ultimate dinosaurs

Here is a Gendrome from Monster Hunter!

My recent posts of Velocidrome, Iodrome and Gendrome might be sold as art prints, stickers and etc in the near future. And maybe some other new monsters as well……Stay tuned :)


#tbt: The Dinosaur Garage

In the spring of 2012 the palaeo staff, designers, contractors, and preps were busy at work building the best special dinosaur gallery we’ve ever had at the Museum- Ultimate Dinosaurs.

Most galleries are built by constructing the space first, with the specimens put in after, but with Ultimate Dinos the animals were so large that they went in right off the bat. So you end up with giant creatures next to plywood, steel beams, and paint, spread around the exhibit, giving the space a feeling of a garage with dinosaurs in it.


It’s a big day for Jurassic World.  Today the new star attraction is revealed via the biggest part Isla Nublar has seen yet, the Indominus Gala. The party lasts all day with hundreds of events for special VIP guests and speakers such as Phil Coulson, Jurassic World Overseer, Jemma Simmons, Head of Creation Lab and the Indominus creator, and Skye Johnson & Barbara Morse, Prehistoric Carnivore Experts.  The Ultimate Dinosaur revealed later today!!!

Clever Girl (Jurassic World AU) Social Media

Release Date: August 12 TODAY!!!!!
ITS THE DAY! TODAY IS THE DAY! ARE YOU READY?! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!!  Clever Girl will be coming at you via FF.Net and AO3 in just a little while so try and hold on to your britches!