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What I can't get over about KuroKen is how Kuroo just *loves* Kenma because he's Kenma. It's unique and weirdly moving to me. Idk. Am I the only one who feels like this?

my god he’s so incredibly gone for kenma it’s embarrassing. and whatever kenma does he just… is so hopelessly endeared and it kills me

Tumblr Games: Regular Show Version

I was tagged by @rigbyfangirl233 and @leche-con-galletitas18 Thanks guys! :D

First character you loved: Skips, I just really admired him, haha.

Favorite episode(s): I really like Death Bear, Steak Me Amadeus, Meteor Moves, The Christmas Special, Picking Up Margaret, and Eggscellent.

First episode you saw: Rigby’s Body, we can all be turds.

Favorite character(s): Mordecai, love that dork.

Character you wished you got to learn more about: I really wish we could’ve gotten to learn more about Techmo.

Pairing(s): Mordaret (Mordecai and Margaret) is my ultimate OTP, but I also really love Rigleen (Rigby and Eileen), Thomas and CJ, and Fives and Celia, Benson and Pam, and Muscle Man and Starla.

Lest favorite episode: 1000th Chopper Flight Party, ugghhhh…

Song(s): Party Tonight, god that song is so legitimately good, bless you Sean Szeles.

Least favorite character: Joanne Hanatronic can go to Hell, how dare she threaten Eileen like that.

Who you’re most like: Mordecai is basically me, haha.

Season(s): 3, 4 and 7 were some of the best in my opinion.

Least favorite season(s): 5 and 6 were so much worse compared to the rest of the series, sorry. There were still some really good episodes in there, though.

Mordecai or Rigby: Love Rigby, but Mordecai is my all time favorite character.

Any Merchandise: No, but I do have some original artwork from Sam Spina that I treasure. ^-^

Do you prefer Regular Show over Adventure Time?: Regular Show, easy.

I Tag: Whoever want to do this, please feel free! It was really fun. :)

this scene in season 4 where stiles literally caresses Lydia’s face when her ear starts bleeding is so underrated and its so freaking pretty and man I can’t wait until they reunite gosh I love these two. 


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

this broke my heart
  • Rhysand: I love it when you look at me like that.
  • Feyre: Like what?
  • Rhysand: Like my power isn't something to run from. Like you see me.

Charlie & Matteusz are my new otp