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Here is a Gendrome from Monster Hunter!

My recent posts of Velocidrome, Iodrome and Gendrome might be sold as art prints, stickers and etc in the near future. And maybe some other new monsters as well……Stay tuned :)

NSP Themed Questions
  • Cookies!: Favorite type of cookie?
  • Road Trip: Somewhere you’d like to visit?
  • Why I Cry: Why do you cry?
  • Rhinoceratops vs. Superpuma: Rhinoceratops or superpuma?
  • Party of Three: Who would be in YOUR party of three?
  • Best Friends Forever!: Something you would change about your best friend?
  • Let’s Get This Terrible Party Started: Describe the worst party you’ve been to.
  • The Ultimate Sandwich: What’s in YOUR ultimate sandwich?
  • Unicorn Wizard: Ideal super power?
  • Next To You: Someone you’d stand by no matter what?
  • FYI I Wanna F Your A: Favorite acronym?
  • Dinosaur Laser Fight: Dinosaurs or robots?
  • Manticore: Favorite mythical creature?
  • You Can Do Us: Something you feel confident in?
  • Objects of Desire: Ever had a really weird attraction OR favorite household object?
  • Sex Training: Something you’d like to learn to do?
  • If We Were Gay: Ever fallen in love with your best friend or been mistaken for a couple?
  • The Sacred Chalice: Describe your biggest adventure.
  • No Reason Boner: Your most embarrassing moment.
  • The Decision: Danny or Brian?
  • I Just Wanna Dance: Have you ever completely turned your life around OR Dancer or ninja?

so i’m using this site to sell off some of my books and the discretion the site uses to decide which books they’ll accept is baffling??

the ‘ultimate book of dinosaurs,’ full of inaccurate facts from the early nineties? we’ll take it! this novella based off of a manga that hasn’t been popular in years? sure!! 

lord of the flies, a classic novel? nnnnno, nope, no thank you, don’t want it

We need Shin Godzilla & Legendary Godzilla

They both are designed to accomplish different things

Legendary/2014 Godzilla is a force of nature, he resembles what we consider the ultimate primal beasts (dinosaurs) and reminds man that they are still at the mercy of nature. He, like nature, is neither good nor evil, he simply maintains balance.

Shin Godzilla is all of our worst fears about radiation personified. He looks like a radioactive mutant monster from hell, because he is. He destroys and leaves nothing but devastation in his wake.

They both have a purpose and they both do it well

Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet “The Ultimate Dinosaur”.
Definition of unique luxury.
The history of the G-Class is rich in superlatives and landmarks. With the new Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, the off-road classic demonstrates that the definition of unique luxury can always be taken to a new level. Not only that: it is forever reinventing itself and providing yet more evidence of the potential that still resides in this classic all-terrain vehicle today, which has been in production since 1979.

Masterpiece of automotive engineering.
With its superlative V12 engine, portal axles, electric fabric top and exclusive equipment specification in the rear compartment, this very special all-terrain vehicle, which is limited to 99 units, meets the expectations of customers who demand the very highest standards of their vehicle. After the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and the S650 Cabriolet, the open-top G-Class is the first off-roader from the Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand.
Ultimate in automotive power.
As is customary with the off-road icon, the “G” is forever breaking new ground: unlike previous Landaulets, which were based on prestigious saloons, the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet also has what it takes to deliver an unforgettable off-road experience. Familiar from the G63 AMG6×6 and G500 4×4, the portal axles provide ample ground clearance of 450 millimetres, allowing the open-top all-terrain vehicle to overcome even extreme obstacles in a masterly fashion. High drive comfort comes courtesy of the most powerful available engine, the Mercedes-AMG V12 biturbo, which delivers a maximum output of 463kW (630hp) with a peak torque of 1000Nm.
Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet powered by the incredible Mercedes-AMG M279 V12 biturbo engine 6.0L 630HP and 1000Nm of Torque. Handcrafted by Michael Kübler @f1mike28 in Germany Affalterbach.
Driving Performance is our Passion! Mercedes-AMG the Performance and Sports Car Brand from Mercedes-Benz.
Mercedes-AMG the Home of Driving Performance in Germany Affalterbach.
Mercedes-AMG Handcrafted by Racers.

Roight, so Yoshi and Birdo were very odd to work with side by side, due to the fact that I ultimately prefer Yoshi’s more dinosaur-esque appearance from Super Mario World but I luv the modern Birdo due to her sassy demeanor, so they look rather different next to each other.

Maybe part of it makes sense? Like, as a species, you generally find Yoshis in rural areas and tropical islands. Most Yoshis prefer simple lives so it shows on the Yoshis looking less humanoid. Birdos, however, live for quality treatment and high maintenance. You won’t find manicures or jewellery in small villages, y’know? Classy establishments are what a Birdo accepts, hence their more posh appearance and behaviour.

anonymous asked:

Hi! My request is this: if the Starish and QN were to be hosts of their own shows, what kind of show would that be? (i.e Syo hosting something like America Ninja Warrior)

This is a nice request! Thank you for sending it in!

Natsuki would host a show like Cupcake Wars or Cake Boss… whoops

Tokiya would host a vocal competition. (Ex.The Voice) Or if not a host I could definitely see him as a judge!

Cecil probably host something cool where contestants have to seriously compete for prize money. (Ex. Survior) I don’t know why but I see it.

Ren would host a beauty pageant that’s broadcast worldwide. (Ex. Miss Universe) If the ask were what type of show would he be on he would be the Bachelor lol

Otoya would host a show that plays funny videos of like pranks and tricks gone wrong. (Ex. Ridiculousness)

Syo would probably host a dance competition no doubt! (Ex. So You Think You Can Dance) Or some sort of sports competition.

Masato would likely host a talent show of some sort. (America’s Got Talent) Like Tokiya, I could mostly see him as a judge on the show.

Reiji would host a family game show.(Ex. Family Feud) I could also see him hosting something hilarious like Ultimate Dinosaur Prank.

Ranmaru would host his own radio talk show where he brings on musicians and interviews them.

Ai would host a web show where he gives his opinion on the latest gadgets, video games and whatnot.

Camus would host a morning talk show where he’s talks about all the latest news and interview popular celebrities.

is-a-velociraptor  asked:

What do you think of the Indominus rex from Jurassic World? I personally think it's pretty boring looking (just looks like a bad Giganotosaurus with bigger arms) and they could have made it look a lot cooler and scarier.

Indominus Rex is as exciting and shocking as accidentally dropping a napkin at a restaurant. 

The biggest problem for me with the JP franchise is that they put all their faith into the predators. Old Rexy and the raptors felt like the only threats to humans, and those sweet little herbivores just wanna munch on some trees in the backdrop.

With that mindset it makes sense that the studio thought the ultimate kool dinosaur for Jurassic World would be a big grey theropod BUT WITH ARMSS. They took zero risks with her design, and the end result was something uninteresting and forgettable. Not even my friends who like the movie liked Indominus, she’s kinda lame.

Anyways I hope the next movie in the franchise gives herbivores more of the limelight. Real life herbivorous mammals are just as and often more dangerous then predators, hippos and rhinos and moose can and will kill a person. Humans in the movies trust the herbivorous dinos way too much and I wanna see a triceratops gore something..


It’s a big day for Jurassic World.  Today the new star attraction is revealed via the biggest part Isla Nublar has seen yet, the Indominus Gala. The party lasts all day with hundreds of events for special VIP guests and speakers such as Phil Coulson, Jurassic World Overseer, Jemma Simmons, Head of Creation Lab and the Indominus creator, and Skye Johnson & Barbara Morse, Prehistoric Carnivore Experts.  The Ultimate Dinosaur revealed later today!!!

Clever Girl (Jurassic World AU) Social Media

Release Date: August 12 TODAY!!!!!
ITS THE DAY! TODAY IS THE DAY! ARE YOU READY?! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!!  Clever Girl will be coming at you via FF.Net and AO3 in just a little while so try and hold on to your britches!