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Do you think Dean and Cas are soulmates? Like if Dean died and Cas died as a human, do you think they would share a heaven?

Well… I would say off the top of my head yes because they would make each other happy without all the baggage in Heaven and are each other’s endgame ‘reward’ by the time they sort out their crap BUT I also think it’s not a certainty because I don’t think soulmates are really common in SPN world and tbh I feel like it was a kind of… a plot device / after thought that they didn’t think they would probably ever really have to follow through on? 

There isn’t really enough information as to what soulmates actually ARE and WHY they share a Heaven to give a really accurate answer, I think it is all based on assumptions and gut feelings. Because Cas and Dean are ultimate OTP material it feels like if ANYONE would be soulmates and deserve to share a Heaven it would be these two, right? So thats the only reason I say yes, even though the whole concept is kind of errrghh.

I wrote about how Sam and Dean definitely don’t share a heaven here, so that at least is clear to me but Dean and Cas are…. well they’re so complex!

Realistically we don’t know enough about soulmates (we’ve only ever seen Amelia & Jimmy), we think that they are not related to cupids, but it now seems they might be as John and Mary were apparently together in Heaven? OR that Heavens can create people for their primary occupier as Mary’s version had John but also kiddy Sam and Dean…

TBH I feel like there is a lot of fanon / canon divergence and even the canon isn’t consistent enough to go there!

All I can say is that for ME the whole point of the romantic storyline of Dean and Castiel is that they were NOT supposed to be together and have defied the odds and well, everything, in order to do so.

I wrote a post recently that basically paralleled Dean/Cas with John/Mary precisely based on the fact that Dean and Cas are the couple who love each other DESPITE all the obstacles due to their own free will whereas John and Mary were pushed together DESPITE their own free will.

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(13x01 better open with a nice strong Dean/Mary parallel here to continue the theme of Deancas canon couple parallels, just saying!).

For me this is even stronger than the idea of a predestined relationship, but I know that in canon that has nothing to do with soulmates in Heaven…

I’m sorry for rambling, but basically its because it is a complex topic due to contradictions in the canon and the fanon that has been added that needs to be sorted from actual fact in the show!

I think there if there was a ‘blaze of glory’ style exit to the show then we would most definitely see Cas and Dean share a Heaven, but also probably see a lot of other characters there too, though perhaps a good strong reference to them being in their home ;)

this broke my heart
  • Rhysand: I love it when you look at me like that.
  • Feyre: Like what?
  • Rhysand: Like my power isn't something to run from. Like you see me.

Things about Harley and Joker’s relationship in the Lego Batman Movie that I really like (slight spoilers)

  • It’s not an abusive relationship AT ALL. The two of them are on a much more equal level, and while the two are still boss/assistant, they’re practically gal pals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they painted their nails together honestly
  • Their nicknames are so adorable, “Boo-boo”, “Girlbuddy,” etc.
  • There isn’t a single insult towards each other in the entire film (any insult Joker says in the movie, you’ll notice, isn’t to her, but to the other villains)
  • From ‘Behind the Bricks’: “And nobody’s got a smile like you, Mister J.!” Joker’s thanks to her sounds very sincere and earnest
  • From the ‘Frenemies’ Trailer:  “Why don’t you go sledgehammer anything you’d like?” Although the scene isn’t in the actual movie, they hug, Joker’s coattails form a heart for a second, and they’re just adorable together
  • Harley being fully supportive and caring for Joker moving on, after his boyfriend Batman dumped him told him he didn’t need him anymore
  • The fact that Joker keeps Harley with him, even after he recruits the Phantom Zone baddies
  • That lil swinging dance they do near the end of the movie after they help save the city
  • The fact that they’re adORAB L E

Little SorMik is just giving me so much happiness  ♥️️ You little cutest things :) 

kdramas be raising my relationship standards so high that at this rate i’m gonna be single forever