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For the next TEN HOURS, starting at 2 pm, I’m going to features some KICK ASS authors. Some of my absolute favorites in the biz. 😉

To top it off, I’m going to be featuring their most popular writings.

Now some of you may be wondering why on earth is do that.

Let me tell you.

These authors work their asses off. Some of their best or most loved works are some of their older/first things.

There are A LOT of new faces on tumblr, daily. People who haven’t yet experienced the wonderfulness these magnificent people are capable of.

So I’m here to share with you what I LOVE. The authors I will be featuring are: @impala-dreamer @torn-and-frayed @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @chaos-and-the-calm67 @blacktithe7 @winchester-writes @dancingalone21 @kittenofdoomage @ilostmyshoe-79 and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

I will do a similar feature later this week for breakout authors that I’ve been impressed with as of late. So look for that too.

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Because this is what it always comes down to, isn’t it? Immortal and mortal grow close. Closer. Too close to be safe. Danger is everywhere, shaped like fantastical enemies and calamities to shake and shatter worlds.

Battles are fought, wars won, victories and swatches of peace come to pass.

Close, closer, closer, so much that the bond is mistaken for another sense. Sight, sound, scent, taste, touch, Friend. Love.

And then, between all the magic and joy and turmoil, the secret enemy–which was never really a secret so much as a thing ignored, like a worsening headache that will not abate, or the strain of a sickening heart–slips in between it all and begins its hushed attack.

The secret enemy is Time. Time, which can be rewritten, rewound, fast-forwarded, hopped through, made to do tricks, but ultimately, inevitably, marches on. And takes all perishable things, no matter how precious, to their end. 

Rot and dust and a stone with a name.

Which is why we’re here. Here, where all the immortals who make the mistake of loving someone who can die wind up.

Peter beckoning Wendy to Never-Never Land, don’t go, don’t grow, stay and play.

Cupid cradling dear Psyche who died for his forgiveness and favor, no, no Mother, she will live, he is Love and she is his Soul and she has to live.

All across the world, sunk deep in sunless corners or gothic abodes or graveyard shadows or somewhere as mundane as a country road beneath the moon, the undead plead with their lovers to forfeit their heartbeat and stay forever.

So here we are at last. 

Does Wendy grow up, leave the wild madness of her impossible friend behind, find friends and lovers who live in her world, exist on her own mortal coil, so that one day, when the rot and dust have come to pass, the eternal boy must crouch on the earth that ate her and speak fondly to the stone with her name?

Does dead Psyche awake at Cupid’s power and roost on a dainty cloud among her husband’s pantheon?

It could be either. 

And yet, it could be neither.

We are not children, we are not wedded, we are not the languishing and colorless leeches of the night. 

We are the Truth and the Story. No one has written of us or of our lives. I know your life, my Friend, and I know of a hundred glittering afterlives you have earned in the short blink of time you have inhabited. Places I know I’ve no chance of entering. Greedy thing that I am, I still would not deny such an ending to you.

But I am greedy. Enough that I would postpone your ending, whenever it would be, for as long as you will let me. 

This here, in my hand, is not immortality. It is not what makes the gods undying–for we can die, as you know, and are really quite infamous for our spectacular apocalypses–it is simply youth. Youth inside an apple skin. 

More, it is Time in reverse. It reverses wounds, undoes sickness, and armors a body against the progression of years depending on how many bushels one puts away. 

I have long since stopped needing them. Even the gods only nibble at them for taste and vigor, as they have always been ancient. 

But it would do more for you. It would keep you as you are for another ten years. No more, no less. Call it a trial run. A place between Wendy and Psyche.

Thirty for another decade. That’s all.

See if you can put up with me for that much longer. 

All that being said: Happy Birthday, Verity Willis.

@johnnythirteenguns I reread your thing about super-soft marshmallow Loki and Verity with her rose armor and had Thoughts and I blame you

The Ultimate Crazy Fan Girl’s Masterlist Thus Far..

The Originals:

Imagine getting into a fight with your boyfriend Klaus, in which he kills an innocent person.

Imagine Elijah and Klaus Posing As Your College Professors.

Imagine you are Klaus’s wife and you are extremely tender hearted, causing you to cry a lot.

Imagine Klaus Attending Your Family Reunion And Enjoying It, Because They Treat Him As A Member Of The Family. 

Imagine You Are Hope’s Babysitter And All The Mikaelsons Have A Crush On You.

Vampire Diaries:

Imagine Opening Up A Coffee Shop With Damon

Those Who Hunt Their Own

Imagine Damon Salvatore being afraid of your mother.

The 100:

Imagine Bellamy’s Reaction, When He finds Out You Actually Are A Princess.

Imagine Bellamy taking care of you, when you’re sick and confessing his feelings to you.


Shy: Jughead Jones One-Shot

Shy Part Two

Abandoning  the Mantle- Jughead Jones one-shot

Beauty And The Beast:

Something Missing- Gaston One Shot

Something Missing Part Two- Coming Soon

Be My Wife- Gaston Two-Shot


Difficulties Part Two- Coming Soon


Imagine Waking Up Married To Tony After A Wild Night In Vegas.

Imagine you’re a kickass bounty hunter who always manages to catch the villains before the avengers do.

Imagine sassing Doctor Strange over his failed attempt to reconnect with Doctor Palmer.

Imagine being the daughter of Derek Shepherd and Addison Montgomery, and meeting Doctor Strange during your residency.


Imagine Steve Finding Out Diana Likes You, His Little Sister.

Imagine Steve Finding Out That You, His Comrade Is Actually A Woman.

Miscellaneous :

SOA- Imagine being Tara’ s little sister and being unhappy when she comes back, because when Tara went to Chicago, she left you with your alcoholic father.

Pokémon Go-Imagine intervening on some bullies, only to later realize the person you help is Spark.

BTS Reacts to You Being Good at Rapping

Hey guys! Figured I had time to do one more post today, so let’s do this. I have a few requests left, but there’s always room for more!! Inbox me any requests you have.


     Anonymous:  Bts reacts to you being good at rapping.

So, I figured the best way to do this is to just have it where they randomly walk in on you rapping a part of a song.

1. Jin

     Jin would be impressed, but he would also be excited. One of Jin’s favorite performers is TOP from Big Bang, so I think that he would really appreciate his Jagi being able to rap. He would want to hear you perform whenever you were comfortable with and maybe try to get you to perform a song or two with him.

     “You’re really good, Jagi. I’m really happy that my Jagi is so talented,” Jin says, giving you applause after you finish.

2. Suga

     Suga would be proud. He’s said in interviews that he would like for his girlfriend to be a talented individual, so this would make him happy. He would probably want to use your voice in one of his songs or maybe even write a song he wants you to perform.

     “You should come to the studio with me, Jagi. I could use your voice for the track I’m working on,” Suga pulls you close and presses a kiss to your forehead.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope would be your ultimate fan girl. He would want you to perform all of the time since he liked listening to you so much. He would also be the one most likely to record videos of you performing on his phone. He would be constantly showing them to the other guys.

     “That one was really good, Jagi! The guys are gonna love it!” J-Hope dances around, his phone clutched in his hand.

4. Rap Monster

     Rap Monster would be shocked at first, but then he would get super excited. He would be very proud, and he would do his best to get you to come to the studio so he can record you. He would either record you for back up on some of the songs he was working on, or maybe even try to get you to record a solo track he wrote for you.

     “That was really good, Jagi! What if you shifted your voice a little bit like this on this word,” Rapmon says, demonstrating what he means.

5. Jimin

     Jimin would be happy. Once he heard you rap, he would probably be pulling up songs that he thought the two of you would sound good together on. If you didn’t hear him come into the room, he might record a video or two to listen to while he was on tour. 

     “That was really cool, Jagi. I think your version was even better than the original,” Jimin locks his phone and puts it in his pocket before pulling you close to him.

6. V

     V would be jealous. He’s always wanted to be able to rap, even thought it doesn’t really suit his voice well. He would cheer you on, but he would also be the slightest bit jealous that he couldn’t perform like that.

     “How do you do that, Jagi? It’s not fair,” V whines, his bottom lip sticking out.

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook would be unsure of how he supposed to feel. He is really happy about what you can do, but he is also super competitive. His competitive nature would make him want to compare both of your rapping styles, but he also just wants to enjoy your voice.

     “That was good, Jagi. We should do a rap battle sometime. The hyungs could judge it for us,” Jungkook pulls out his phone as if he’s already going to set it up.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!

I don’t know why this isn’t a huge thing yet! It amazes me how much Rose Quartz and Ultimate Madoka are alike. This drawing is not finished but I just wanted to share.
I am taking requests!

Summary of my WC2013 experience day 25  (THE FINAL)

The end started with Skakira coming to cleanse our memory of the mess of Pitbull and his people

and her family came..better than a bald oompa loompa in white tights

kaka brought himself to the closing ceremony just a smaller size

The Beckhams were present

and the ultimate fan girl.. she finally bought a ticket and went to brazil


Germany 1 vs Argentina 0 (a match to remember)

This match was everything a final should be and more, BOTH teams were spectacular it was a joy to watch.(except the joy would give you a heart attack) Germany brought their A+ game and Argentina brought their A game; because Germany had been consistent through out the world cup while Argentina has had to rely on luck in some matches but today it was a whole new Argentina.

the Match was so tight for 90 minutes and there we no goals but a lot happened in that time.

The referee gave enough yellow cards to sew me a Brazil Jersey

Manuel Neuer grabbed every opportunity to leave his Goal by the balls 

Bastian Schweinsteiger was beaten, thrown to the floor and battered but he is never a guy to complain he stood his ground and played in pain. a real WARRIOR

Mascherano running some illegal business here…wanting Basti to give him head. if you’re just tuning in its not Gay porn

Meanwhile the coverage left the match and tuned in with bros J(JESUS) where he had the ball of life in his hand. 

personal favourite reaction and here’s Jesus clearly handling the ball. yellow card

but Bruv is having the time of his life BORN PRANKSTER 

and then he was bundled away

But In the 113th minute the Magic that is Mario Gotze happened.

Germany started  to make waves from the left, with Schurrle who comes in with a great run bringing three Argentinian defenders towards him and reducing the pressure in the middle, he crossed to Gotze.

an amazing control of the ball on his chest, he did what everyone who had been so close lacked. He was calm, composed and did not panic which lead to a clean shot past the Goalie and into the net.

Germany went Nuts

and Mario shared the moment with his Best friend Marco Reus. Gotzues for ever… BELIEVE.

Argentina tried to make chances but if you are a destined winner nothing can take it away from you. Argentina is left sad. we don’t like to see them cry. Sorry to Argentina its not their turn this time but they gave their all. 


the Golden Generation have the Golden trophy at last

but its not complete if the boys don’t burst some moves

schweinki happened(schweinsteiger and podolski) they had a MOMENT


I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER. I USUALLY CONCLUDE WITH A CHEEZY LINE AND SAY BRING ON THE NEXT DAY but we are at the END. this has been an amazing world cup and i’ve loved sharing every experience with each and everyone of you. I hope the love and bond this world cup has brought us stays with us. UNTIL ANOTHER FOUR YEARS I LOVE YOU ALL. 

Tronnor Video Masterlist

Yup, so this took me a while. I’ve put it under a cut because not only is it long, but it’s also going to get updated constantly and this way you always have the latest version. I’ve also made a matching YouTube playlist here. Enjoy!

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