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Things about Harley and Joker’s relationship in the Lego Batman Movie that I really like (slight spoilers)

  • It’s not an abusive relationship AT ALL. The two of them are on a much more equal level, and while the two are still boss/assistant, they’re practically gal pals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they painted their nails together honestly
  • Their nicknames are so adorable, “Boo-boo”, “Girlbuddy,” etc.
  • There isn’t a single insult towards each other in the entire film (any insult Joker says in the movie, you’ll notice, isn’t to her, but to the other villains)
  • From ‘Behind the Bricks’: “And nobody’s got a smile like you, Mister J.!” Joker’s thanks to her sounds very sincere and earnest
  • From the ‘Frenemies’ Trailer:  “Why don’t you go sledgehammer anything you’d like?” Although the scene isn’t in the actual movie, they hug, Joker’s coattails form a heart for a second, and they’re just adorable together
  • Harley being fully supportive and caring for Joker moving on, after his boyfriend Batman dumped him told him he didn’t need him anymore
  • The fact that Joker keeps Harley with him, even after he recruits the Phantom Zone baddies
  • That lil swinging dance they do near the end of the movie after they help save the city
  • The fact that they’re adORAB L E

Together forever and never to part
Together forever we two
And don’t you know
I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you.❤

Happy Nalu Day. 07.26.17

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10 = One True Pairing (OTP). I will fight to the death for this ship.

I will never understand why they weren’t canon tbh. They were so perfect together: they trusted each other more than anyone (we had never seen Dick, other than with Wally, wanting to trust someone with his secret identity but he clearly did with Artemis when he took their picture at Gotham Academy) + they fight alongside each other really well and they were even stealth partners in a couple of mission (see Bereft and Alpha Male) + they had so much in common (both losing their parent(s) at the age of nine, both being the non-powered heroes in their team, both loving to tease/troll their friends, etc.). They could have been everything imo.

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I decided to draw Natsu and Lucy based on these cute summer kimono outfits I seen on Twitter. :’) 

added Plue as a bonus!!