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In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he’s jacked into the virtual utopia known as the OASIS. Wade’s devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world’s digital confines—puzzles that are based on their creator’s obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them.

But when Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to kill to take this ultimate prize. The race is on, and if Wade’s going to survive, he’ll have to win—and confront the real world he’s always been so desperate to escape.

Profile: Dr. Josef Mengele

One of Adolf Hitler’s most insidious goals was his Final Solution: genocide, the killing of all jews in Europe and inevitably throughout the world. Genocide involves people killing large numbers of victims while at the same time remaining emotionally detached from the operation. Special techniques were routinely used to neutralise any guilt associated with the wholesale slaughter of humans. Large rations of alcohol were distributed regularly to many executioners; they were also provided with better food and housing than their peers. To professionalise this killing, special terminology, such as human material and subjects were used to identify intended victims.

Physicians usually supervised the incoming trains at the death camps such as Auschwitz and Treblinka. Their job was to identify which prisoners would or would not be immediately sent to the gas chambers. For some of the doctors this was a very stressful task that evoked severe anxiety. This was not true of Dr. Josef Mengele; he regularly volunteered for selection duty. At 32 Dr. Mengele was an aspiring geneticist who held a passion for fame and notoriety. Disturbed by the lack of warmth between him and his parents, Mengele was determined to raise himself up in their eyes through a successful career in medicine, He easily accepted the Nazi philosophy that it was possible through selection, refinement, and genetic engineering to create the ultimate ‘pure’ race. At the camps he had an endless supply of human material on which to experiment. Those who were not deemed fit for experimentation were usually gassed and cremated shortly after their arrival at the camps, except those prisoners who were forced into labor.

Mengele set himself apart from from the other physicians and soon became known as the most feared man in Auschwitz. His 'experiments’ turned out to be ruthless, diabolical acts of torture that nearly always ended in death. Unlike many who simply followed his orders, Mengele understood his work with a passion. Witnesses reported having seen his laboratory lined with pairs of eyes from his experiments on dozens of victims. His obsession was to conduct comparative research on children, especially twins. he was constantly in search of identical twins. He often performed surgery on the children without anaesthetics. In one case he took two children, one of them a hunchback, and surgically sewed them together.

In one instance he had a hunchback father and his 15 year old son, who had a deformed foot, executed. He then had all the felsh boiled off their frames and bleached their skeletons before displaying the victims’ bones for his colleagues to see. He also ordered several adults female prisoners to be shot and their breasts and muscles from their thighs extracted to be used as 'cultivating material’ for future experiments. Mengele was reported to have jumped on pregnant woman’s stomachs until the foetuses were expelled and even dissected a 1 year old child while it was still alive. 


Love Ozan Biron’s M4 Spot “Ultimate Race Track”.
Stunning photography, Great action, coverage, and story reveal. And that sound design. Exceptional.

Harvard Racial Segregation

Have you people read this shit, it seems completely and utterly unreal to me that this kind of thing is happening. I really thought we were done with segregation, but Harvard (one of the worlds most prestigious universities) is apparently here to prove me wrong. If you still haven’t heard, Harvard is planning to hold a graduation ceremony where for black students only. This is literal segregation, I think that I hear MLK turning in his grave at a speed far surpassing that of light. 

Now the icing of the cake is that the black students apparently asked for this. This makes me truly pity these adult children who do not realize that once they’re out of education that the world won’t be a safe space for them and that *gasp*  white people will be competing for jobs with them and that they will not get those jobs if they scream MUH RACE. Ultimately I believe these people are simply dooming themselves to failure will thrust themselves into a cruel world that will not be kind to them and will not bow down to their temper tantrums simply because they demand it must.

In opposing flesh, Yahweh is not opposing humanity. He is acting to deliver humanity from everything that makes it bestial, every attempt to become more than human that makes humanity inhuman. In his war against flesh, Yahweh is at war with pride, heroic bravado, violence, the cascade of reciprocal vengeance, against Adam’s impatience and Cain’s envy and Lamech’s brutality… In working to kill flesh to save the human race, Yahweh ultimately aims to prosecute, condemn and execute mortality, to put death to death.

gerardwayismyonlyfriend  asked:

Could you share more about what you had in mind for the "Ronan loses the Camaro to Kavinsky" storyline? Where it would lead the story, what was the effect on Gansey/Ronan, etc? It just looks too interesting to me!

Dear gerarwayismyonlyfriend,

Well, it didn’t work. That’s why all of that content is in deleted material. The book was supposed to be about Ronan coming to grips with his identity and Gansey beginning to understand that he’d been looking at magic and friendship in the wrong way. But in my efforts to begin those early drafts with a bang, the rest of the book became about the mechanics of dealing with that external plot problem rather than their internal journeys. There was no space for breath or the maintenance of anyone else’s plot line. There was only time for scheming. 

So that early draft jolted and stumbled from losing the Camaro on page one to winning it back in a race on page four hundred. There was a lot more pointless arguing. There was a rather darker subplot to force Gansey to participate in the ultimate race. And then the final race took place up the side of a mountain in two identical dream cars with Ronan and Gansey in one and Adam and Kavinsky in the other (Adam having demanded to ride with K to make sure the weight was even and that there was no cheating). Kavinsky approached this challenge with the same reckless abandon as the real climax of Dream Thieves, but in this version, he ended up driving off the side of a mountain with Adam in the car. Fireball! Death! Adam walked out alive, protected by Cabeswater, a permutation of a scene that occurs later in the series now.

It was lumpy and inside out, and I spent another nine months turning it right way round. That is, I’m afraid, the only way I know how to write these books. 




The Ultimate Rickshaw Race – RT Life 4K

joel and his baggy shorts. SERIOUSLY, just look at how big his shorts are!!! and how his top literally looks like a cut-up t-shirt. …oh, and remember how burnie said that joel never runs at a panel that one time? well, he (kinda) did!

i don’t want to spoil anything more but can we please appreciate how smiley adam was throughout. and how joel was in character but he did break a smile here and there.


The Super/Wonder family: Kal, Diana Lara Kal-El and Little baby Jonathan from The Dark Knight III: The Master Race out today!

¾ - Calum on your wedding day would be like:

  • “I’m still upset that dogs aren’t involved in this wedding.”
  • “Like the woman at the pound was like ‘Oh Sir, you can’t take all 50 dogs.’ It’s 2015, level up.”
  • Complaining because the new tattoo that he got of your name on his arm is itching
  • “Because I thought it would be a nice gesture … You’re not my Dad, Ash!”
  • Sneaking out of the room when the boys aren’t looking to your room
  • Doing a secret knock on the door to let you know that it’s him
  • Pouting when you refuse to break tradition by seeing him
  • “I can’t wait to make you my wife.”
  • Screaming when your friends come back from their errands and chase him away down the hallway
  • Michael yelling at him for leaving the room but all of the boys secretly finding it cute
  • “I need a cigarette.”
  • “I really wanted dogs to deliver the rings down the aisle.”
  • Pouting when Luke takes his cigarette packet from him
  • “Like how cool would the dogs have been? Then I could take them all home afterwards.”
  • Walking around the room like a gangster from the 1920s when he has his suit on
  • “Guys, I watched a YouTube video on bow-ties, I got this.”
  • Getting really annoyed when he can’t do it
  • “You know what, I’m just gonna get married naked.”
  • “Everyone’s already seen it, so why not?”
  • Tweeting a picture of himself and the boys dressed up captioned, “Looking dapper lads”
  • “I’m proud to call you guys my best friends. Cheers boys.” :(((((
  • Having the ultimate piggy back race to the reception
  • Ash and Michael feeling smug because they didn’t fall over and because they won
  • “Yeah, well, I’m marrying the woman of my dreams so who is the real winner here?”
  • Jumping up and down on the spot at the end of the aisle to try and shake his nerves off
  • Mali-Koa giving him a huge hug to reassure him that everything will be okay (too cute)
  • Not being able to hold back the tears as you walk down the aisle
  • Whispering “My beautiful girl” as he takes your hand *brb crying*
  • His stomach rumbling as you say your vows
  • “Sorry guys, I get hungry at the most inappropriate times.”
  • Stuttering when he says his vows and getting really embarrassed
  • Mumbling “It’s about time” as he gets to kiss his bride
  • “I love you with all of my heart, angel.”
  • “Now let’s go and get wasted.”