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dark-archer21  asked:

I know you guys get a lot of these but I was just wondering what are your thoughts on mods and your top 5 for skyrim? (I just need more mods lol)

I will happily answer this question and I hope the other mods do too! Anyway I really like mods, especially because they fix things that annoy me. :D My game is quite unmodded, I don’t use a lot of texture mods, face mods and stuff like that so most of my mods concentrate on fixing/improving things or adding new content.

My top 5 is fairly boring/basic, but they are must have mods for me:

  1. UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul (multiple followers, added follower features, adds some followers as marriage options etc. Great for someone who likes followers)
  2. Immersive Armors & Immersive Weapons
  3. Live Another Life - Alternate start (If you are bored of starting with Helgen. The surprise me option is a fun way to start a character)
  4. Convenient Horses - (if you ride horses a lot, this adds horse armors and different features for horses)
  5. Helgen Reborn (Help rebuild Helgen!)

// I would also suggest you watch videos made by Brodual on Youtube, they feature a ton of interesting mods and seeing mods on video really gives you a lot more information about them. (Although I loathe the way they say mod :’D)

- Katrin

My top 5.  That’s hard.  I will have to go with:

  1. SkyUI
  2. RaceMenu
  3. Towns and Villages Enhanced
  4. Immersive Armors
  5. Mistveil ENB Mirage of Summer

Needless to say, I have quite a few more favorites that I feel I can’t live without!

- Jacqueline