ultimate hela

Uncle Loki

I hated Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates, for many reasons that are too long to post but Frank Cho’s art was pretty and I did like this page from the last issue which shows Hela and Thor’s kid running around and playing in “Valhalla” (I think it’s Hel/Niffelheim but then again Jeph Loeb doesn’t give a shit) and Loki being awesome.

I love the prospect of Loki being an uncle, he would be that fun uncle who your parents don’t want around you because he’s a bad influence but fuck he is fun and he takes you to Disneyland, even if you two end up being kicked out by the end of the day (but he always finds a way to get in next time he takes you). However this uncle will also try to kill your dad but that just makes every family reunion fun! Plus he’s going to bring you a present so it’s ok.

Since time in Hela’s realm goes quicker than real time in the Ultimates Universe Loki and Thor’s kid are going to spend so much time together before they escape from Hela’s realm. I really want Jonathan Hickman to pick up on this again and going by the future solicits mentioning Asgard, there’s a chance that he probably will.

Oh and he’s not the kid’s Grandpa since Ultimate!Loki and Ultimate!Hela are not related.