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Earthquake debuts in the WWF
[October 2nd, 1989]

“The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart always had the utmost confidence in anyone he represented, and beyond that, he always had a trick up his sleeve. When Dino Bravo stepped into the ring during a show in West Virginia, the pair began scanning the crowd to find a man big enough to sit on Bravo’s back whilst he did pushups, to prove his super strength. The fans began pointing at the massive John Tenta, who Bravo was able to lift 4 times while doing pushups. However, when it came time for The Ultimate Warrior to match that… let’s just say that things didn’t go as well.


#tbt: The Dinosaur Garage

In the spring of 2012 the palaeo staff, designers, contractors, and preps were busy at work building the best special dinosaur gallery we’ve ever had at the Museum- Ultimate Dinosaurs.

Most galleries are built by constructing the space first, with the specimens put in after, but with Ultimate Dinos the animals were so large that they went in right off the bat. So you end up with giant creatures next to plywood, steel beams, and paint, spread around the exhibit, giving the space a feeling of a garage with dinosaurs in it.

sports seventeen would play in highschool
  • S.Coups: g o l  f 
  • Jeonghan: soccer 
  • Joshua: like tennis 
  • Jun: running 
  • Hoshi: ok hear me out, hoshi gymnastics team leader right? right 
  • Wonwoo: volleyball 
  • Woozi: football 
  • DK: lacrosse 
  • Mingyu: basketball this is obvious he’s probably taller than the net 
  • the8: dance  
  • Seungkwan: swim team  
  • Vernon: skateboarding is actually a sport so 
  • Dino: ultimate frisbee 

A pocket-sized Woozi running around the house throwing mini pokeball plush toys at other pocket-sized Seventeen while screaming about how he has to “Catch them all”. Pocket-sized Dino and Minghao would be the only two who let Woozi ‘capture’ them willingly while the others refuse to be taken down without a fight, but when it comes to Jeonghan he would just catch the last pokeball toy with ease and throw it back at Woozi before jumping onto the boy.

“But you’re my grumpy child Jihoonie. How could you catch me when you’re already mine? I should be the one throwing the pokeball at you instead. ”

Themed-day: Power of the Duelist
It’s a week late but nonetheless…In the next installment in the pack-themed days, ten years (and one week) ago, Power of the Duelist was released. As such, today will feature three cards that made their debut in the set. Some of the more memorable parts of the pack include:

1) The debut of Elemental HERO Neos and the Neo-Spacians, and their Fusion Monsters, including (below) Elemental HERO Dark Neos

2) Multiple other Destiny HEROes, including Destiny HERO - Dogma

3) Multiple Dino monsters, including Ultimate Tyranno and the Dino Rabbit staple Sabersaurus
4) Various well-known fusion cards, including Chimeratech Overdragon and Future Fusion


BLACK PINK POWER RANGER and BLACK SPIDER-MAN : Black Nerd talks about the first-ever black female Pink Power Ranger and Donald Glover voicing Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man.

dino dads au headcanons because i’m too invested im so sorry:

  • geoff owns the park and is technically the boss even though they al share responsibility. he’s the ultimate dino dad.
  • gavin insists on riding his quagga everywhere even though there are like 300 different ways to travel through the park? he likes doing it so much that eventually he just got given the job of tour guide, so while visitors stay safe in like a truck or something he rides besides them on his dinosaur. sometimes he gives kids free rides
  • ryan is the creepy scientist of the group who oversees breeding and stuff and spends a lot of his time in the exhibits stuying the habits/behaviours of the dinosaurs and is generally the person you go to if there’s something wrong. he also experiment a lot and has accidentally created a horrific mutation more than once
  • jack is an angel sent from above whose job is to feed the dinos and make sure they’re okay, if any of them how signs of aggression jack immediately calms them down. he’s v friendly with all of them. he runs into ryan a lot because they both spend time inside the exhibits, and they argue a lot bc ryan is usually the one who pissed the dino off
  • michael is in charge of security and makin sure nothing escapes, he usually hangs around the t-rex exhibit bc they’re the most dangerous. he has a strong bond with cinnabun and always makes him do tricks whenever a tour comes through. usually it’s messing w/ gavin by getting cinnabun to chase after him
  • just like
  • dino dads who have strong bonds w/ a lot of the dinosaurs and are v happy and domestic !! gosh

Not a chestburster but an Amargasaurus mouth. #ultimatedinos

Though not the classic movie alien, an Amargasaurus mouth could do amazing things, like stripping branches of their tasty, tasty leaves.

So ya… no actual bursting with this guy, unless you mean bursting with awesomeness. 

dino dudes theme

Tired of waiting for that sick Dino-Drop? Well wait no longer because DrawFan Japtain Cap just released the ultimate DINO DUDES DUBSTEP REMIX. Thanks a bunch, Japtain!