ultimate ghost rider


My birthday was yesterday. I went out to an art exhibit today. Had fun. Then I went to comic ship and picked up some gifts for myself. :) Then I went home and sat down and got back to drawing! Right now I’m studying my influences and getting ready for NYCC!

lumberjackdaniel  asked:

Yo Matt! Been wondering all throughout Superfriends what some good superhero games are. I know that the Hulk game and that Thor DS game are pretty good but what are some of your favorites?

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, for both console and DS.

Ghost Rider

Ultimate Spider-Man

Batman Brave and the Bold


Batman Arkham Asylum

X-Men 1 & 2 for Genesis

Marvel Lego

DC Batman Lego 2

X-Men Origins Wolverine


Captain America Super Soldier

The Punisher for PS2/Xbox

Spider-Man Friend or Foe

Justice League Task Force for SNES

Batman Returns SNES

Batman NES



MILES MORALES MEETS ROBBIE REYES! These are for a one shot I’m doing that involves the All New Ghost Rider crossing paths with the Ultimate Spider-Man. The story takes place 7 years in the future for both characters. I’m doing this for fun. Keep your eyes open for more! :) I’m writing and drawing it. Props to Felipe Smith and Brian Michael Bendis for creating such great characters. I hope to do them justice in my one shot. I don’t have a scanner right now…but when I get one I promise I’ll scan these. :)


here are some Infinite Soul gifs from episode 35, because this is tumblr and so a gifset is the best way to express how much I love this sparkly rainbow man 🌟🦄🌟

just to be clear, I’m not a professional ‘gif maker’ – I did my best but I am inexperienced when it comes to these things, and I do not know the magic tricks to create beautiful optimized high-quality gifs that are also under 1MB. :( forgive me, I cannot do the sparkles proper justice.

things I am thinking about:

-nail biting

-romantic kissing porn (Alex)

-romantic matching butt tattoos

-this really great ULTIMATE GHOST RIDER boner jams mix that you all can enjoy ON VALENTINES DAY when you’re boning down with your hot date (EVEN IF YOU ARE YOUR OWN HOT DATE! WHO CARES! PARTY WET!)

-what is for my snack tonight


-pizza party

-all these great ask’s I’ve been getting