ultimate fatty

I can’t stop thinking about how proud I am of Daehyun. I know this musical debut happened a week later than it should have, but I hope it was well worth the wait.

To be able to wake up to the photos, to see the messages pouring in and to watch that precious first curtain call, I cannot contain my emotions.

I am so proud of Daehyun. So proud of this boy who came up from Busan to the unknown to chase his dreams. He has such immense talent and it’s about time he shared it with people beyond our family. He has worked so hard for this, and his role is so significant, I hope he knows this is a validation that he is indeed talented, and as good as we say he is.

Watching the curtain call made so me overwhelmed. He bowed the lowest and the longest because he is always so grateful. This is the boy who at the tender age of 20 said that “[singing] isn’t a job that we can do forever, there is no guarantee”. This is also the man who only two and a half years after debut had to go through a painful hiatus and lawsuit with his company because he wanted better for himself, and for his members. This is an artist who takes nothing for granted. No wonder this musical meant so much for him. No wonder he was so grateful and so emotional on stage.

Because he made it. 

And honestly, I can’t be prouder of him.

Thank you, Jung Daehyun, for everything. ♥