ultimate sandbag


Pink Iron Lady, lol.

Slowly taking over the world with bad ass pink gear, lol. (I’m a sucker for pink and bad assery. Win win!)

Working out from home means seeking out equipment that can help me keep things crazy challenging without the gym. When I look at the cost of a gym membership and how much use I get out of my home gear, it pretty much pays for itself. Not all my equipment is pink, but if something I like happens to come in the shade, it sometimes seals the deal. :)

I know Halloween hasn’t even hit us yet, but if you’re thinking about your holiday gift list (I know, I’m awful), make sure to add some of these to it! Not a pink fan? There are loads of colors to choose from. :)

A few of you have asked for my favorite gear! Putting together a full list (which includes plenty of stuff you have around the house). But for now, here’s some of my pink favorites.

Lebert Equalizer: (pink, lime green, yellow)

Ultimate Sandbag Pink Power Package (fillers & shell)

Pink Yoga Mat

Valslides (pink)

Gymboss Interval Timer

Pink Combo Package! Ultimate Sandbag, Lebert Equalizer, Valslides & Mat - save $$


Ultimate Sandbag Power Packages: $30 off while supplies last!

My favorite at-home tool ever. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, now’s the time (or hint really loudly at the people giving you presents in a few weeks).

(Another way to save? Buy just the shell. The fillers are easier to make on your own, but this shell is really unique. Other DIY bags don’t come close).