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so i'm working on the prompt thing and it's like half done, but i'm having a little (a lot) of trouble with the characterization, especially with Padme (I haven't had the occasion to watch any of the movies in a long time and she seems very much like a cardboard cutout to me when i try to write her), is there any way you would help out a fellow writer by sharing some headcanons? just like, basic padme headcanons, bc i have like...zero to work off of right now and it would be v helpful

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited that you’re writing the thing! I can’t even tell you. (No pressure, though. Lord knows I’ve been talking about my unfinished fic for like two years, so take as long as you want/need.)

Concerning Padme, @flaminganakin just put up a really great analysis of her character here, so I recommend checking that out.

And here’s a few random headcanons of mine:

  • Padme is quite close with her sister Sola, but her relationship with her parents is more distant and frequently strained. They love each other, but they don’t really understand each other. (This post has a lot more detail on that headcanon.)
  • She really loves Naboo tradition, and is a bit of a geek about it - she studies old customs and reads classical texts and is actually fluent in the traditional language of flowers (something which is about as well-known among modern Naboo as Victorian flower language is for us today).
  • She’s both an idealist and a cynic, both practical and fanciful. (And this is part of why she’s so consistently underestimated by her opponents, who tend to see only one side of her and then get blindsided by the other. “Queen Amidala is young and naive. You will find controlling her will not be difficult.” Yeah, that one worked out.)
  • Padme actually has quite a lot in common with Anakin. They’re both very passionate, idealistic people with a tendency to prioritize other people - sometimes over ideals, and certainly over themselves. They’re both nerdy romantics. They both have a complex relationship with authority (something that will probably play into a graffiti AU). Anakin’s authority issues are pretty obvious, but I think a lot of people overlook Padme’s because most of what she says is insistence on democracy and the rule of law. But Padme in action has a very definite tendency to follow the old adage: if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. In TPM when she sees the galactic authority of the Senate won’t help her, she decides to go back and retake Naboo herself - a tactic which, it’s worth noting, was at best unsanctioned by the Republic, and arguably illegal (certainly illegal if she’d lost and the Trade Federation had been able to call the shots). In AOTC Padme is the one who decides to go rescue Obi-Wan, again outside the auspices of any official Republic sanction - and that rescue attempt does ultimately precipitate a diplomatic incident. So yes, Padme has a certain anti-authority streak, and it’s sometimes in conflict with her political goals in some really interesting ways.
  • She also has a definite reckless streak, frequently related to her complicated relationship with the concept of authority.
  • She loves fashion and the arts, and has a pretty broad appreciation for different types of art. (Something which may also play into a graffiti AU.)
  • She’s extremely protective of the people and things she loves, and pretty resistant to believing anything negative about them.

Part of why I’m so psyched for this AU is that, while the initial idea of Padme and Anakin meeting again while tagging the same building was mostly crack, there’s enough in their characters that I can actually imagine it happening.


Nina Simone (1933-2003) is one of the most recognizable voices in jazz – a famous and prestigious singer, songwriter, and pianist, earning the nickname “High Priestess of Soul”. She was also active in the civil rights movement in the United States.

Despite a well-received audition at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, she was ultimately rejected, an incident which she blamed on racial prejudice. She gained popularity by singing and playing piano in bars, and was soon recording both studio and live albums. She routinely included messages in support of civil rights in her performances.



TED: And this is why, I guess where it counts, is to me that means that we go over things in great detail. But not just the incident itself. Ultimately, whether it’s to you or somebody else because basically it all began in Washington State, that is, that’s where I was living; that’s where I grew up as a kid and that’s where I grew up as a young man. And those kinds of images, impulses, and behaviors which ultimately lead to the violent behavior; you know, current, if you will, in Washington State that kind of… A broad understanding that I’m looking for is going to come during those years I lived in Washington State. Unfortunately, I guess from your standpoint, it was basically Washington State where those first crimes, incidences, murders took place.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Well, let’s just do one here. I mean to start. Obviously we gotta start somewhere. And I think we might, we might… It’s a long-shot, a pretty long shot; we might be able to get something out of it. At least some of that so-called tangible evidence that might be of some value. Not only to you but to others. And maybe a bit of information, even if you don’t find anything else it might be of some value to families.
TED: So we’ll do… I understand that the * site, which I could describe to you, would describe to you if you want. There were remains of three individuals found; two identified, one not. Because the kind of remains that were found were so few and unidentifiable. What do you want?
BOB KEPPEL: I’d like to know-
TED: The description of the site first? How to get there? You just don’t make this up.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Maybe half a mile, quarter mile down this little side road.. If you kept on following it all the way down.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Oh, well, Lord knows what the little creatures up there did; what the animals would have done. But I think… Well, let me start with one. Let me start this way. The unidentified remains…This is where I’m a little bit… The presence of the officers down here is a little bit unnerving. Some of this stuff I don’t mind talking about because they wouldn’t know it from Adam. But I can write it down or I could whisper it to you, whatever. I just don’t want the police getting any kind of names at this point.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: [whispering] Can you hear that?
BOB KEPPEL: I can hear it, yeah.
TED: [whispering] Okay. I just wrote, like I said, that the Hawkins girl’s head was severed and taken up the road about 25 to 50 yards and buried in a location about 10 yards west of the road on a rocky hillside. Did you hear that?
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Yeah. Not anything that you would have found that I know of. Probably you would have found damage to the head; the jaw in particular, probably broken. But if you’d found that you would have known who it was. Is there any reason you’re asking me that question?
BOB KEPPEL: Well I wondered.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: I was moving up the alley using a briefcase and some crutches and a young woman walked down. I saw her round the north end of the block into the alley and stop for a moment and then keep on walking down the alley toward me. About halfway down the block I encountered her and asked to help me carry the briefcase, which she did and we walked back up the alley. Across the street, turned right on the sidewalk in front of the fraternity house on the corner there. Rounded the corner on the left going north on 47. Midway in the block there used to be a parking lots they used to make out of burned down houses in that area.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: We were to the car…
BOB KEPPEL: You were to the car.
TED: Basically when we reached the car what happened was I knocked her unconscious with the crowbar.
BOB KEPPEL: Where’d you have that?
TED: By the car.
BOB KEPPEL: Alright. Outside?
TED: Outside and back of the car.
BOB KEPPEL: Did she see it?
TED: No. And then there were some handcuffs there along with the crowbar.
BOB KEPPEL: Along with what?
TED: The crowbar. And I handcuffed her and put her in the passengers side of the car and drove away.
BOB KEPPEL: Was she alive or dead then?
TED: Oh, no she was quite… Well she was unconscious but very much alive.
[tape cuts here]

Game of Thrones theory


Okay, I thought this up in two minutes, but… here goes nothing.

Bran feels guilty about killing Hodor/doing whatever that was to him. (Hated that bit of the episode, by the way.) As soon as Bran feels he’s safe he uses his abilities as a warg to project himself back into the past. He wants to fix his mistake. But then he realizes he can fix EVERYONE’S mistakes.

He goes back to when the Mad King was still in charge. But while Bran’s mind is in the past, he and Meera are beset upon by white walkers. “Burn them,” Meera shouts at some point in the fight. And that echoes to Bran and from Bran into the Mad King.

Insane and with an absurd amount of determination, the Mad King stays on his feet. “Burn them,” he shouts, “Burn them all.” And then Bran watches a young Jaime Lanister, remembering the Wilde Fire under the city, break his vows and kill the Mad King.

Robert Baratheon becomes king. Baby Danaerys is born in the middle of a storm, on a boat, far away from her kingdom. A Song of Ice and Fire begins. All because of Bran, his powers, and the same kind of incident that ultimately killed Hodor.


Following what the boys ultimately deem “The Eggos Incident of ‘83,” Eleven tries to do everything in her power to avoid the grocery store and all the curious glances and hushed gossip that come with it. Still, that incident is far from the last time she raises a few eyebrows there. When the fridge is frighteningly devoid of Eggos, a very anxious El and a very groggy, bunny slippers-clad Hopper make an emergency trip at nearly midnight for the essential midnight snack (prompting a stifled laugh from the checkout girl upon seeing the looming police chief in his pajamas). When El responds with a very puzzled expression at Dustin’s offering of real Nilla wafers, he insists that she be properly introduced to the glory of the world’s snack foods, and one trip to the store later, both of their arms are spilling over with snack cakes and pop rocks and cookies. When she’s feeling particularly down one day after school and accepts Mike’s offer of picking up some chocolate chip Eggos (her favorite), he notices the visibly empty aisles and, with a devious smirk, grabs an extra cart to initiate shopping cart surfing down the frozen food aisle. Despite the curious looks, though, El can’t help but feel unmistakable warmth in her chest at the lengths to which they go to make her smile

I’m having emotions about the “Jack and Maddie are with Danny instead” alteration.
Like during “Million Dollar Ghost”, Jack and Maddie have to hunt Phantom to keep Danny’s cover. Maybe Jazz refuses to let Danny “hang” with their parents, believing that it’s a bad influence, until the Spectra incident.
The Ultimate Enemy is painful bc not only would Danny have lost a lot of people he loves, but the two people who love him unconditionally, even after watching him become Phantom - gone.
After “Bitter Reunions”, Danny tells his parents about Vlad, and Jack and Maddie attempt to help Vlad, saying that he’s still their friend. (This ultimately just pisses him off, but they’re still there for him)
I love it so much. More Jack and Maddie being awesome parents and friends and it would give them more character development.
Pls I need it


motorsport moments:  The Jos Verstappen Pitfire

This happened at the 1994 German Grand Prix; Benetton were subsequently found to have tampered with the filters on their own fuel pumps during a season of controversy. The removal of said filter shaved pitstop times by 12.5% but ultimately led to this incident. During the subsequent investigation Benetton were exonerated due to mitigating circumstances.

Verstappen and four mechanics were burnt; none seriously. The fireproof equipment worn by drivers and mechanics alike proved their worth an infinite number of times over in this scenario.


Today at the Port Arthur, Tasmania memorial for the massacre that occurred on 28th April 1996. The building in the photo is the remains of the cafe where mass murderer Martin Bryant shot and killed 20 people. He killed a total of 35 people at Port Arthur, injuring a further 23. This shooting is regarded as one of the deadliest shootings world wide committed by a single person. Ultimately, this incident changed Australia’s gun laws.

In March last year a popular celebrity, Alexander Bard, declared on national television station SVT that there is nothing wrong with calling black people “n*ggers” – “If I can refer to myself as a faggot then I should be able to call black people n*ggers” – and when confronted on social media by an Afro-Swede, he insisted on using the word repeatedly to make his point.

Last April, at a student dinner gathering at the prestigious Lund University, students arrived with their faces blacked up, with nooses and shackles around their necks and arms, and led by a white “slave trader”. During the course of the evening, a slave auction was enacted.

When I filed a complaint, I was subjected to a racist reprisal. Apart from threats against me and my family, a manipulated picture of me as a slave in shackles was made into posters bearing the words, in Swedish: “This is our runaway n*gger slave and he answers to the name Jallow Momodou. If you should find him please call this number.” These were put up in several different spots around my workplace, Malmö university. Rev Jesse Jackson himself condemned the harassment.

In October 2010, a white Swedish man went on a rampage in Malmö, shooting more than 20 people of colour and killing one. The killer was officially considered to be a lone wolf with psychological problems rather than a terrorist with racist motives, and he has still not been prosecuted.

At the start of last year, a sex education film caused outrage because it showed a black guy having sex with a white girl. More than half a million comments were posted on the internet, mainly commenting on how disgusted they were at this “betrayal” of the white race and corruption of the purity of the Swedish gene pool. The entire incident, though, was not even commented on by a single politician.

Despite all these incidents, however, Sweden has created an image for itself of paradise and harmony, which has been bought into by the rest of the world. It is a challenge for all of us to revise the Swedish self-image, starting in our schools, to understand how racism has taken hold in this country.

Sweden abolished the slave trade in 1847 well after nations like Britain; but few people know this part of its history. The Swedish exceptionalism – the idea that Sweden is disconnected from slavery and colonialism – has made it very difficult to discuss the racist structures that black people face today.

Racism is about power, in which those who operate the levers believe it is OK to discriminate, dehumanise and denigrate without consequence. This is what the culture minister is relying on: a racist structure that ignores racial incidents and ultimately makes them part of the norm. This is what the true image of Swedish society looks like.


Jallow Momodou, Sweden: the Country Where Racism is “Just a Joke”


Cue the white tears: “but we don’t have racism here that’s U.S.-centric we only have xenophobia and discrimination that totally includes white people!!!!111”

10 Questions You Need to Ask Youself About Your Story

1.       Genre?

You need to place your book in a category. It may be hard, but when writing it is important to know what you are writing about.

2.       Protagonist/ Why them?

Why is your protagonist pulled into the plot? What makes them special? Why are they so important? If it is random, then make something special about them. Make them different in a way that could affect the entire world! Make them change the plot. For example: Harry Potter is special, because he was a wizard. But even among wizards, he was the boy who lived. He was the person that could defeat Voldemort where others couldn’t.

3.       Setting, Why that World?

Why does your story take place in that world? Is there something about the world that helped the plot take place? Did an earthquake erupt? Did a politician rise to power? Has the entire existence of the universe been leading up to this moment?

4.       Why today?

Why does your story take place right at that time? Is the world coming to an end? Why couldn’t another person set the plot in place? This is most often directly related to the character, because although they don’t know it, their existence is a catalyst.

5.       What does my character want/need?

This has to do with internal vs. external desires. Their external mission (what they want) might be to save the world. Technically, they don’t need to save it, even if they are the only one who can. They want to save the world to help all the people in it and themselves. But their internal desire might be to be accepted into society. It has nothing to do with the world. Sometimes characters don’t even know their internal desires, but your job as a writer is to develop the character throughout the novel so that your character gets what they need.

6.       What is my inciting trigger/incident?

What is the things that pushed your character into the plot? You need to figure out something to motivate them, the final straw or maybe the last option for your character. Think about what gets your character out of bed in the morning. Now multiply that until they do what they never thought they could before. MOTIVATION or something that throws them into the story. For example, Katniss’s sister being called at the reaping. Ultimately, that was the incident. What’s yours?

7.       What are my three storylines?

A)     Internal

B)      External

C)      B-story

Throughout your story think about how these storylines intersect with your plot lines. The Internal storylines is with the characters self, the external is with the world, and the b-story is the love interest. These must affect the plot. USE THEM it makes things fun and interesting.

8.       Where is my false resolution?

As we all know, it is a lot of fun to ruin the lives of our characters. One way we can do this is by having a false resolution. Make everything seem okay, then have it all crumble to dust beneath their feet. Your character will be lost and confused and it really adds to the story. The false resolution will make them have a little bit of a trust issue when things do seem okay again. When it’s really bad, it can even make your characters question reality.

9.       Where is my Dark Night of the Soul?

Another fun torturing characters thing. The Dark Night of the Soul is the lowest of the low points in your story. It is where everything has been taken from your character. It is where everything seems lost and hopeless. It is where there is literally nothing. It is the darkest point, the Dark Night of the Soul. It is the point in your story where is doesn’t seem like your character can get back up.

But somehow they do. Because all beforehand you have been making them stronger. You have prepared them for this moment, even though your characters might not have realized it. Hell, even your readers might not realize it until that one moment where hope is regained. Where your character gets back up and fights. They have nothing but themselves to rely on. Make it dramatic. Have your character rise from the ashes, rise from the depths of Hell and have them defeat the big bad. The antagonist. AND WIN!

10.   Deadline?

Yes. The ever looming deadline, the bane of our existence. But I have a secret for you. Yes, come closer. Ready? IT DOESN’T MATTER! You can push through and you can write. Accept that the first draft is crap. Unless it’s not. But just write. Pump out that word count. You can do it! Don’t go back and read it, unless you need to check your facts or something. Just write and complete the deadline. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

i spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about how it would have been between thorin and bilbo, had thorin survived botfa which he did ofc and like, i love the happy sappy headcanons where they’re kissing and getting married the day after botfa as much as the next BUT honestly, these two need a deathbed, now-or-never confession of love to get them rolling. without that, i think we’re gonna be watching them a) in bilbo’s case tiptoe around the issue, feign ignorance in the face of thorin’s obvious devotion, and clam up any romantic feelings he has for the dwarf, and b) in thorin’s case continue to make grand overtures of Important True Friendship probably complete with priceless gifts signifying his Big Apology for the arkenstone incident, but ultimately fail to just tell bilbo that he’s in love with him. 

what with bilbo’s “to me he was… well he was something but i’m not going to dwell on that for too long so let’s go with ‘friend’” and thorin using “master burglar” as a term of endearment as if bilbo’s supposed to know what he’s getting at… well. basically, they need thorin on his deathbed, apologizing and confessing to bilbo, and bilbo finally letting his devotion to thorin as a person show through - and then they need to frickin talk about it after thorin recovers from his wounds. best of luck to these two, they better hunker down because their stay in bagginshield hell isn’t going to be a short one.