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The most must-see films of 2017

Writer/director Christopher Nolan grew up in England well aware of the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation, though he knows the World War II survival story is unfamiliar for a lot of Americans. He considers his movie — which focuses on British, French and other Allied soldiers being trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk, France, and driven to the sea with Nazis closing in — “the ultimate race against time.” While his cast includes Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and even One Direction’s Harry Styles, the film is led by 19-year-old British newcomer Fionn Whitehead as an English private named Tommy. “He’s just a kid, really, and that’s sort of the point. You see events very much through his eyes,” Nolan says. “We want to put the audience on that beach, put them on a boat heading over to Dunkirk, put them in the cockpit of a Spitfire. That’s the ambition and I’m bringing all my experience in filmmaking to bear trying to achieve it.”


The Super/Wonder family: Kal, Diana Lara Kal-El and Little baby Jonathan from The Dark Knight III: The Master Race out today!

  • Me on a date: so what do you think about Snotlout?
  • Them: he's just a bully, I don't like him at all
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry but I have to go home right now immediately

White genocide as described by white supremacists is actually good. Their conception of it is of race mixing ultimately leading to no more white people.

And that’s a good thing. Race mixing is good. White people disappearing is good. Therefore white genocide is good.

Heck, the white supremacist idea of Human Biodiversity is an argument for white genocide of this sort. Biodiversity is good because it allows for more mixing of genes so we should race mix a lot.

The moral here is you should race mix frequently and white people are a plague.


The Ultimate Rickshaw Race – RT Life 4K

joel and his baggy shorts. SERIOUSLY, just look at how big his shorts are!!! and how his top literally looks like a cut-up t-shirt. …oh, and remember how burnie said that joel never runs at a panel that one time? well, he (kinda) did!

i don’t want to spoil anything more but can we please appreciate how smiley adam was throughout. and how joel was in character but he did break a smile here and there.

ok so there’s a lot of talk about dwarves experiencing the surface for the first time

but have y’all considered exiled dwarves that hate the surface and everything about it

  • dwarves who insist on using fine dwarven crafts
  • dwarves that go on rants to humans who try to criticise orzammar politics and dwarven culture because the humans are mired in their own frame of reference
  • dwarves who loudly complain about buildings being not dwarf-friendly in terms of construction
  • dwarves being grumpy at the constant racism thrown their way
  • dwarves being irritated by people who assume they were born on the surface
  • dwarves lecturing surfacers about how a lot of technological advancements are of dwarven make and yet the dwarves keep getting shafted by the surface repeatedly
  • dwarves telling their surfacer friends about how everyone on the surface expects the dwarves to be so grateful for surface intervention in orzammar
  • dwarves longing for the stone halls of their ancestors
  • dwarves side-eyeing elves so fucking hard when elves act like they’re the ultimate oppressed race of thedas
  • dwarves refusing to give up their traditions even when they get made fun of by surface dwarves for being “too traditional”
  • dwarves sounding off on people when they make Yet Another Reference to How Dwarves Can’t Dream
  • dwarves staring people full in the face like “bruh” whenever someone makes a reference to their height
  • dwarves having secret rock collections even though they know it’s silly because having pretty rocks reminds them of home in some slight, tangential way
  • dwarves missing the lava rivers of orzammar and hating the cold nights of the surface
  • dwarves waxing poetic about the provings