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Things about Harley and Joker’s relationship in the Lego Batman Movie that I really like (slight spoilers)

  • It’s not an abusive relationship AT ALL. The two of them are on a much more equal level, and while the two are still boss/assistant, they’re practically gal pals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they painted their nails together honestly
  • Their nicknames are so adorable, “Boo-boo”, “Girlbuddy,” etc.
  • There isn’t a single insult towards each other in the entire film (any insult Joker says in the movie, you’ll notice, isn’t to her, but to the other villains)
  • From ‘Behind the Bricks’: “And nobody’s got a smile like you, Mister J.!” Joker’s thanks to her sounds very sincere and earnest
  • From the ‘Frenemies’ Trailer:  “Why don’t you go sledgehammer anything you’d like?” Although the scene isn’t in the actual movie, they hug, Joker’s coattails form a heart for a second, and they’re just adorable together
  • Harley being fully supportive and caring for Joker moving on, after his boyfriend Batman dumped him told him he didn’t need him anymore
  • The fact that Joker keeps Harley with him, even after he recruits the Phantom Zone baddies
  • That lil swinging dance they do near the end of the movie after they help save the city
  • The fact that they’re adORAB L E

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okok i know you have a ship list but im dying to know what like...your favorite ships of all time are like the ones that you consider your forever otps

jerza, klance, korrasami, blacksun, trimberly, and nuts and dolts are a few of my biggest ships atm and the ones you’ll likely see on this blog

4 Days of Request: Nalu requested by Anon
a coloring from the one shot ginsekai no shoumei; everyone mentioned how the 2 characters reminded them of natsu and lucy (and it did! i recommend reading it). i started this [coloring] in august and haven’t had motivation to finish it but i did b/c tis the season so here ya go! happy holidays everyone!!! xo
"Your voice was the nicest when you were calling out the names of the stars. It must be because you think the starry sky is beautiful!"
"I didn't want to see her disappear before my eyes."

tbh my ultimate OTP will forever be percico but I’m happy about solangelo becoming canon

Not only is it queer representation in an extremely popular book series


Nico gets to be happy for once

That’s all I need to be quite honest with y’all