survived. Sean Graves, who was paralyzed below the waist, had crawled through the doorway of a cafeteria entrance and collapsed. Daniel Rohrbough, who had already been fatally shot by Harris minutes before, was shot again at close range in the upper chest by Klebold. The same gunman then walked over the injured body of Sean Graves, entering the cafeteria (possibly to check on the propane bombs inside). Eric Harris shot at numerous students sitting near the cafeteria’s entrance, seriously wounding Anne-Marie Hochhalter, 17, as she attempted to flee. Klebold afterwards met back up with Harris and the two fired at students near a soccer field; nobody was hit. The shooters then walked towards the west entrance once more, throwing pipe bombs (most of which failed to explode).

As Harris and Klebold were approaching the doors, so was art teacher Patti Nielson and Brian Anderson, a 17-year-old student. Nielson had noticed the pandemonium and was intending to tell the perpetrators to “knock it off”, as she also assumed they were pulling a prank or filming a video. When Anderson opened the first set of double doors, the shooters fired at the windows. Nielson was hit in the shoulder with shrapnel and Anderson was hit by flying glass. Nielson immediately rushed into the school library, warning everyone about the dangers; the injured Anderson stayed behind. Nielson instructed those in the library to get underneath tables and stay quiet, afterwards calling 911.

Deputy Neil Gardner, an armed full-time Student Resource Officer, was contacted through his radio at 11:22am. Gardner’s assistance had been requested in the school’s senior parking lot and while driving there it was reported that a female was down. As he arrived at the parking lot at around 11:24am, another call was heard on his radio: “Neil, there’s a shooter in the school”. When Eric Harris noticed Deputy Gardner, he immediately fired at him using his carbine rifle. Harris fired a total of ten shots at Gardner, who was approximately 60 yards away. When Harris diverted his eyes to reload his firearm, Gardner returned four rounds of fire. However, Gardner was not wearing his prescription glasses and was unable to hit the shooter. Harris then entered the school building; no one was injured during this standoff.

Within just the first five minutes of the massacre, two students had been killed, ten were wounded, and one of the shooters had endured a firefight with an armed officer. 

For the next several minutes Harris and Klebold walked through the school, throwing pipe bombs and shooting at anyone who encountered them. It was then that Klebold shot student Stephanie Munson in the ankle. Regardless of her injuries, she was able to flee from the school. The gunmen shot out several windows and continued to fire at students they spotted while making their way through the halls, ultimately failing to hit anyone. 

Another firefight erupted between two newly arrived deputies and Eric Harris, but again no one was harmed. In the meantime Dave Sanders and another student were still securing the school. They came across the shooters and quickly ran in the opposite direction as they were shot at. The student was able to get away unharmed, but Sanders suffered two gunshot wounds to the chest. When the shooters left, Sanders began struggling towards a classroom holding 30 students. When the injured Sanders entered the classroom, students there placed a sign in a window for authorities and medical services. The sign read “1 bleeding to death”.

Despite the circumstances, teachers were able to recruit a student named Aaron Hancey and brought him to the location of Dave Sanders. Hancey had first aid knowledge, and with the help of student Kevin Starkey and teacher Teresa Miller, was able to conduct procedures on Sanders for a full three hours or so. They tried to stem the blood loss using the shirt of various students while also maintaining contact with officials outside. 

Now, at 11:29am, the worst part of the massacre would take place. Patti Nielson had been speaking with emergency services on the phone since approximately 11:25am, and stayed on the line during the entire attack on the library, recording the events. Harris and Klebold first threw two bombs into the library hallway, damaging lockers. After this they entered the library itself, where a total of 56 people were present. Harris yelled “Get up!” at a volume so loud that he can be heard on the 911 recording. Later reports from witnesses claim that the perpetrators then also yelled “All jocks stand up! We’ll get the guys in white hats!”. 

When nobody stood up in response to the gunmen, Harris shouted “Fine, I’ll start shooting anyway!”. He first used his shotgun, firing twice at a desk; Evan Todd was hit by wood splinters, but wasn’t seriously injured. Harris and Klebold then walked to the opposite end of the library, towards two rows of computers. Klebold murdered Kyle Velasquez, 16, firing at his head and back. Both of the shooters then reloaded their weapons. Harris spoke to Klebold, saying “Let’s go kill some cops”, and the two proceeded to shoot at police through a window; the officers fired back. No injuries occurred during this exchange. Klebold afterwards fired his shotgun at a table, injuring Patrick Ireland, Daniel Steepleton, and Makai Hall. He then removed his trench coat while Harris fired his shotgun underneath a table without looking. He hit Steven Curnow, 14, in the neck, killing him.

Following this Harris fired under another table, injuring Kacey Ruegsegger, 17. The bullet went through her right shoulder, as well as her hand, and grazed her neck, severing a major artery. When Ruegsegger began to gasp in pain, Harris told her “Quit your bitching.” Next the gunman walked over to a different table and knocked on the surface twice. He then knelt to the ground, saying “peek-a-boo” before firing a single shot into the head of Cassie Bernall. When shooting Bernall, Harris had been holding onto his shotgun with only one hand, causing the weapon hit his face in recoil; he broke his nose as a result. 

After the execution of Cassie Bernall, Harris turned to another table and asked Bree Pasquale if she wanted to die. Pasquale simply replied with a plea for her life. It was reported that at this time Harris seemed disorientated; this was likely a result of the heavy bleeding from his broken nose. During this encounter with Pasquale, the other perpetrator witnessed Patrick Ireland attempting to provide aid for another wounded student. Ireland’s head rose above the table and Klebold shot him a second time; Ireland was hit twice in the head and once in his foot. Thankfully Ireland survived this, but he fell unconscious. Klebold then discovered more students -who were also popular athletes- hiding underneath a single table. These three students were Isaiah Shoels, 18, Matthew Kechter, 16, and Craig Scott (the younger brother of Rachel Scott), 16. Klebold attempted to pull Shoels out from under the table as he called to Harris. Using Harris’ nickname, Klebold shouted “REB! There’s a nigger over here!”. Harris then left Pasquale behind and joined his partner.

As reported by witnesses, the perpetrators insulted Shoels for a time, making derogatory racial remarks. Moments later Harris shot Shoels in the chest, killing him. Klebold opened fire as well, murdering Matthew Kechter. “Who’s ready to die next?” Harris afterwards yelled. Throughout this exchange, Craig Scott laid unharmed in his friend’s blood, fearing death. A carbon dioxide bomb was thrown by Harris in the direction of Patrick Ireland, Makai Hall, and Daniel Steepleton. The bomb landed on Steepleton’s thigh, but was quickly thrown away by Hall. After these events Harris walked over to a bookcase, jumped on it, and began to shake it. He additionally fired a random shot in that general area while Klebold walked around and shot at a display case next to the library door.

Klebold then began shooting at the table closest to him. He hit Mark Kintgen, 17, in the head and shoulder. Lisa Kreutz and Valeen Schnurr, both 18, were injured next, getting hit with the same gunshot blast. After this Klebold moved towards the same table, shooting and killing Lauren Townsend, 18, with his Tech-DC9 handgun. When Schnurr, who was suffering from serious injuries, began to scream “Oh my God, oh my God!”, Klebold asked if she believed in the existence of God. When she replied yes, the shooter asked her “Why?” before leaving the table. At this time Harris knelt down at a table, dismissing two girls as “pathetic”. He then approached another table and fired two shots; Nicole Nowlen and John Tomlin, both 16 years old, were injured. As Tomlin tried to move away from the table, Klebold kicked him and Harris mocked his attempt to escape. Tomlin was shot repeatedly and murdered by Klebold.

Harris walked back to where Lauren Townsend lay dead and found Kelly Fleming, 16, hiding behind a table rather than under it due to lack of space. She was shot in the back by Harris, and died instantly. The gunman fired again, hitting the already deceased Lauren Townsend and the injured Lisa Kreutz. The shooters then proceeded to the center of the library and again reloaded their weapons. Harris took notice to a student hiding nearby and asked him to identify himself. This student identified himself as John Savage, who had came to the library to study earlier in the day. Savage identified himself with the belief that the shooters were only targeting jocks, which he himself was not, in an attempt to save his own life. Savage questioned Klebold, asking what they were doing, and Klebold plainly answered “Oh, just killing people”. After this Savage asked if they were going to kill him. Possibly due to the sound of a fire alarm, Klebold asked “What?” and he repeated his question. Klebold hesitated, but told him to leave. Savage immediately fled from the library, running quickly as he feared the shooters may change their minds about letting him go. He made it out of the school safely.

Daniel Mauser would lose his life next. After Savage’s escape, Harris turned and fired his carbine rifle at Mauser, grazing his ear. Mauser, 15, then bravely fought back. He shoved a chair at Harris, but the shooter fired again and fatally hit him in the face at close range. Both perpetrators then moved south, firing randomly at another table, where they critically injured Jennifer Doyle and Austin Eubanks, 17. Corey DePooter, 17, the final victim of the massacre, was also murdered here. He died at approximately 11:35am and was later acknowledged for keeping his friends calm during the attack.

There were no further injuries after the death of DePooter. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered 10 people and injured 12 in the library. 34 people remained there unharmed. It was eventually revealed that the shooters had enough ammunition to have killed everyone in the library.

Witnesses reported that at this time Klebold said “Maybe we should start knifing people, that might be more fun”. The shooters moved to the library’s main counter and Harris threw a Molotov cocktail towards another end of the library, but it failed to explode. Harris and Klebold then walked over to where Evan Todd had hid after being initially wounded. They mocked Todd and demanded to see his face. Todd only partially lifted his white hat, and Klebold asked for a reason to not kill him. “I don’t want trouble”, Todd had said. The gunman further taunted the student, saying “You used to call me a fag. Who’s a fag now?!”. The perpetrators continued this momentarily, debating whether or not to murder Todd, ultimately walking away.

Possibly due to Harris’ disorientation the two decided to leave the library at 11:36am. Before exiting, Klebold fired a shot into an open library staff room, where he hit a small television. He also grabbed a chair and slammed it down on top of the counter directly above where Patti Nielson was hiding. With great fear and caution, survivors in the library began to evacuate through the north door, leading them to a sidewalk next to the west entrance of the school. Kacey Ruegsegger was evacuated from the library by Craig Scott; if she had not been evacuated at that time, Ruegsegger likely would have died from her injuries. The injured and unconscious Patrick Ireland and the injured Lisa Kreutz were unable to move and therefore remained in the school.

Teacher Patti Nielson joined student Brian Anderson and three library staff members in the staff break room that Klebold had previously fired shots into. They locked themselves in this room where they remained until approximately 3:30pm, when they were evacuated. Meanwhile the gunmen walked through the building, causing a small fire in an empty storage closet which was quickly put out and shooting into an empty science classroom. Soon they reentered the cafeteria. Harris knelt down and fired towards one of the propane bombs in a failed attempt to detonate it. He also took a sip from a drink that was left behind in the cafeteria while Klebold examined one of the propane bombs. 

As the two shooters departed the cafeteria, Klebold threw a Molotov cocktail, which exploded and partially detonated one of the propane bombs at 11:46am. Within minutes, about one gallon of fuel was ignited in the same area, causing a fire which was extinguished by the school’s fire sprinklers. After leaving the cafeteria Harris and Klebold returned to the hallways, shooting aimlessly. As they wandered, the shooters occasionally approached classroom doors, looking inside. They made make eye contact with those inside, but did not attempted to enter any of the rooms. At one point the gunmen reloaded their weapons near the room where Dave Sanders was being attended to. Aaron Hancey later spoke about jumping away from the classroom door’s window, and how those moments were some of the scariest for him during the entire massacre.

The perpetrators arrived at a bathroom and the taunted students inside, making remarks such as “We know you’re in there” and “Let’s kill anyone we find in here”. Neither shooter attempted to enter the restroom and no one there was harmed. Around 11:55am Harris and Klebold entered the cafeteria once more. They briefly entered the school kitchen, then went back up a staircase and into the school’s south hallway. Harris and Klebold finally entered the library at 12:02pm. They began shooting at police officers outside, who returned fire, but as before no one was injured.

At 12:08pm, approximately 49 minutes after the beginning of the massacre, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committed suicide. Patti Nielson suddenly heard the two shout in unison, “One! Two! Three!”. These words were followed by the sound of gunfire. Harris had fired his shotgun through the roof of his mouth, and Klebold had pulled the trigger as he held his Tech-DC9 handgun up to his left temple.

By 1:09pm SWAT teams had entered the school, going through each classroom individually, discovering and evacuating hidden students and faculty members. At 2:38pm, the injured Patrick Ireland had been able to crawl to the library’s windows. Since being shot by Klebold, he had regained and lost consciousness several times. Ireland stretched himself out of a broken window, intending to be caught by two members of the SWAT team who were standing on top of an emergency vehicle. However, Ireland suddenly fell and landed on the roof of the vehicle. Lisa Kreutz, injured and still in the building, kept track of time by listening to the school’s bells until she was evacuated. Kreutz, along with Patti Nielson, Brian Anderson, and the three library staff members, were safely evacuated by authorities around 3:22pm.

Despite Aaron Hancey and other’s attempts to aid Dave Sanders, he unfortunately passed away by 3:00pm. Sanders was the only teacher to die in the massacre.

A total of 15 lives were lost, including the two lives of the shooters. An additional 24 people were injured; 21 of these injuries were a result of gunfire and the other three occurred while fleeing the school. 188 rounds of ammunition in all were fired by the two perpetrators; 121 by Harris and 67 by Klebold. The police also fired 141 rounds of ammunition during the gunfights with the shooters. Columbine High School was declared safe at 4:30pm, and additional explosives were discovered by authorities in the following hours. After some findings, the sheriff decided to mark the entire school as a crime scene. The bodies of the deceased were still inside of the building at the time. Throughout the late hours of the day, the bodies were removed from the school grounds and taken to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office where they would be identified and autopsied. It was around 5:00pm when the names of most of the perished were released.

Quizzing Ben Winston (or, Shading and Cross-fading)

Four Hangout, 9 November 2014  (long post!)

Ben: A lot of people also talk about decisions, and who makes those decisions in One Direction. That’s something we touched on earlier.
(singing) Decisions…
Ben: These days I guess, is it just always your call on everything, from albums—
[Liam: Modest.]  [Niall: No.] —to what you do— (Ben laughs) go on, Liam—

Liam: No, it’s us, it’s us, I’m just kidding. It totally is, it totally— Before we start, some strange stuff going on—

I’ve started something, now we’re here.
Ben: Maybe correct that.

But yeah no it is totally us. Like I say, it’s amazing like, and the thing is these days it’s not even us trying to put our [—?] in everywhere, people ask us. Like when we worked with you on the videos, for example, if we like a shot, you go ‘do you like that, or don’t you like it?’ You’ll give us a piece of advice for something. I think we’re given a lot advice on certain things, but ultimately, we call the shots. …I actually call the shots, in total.

Niall: I really like your video for Night Changes.
Ben: Thanks very much.
Niall: It’s very nice.  Louis: Mm.
Ben: I’ve just shown them the video of Night Changes, and I think it’s quite exciting.

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every one shot ever written ! 

///// The Call (Markiplier) 
///// All Day (Theo Raeken) 
///// Anonymous  (Kaneki Ken)
///// Misunderstanding (Steve Rogers)
///// Black Dog (Young! Sirius Black)
///// 7 minutes in heaven (Draco Malfoy SMUT)
///// Dear Diary… (Harry Potter SMUT)
///// .pumpkin. (Joker SMUT)
///// Daddy! (Joker SMUT)
///// Over dinner. (Joker SMUT)
///// the art of seduction (Loki)
///// mmmm…! (Newt Scamander SMUT)
///// The Yule Ball (Newt Scamander)
///// Bluebell (Draco Malfoy)
///// Young love (Newt Scamander)
///// There for you (Markiplier)
///// My cup of tea (Sherlock)
///// Flowers wilt (Draco Malfoy)
///// Mr. J’s little lady 💖 (Joker )

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In depth analysis of Coda scene & Beth’s bullet theory

This may not be an original theory (TD is very thorough so I’m sure someone has discussed this before but I haven’t seen one post in particular that encapsulates all my thoughts/ideas) but these are my particular thoughts on the scene where Beth is shot in Coda. I may elaborate on this when I do a full rewatch in a few weeks, but I just wanted to go back to this particular scene. 

So today I rewatched the scene in Coda where Beth was shot, and as always when I watch it, there’s just something off about it. I focused my attention around the theories saying that Dawn was not the one who shot Beth. 

Obviously when watching this scene the first thing you notice are the angles. Plenty of people have discussed them in depth (and I won’t try to because I don’t know much about film, but I believe there is a use of dutch angles). I think the angles are important for two reasons: 1. because it distorts the view of the audience, especially since it takes play in a narrow hallway already, and 2. because it brings up the concept of angles in general, which I will get to in a little bit. When Beth approaches Dawn after she hugs Noah, you can see the Grady folks in the background behind Dawn, as well as Dawn’s gun IN her holster.  As Beth is about to talk it zooms in on her, she says “I get it now”, and it goes back to a view of Dawn and the Grady people in the background (where you can see some shoulder and arm movements in Dr.Edwards), then it goes back to Beth’s face where she then stabs Dawn, and then it goes to the view of Dawn, not being able to see any of the face or much at all of the Grady people, where her shoulder/arm moves (I would say disproportionately to the shot) and we only see her gun AFTER Beth has been shot. It’s made VERY clear where the wound on Beth’s head is, entrance and exit. Dawn’s face is in pure shock, she even blinks when Beth is shot as if she wasn’t expecting it, which would be odd if she was the one firing the bullet you think she would be prepared for it. After the camera focuses in on Rick, Noah, Sasha, and then Shepard (interesting?) Dawn shakes her head at Rick/Daryl and mouths “I didn’t mean -” and she is then shot by Daryl. After everyone grabs their guns Officer Shepard says “No, hold your fire. It’s over. It was just about her. Stand down”. I would like to note you can see a clearly effected Dr.Edwards enter in the background. 

My theory is that Dawn is not the one who shot Beth, and that the bullet was not intended for Beth at all. First let’s start with Beth’s wound. It just does not make sense that Dawn was the one who shot her because it enters near the top of her forehead and out the back of her head. There are TONS of theories on this so I won’t go into it much further, but I think this is where the angles comes into play. Because the scene is filmed at a distorted angle, not only are we confused as to what happens, but I think, as I mentioned earlier, it brings a focus on angles in general and how important they are. It’s not coincidence that this scene is heavily focused on angles. As the scene progresses, as I described above, in a short amount of time you see less and less of the Grady folks in the background in every shot we get of Dawn. If someone on the Grady side shot Beth, with the camera angles, there would have been no way we would have seen it. It also makes more sense that someone from the Grady side shot her, opposed to Dawn doing it, because of the gunshot wound entrance (it seems the angle of Dawn’s gone would have entered through her chin or at least not nearly as high as her forehead. GN KNOWS his stuff and I believe has too much talent to look over something like that. As for Dawn saying “I didn’t mean -”, many people probably assume she as going to say “I didn’t mean to/it” which would be her placing guilt on herself, but she didn’t finish what she said because she was shot so it truly could have been a plethora of things she was going to say, adding on to the fact that she seemed completely in shock, who knows what she meant. 

That leaves us with the question of WHO fired the shot. I’m going to do with the two people I personally think to be the most likely by what I saw. First, I think it could have been Officer Shepard. After Beth is shot there is a focus on three faces: Rick, Noah, Sasha, and Shepard. I think she was in interesting choice to focus on because if anyone you’d think they’d show Dr. Edwards because of his interactions with Beth. But they chose Shepard and the (in my opinion: guilty) expression she had. After Dawn has been shot and everyone’s guns are up she’s the one who speaks first, and I think it’s interesting that she said “It’s over. It was just about her”. I think many people would assume this means it was only about Dawn for Beth. I’m not so sure though. I think this could be a more personal statement. Maybe she meant, this was only about Dawn for her, and it’s sad that Beth was the one who got shot but ultimately Dawn is dead and that’s what she (and perhaps others in Grady) wanted, thus meaning she was the one who shot the first bullet. 

Another person I think it could have been was Dr.Edwards. Although he seems to be a relatively weak man in my opinion, his action and the random focuses on him in this scene are what makes me think it could have been him. During one of the times the shot was on Dawn right before she was stabbed, you can see his right arm moving - almost reaching back. It’s a movement that to me seems he could be reaching in his pocket for a gun (at approx 36:23). If he thought this moment was going to get dangerous, or if he simply wanted Dawn dead, this would make a lot of sense.

This is my take on the scene and me analyzing it from my eyes. Although there are other theories like this, I wanted to make one that encompassed my views on the it. What do you guys think about this? Please tell me your theories, ideas, and questions! @twdmusicboxmystery @bethgreenewarriorprincess @bethgreeneishopeunseen @bethgreeneprevails

A - Z of Kim Jongdae (This ones a little different too)

U is for Ultimate Bias      

Kim Jongdae is my ultimate bias. But why? 

It started off with a vague interest in the pretty boy with the sharp cheek bones and the lively eyes. How did we get to here? To the mere mention of his name bringing a smile to my face and to the strongest desire for him to always be safe, healthy, happy and loved?

  • Because he protects the people around him 
  • Because he never stops working to improve himself 
  • Because he is kind and loving
  • Because he tries his hardest to always be his best
  • Because he makes me laugh
  • Because he has committed himself 110% to EXO and EXO-l 
  • Because he has the voice of an angel 
  • Because his eyes crinkle when he laughs 
  • Because he is the Chensing Machine
  • Because he is beautiful inside and out 
  • Because he is a pleasure to write about 
  • Because his eyelashes cast perfect shadows against his cheeks
  • Because he is naturally good natured  
  • Because he’s a prankster but won’t take the joke too far 
  • Because he inspires me to be a better version of myself
  • Because he puts so much emotion and feeling into his vocals
  • Because he love his EXO brothers just as much as his actual family 
  • Because he is thoughtful 
  • Because he’s grown so much over the past 5 years 
  • Because of the look of concentration on his face when he’s learning something new
  • Because it hasn’t been easy but he never let it show 
  • Because his lips curl perfectly at the corners 
  • Because of the way his neck veins stand out when he sings
  • Because he has the right to be proud of what he and his family have a achieved and stood strong through 
  • Because he has soft hair and gorgeous skin and pretty hands
  • Because he is passionate
  • Because the dimple on his right cheek is more prominent than the one on the left side
  • Because of She Dreaming
  • Because he is so devoted to the things he loves
  • Because he’s so grateful of everything he’s received

If anyone wants to add on any reason at all the he became your bias, or simply caught your eye, please do  ♡


I like to call this…the Bonedaddy extended universe

In Dead-Eyed Tsuna, Federico survived, making him the Vongola 10th. Problem is, Federico survived by skiving off to Japan and becoming a kindergarten teacher. He wants absolutely nothing to do with the Vongola or his dad, and loves children more than anything. The only way to motivate him is to imply children are suffering. 

He lives just outside of Tokyo with his space-case adopted teenage son, Ettore Lamia (also known as Toru). Everyone in the mafia has met Toru at least once, it’s really weird. He’s clever, but a bit broken after Massimo (previous dad) died. Gets doted on by everyone, even Reborn, though Reborn probably only does it because it makes Federico pissy.

He only has 2 best friend Guardians: his Rain, Yuuma, a bartender and a lethal chemist who does most of the babysitting, and his Sun, Roxana, a kickboxer and ex-hitman who was inspired by Federico’s creed of peace and babying teenagers.

(People can use my OCs and interpretations if they like so if you wanna use this Federico squad knock yourself out)