ultimate dinos

  • Dino : I am the ultimate third wheeler.
  • Mingyu [holding Wonwoo's hand]: whaT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!
  • S. Coups [letting Jeonghan carry him bridal style]: You're not a third wheel.
  • Seungkwan [in the middle of kissing Vernon ]: Don't think of yourself that way.
  • Jun [grabbing The8's bicepts]: Don't worry about it too much.
  • Dino : ...I have leveled up to NINTH wheeler. I have ultimate power.

Name: Hansol Vernon Chwe

Stage name: Vernon

Age: 19

Birth date: February 19th, 1998

Birth place: New York, USA

Postion: Main rapper, Vocalist

Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop

Ideal type: Someone who his heart can connect with.

Fun Fact: he likes cats and he has a cat names Dodam

Also this boy is my ultimate bias

[image description: a black plastic tub of brown/undyed kinetic sand sitting beside its cardboard packaging box, both on a wooden floor. The package reads “National Geographic Ultimate Dino Sand” with the text “feels great and never dries out! 2 LB set with 6 dino molds and 6 dino figures. Real dino poop fossil!” The box shows a pile of brown/natural/undyed sand with three dinosaurs - stegosaurus, brontosaurus, dimetrodon - resting in the sand. A white hand holds a clump of sand, dribbling it down onto the sand below.]

Sand has always been a Strong sensation for me. On the one hand I love feeling it run through my fingers, on the other it is sensory hell when it sticks to my skin. Kinetic sand seemed like a great option. I tried a few different homemade and knock off sands but they did not work for me. The sand got everywhere and while I love playing with it, I never used anything more than my fingertip because the sand tended to stick to my skin. Eventually I decided to give a branded sand a try. 

This is National Geographic’s play sand. I got it from amazon (here) It’s $15 USD. It is amazing. 

It has no chemical smell, even up close, just a general sand smell that I only noticed when I literally stuck my nose in it (with my hypersensitive sense of smell). It leaves no smell on my hands either.

It stick to your hands a little sometimes, but it is very fine grain sand and I found that I didn’t mind it much. But, even better, after you play with it a little while it picks up all the little pieces of sand and nothing sticks to you at all. It’s amazing. 

This set didn’t come with a storage container, just a tray to use the sand in. I store it in a plastic container with a lid, but honestly I’ve left it out for days and nothing happened to it. I play with this sand nearly everyday, it may be my favorite stim toy.

I highly recommend this sand to anyone interested in kinetic sand. It works really well, mold easily, is clean and easy to clean up, and doesn’t stick to your hands. It comes in a few other colors but I read reviews that imply that those might be more likely to stick to your hands and tended to stain skin and clothes, but they are worth looking into if you are interested.

Fabulous! Thank you so much for a great submission, @bluestreaksand-freckles!

I am so glad to have a sand that isn’t Spinmaster’s kinetic sand that I can recommend to folks (like myself) that doesn’t have a chemical smell!


#tbt: The Dinosaur Garage

In the spring of 2012 the palaeo staff, designers, contractors, and preps were busy at work building the best special dinosaur gallery we’ve ever had at the Museum- Ultimate Dinosaurs.

Most galleries are built by constructing the space first, with the specimens put in after, but with Ultimate Dinos the animals were so large that they went in right off the bat. So you end up with giant creatures next to plywood, steel beams, and paint, spread around the exhibit, giving the space a feeling of a garage with dinosaurs in it.


A pocket-sized Woozi running around the house throwing mini pokeball plush toys at other pocket-sized Seventeen while screaming about how he has to “Catch them all”. Pocket-sized Dino and Minghao would be the only two who let Woozi ‘capture’ them willingly while the others refuse to be taken down without a fight, but when it comes to Jeonghan he would just catch the last pokeball toy with ease and throw it back at Woozi before jumping onto the boy.

“But you’re my grumpy child Jihoonie. How could you catch me when you’re already mine? I should be the one throwing the pokeball at you instead. ”

depressedjoekid  asked:

Fight. (( >:3c ))

Intro Quote(Versus): “Holy shit you guys, it’s a dinosaur! Holy shit! What. The. Fuck?!”
Intro Quote(Team Up): “So um… you do that tongue thing lizards do?”
Taunt: “You don’t have to smell like a dinosaur!”
Special Attack: You can’t see my stand!
Ultimate Attack: Twas I who killed the dinosaurs!
Ultimate Team Attack: Dino Chomp Overdrive
Win Quote(Versus): “I think a killed… Dio?”
Win Quote(Team Up): “I didn’t want to say this, but your teeth freaked me out the entire fight.”
Lose Quote(Team Up): “Don’t worry, they can’t catch what they can’t see!”
Knock Out Quote(Team Up Self): “I never… liked dinosaurs…”
Knock Out Quote(Team Up Partner): “So dramatic. Did you gave to do the death roar?”

useless facts about me

hi here is some quick useless facts about me: 

1. My ultimate bias is Dino 

2. I am a college student

3. I got into seventeen from seventeentv 

4. I got into writing when I was about 13. 

5. I am from LA lol 


So all this hype for a new Jurassic World trailer…

My sister was mad at me for disliking the first new Jurassic park, but, come on…. a woman, shamed for working really hard, forced to wear the most ridiculous clothing in a terrible survival scenario, a poor (at best), romance plot, and that ridiculous fan service scene that went on for 20 minutes of just dinos fighting? Like, whatthefuuuck. Chris Pratt is great and all, but not enough to make the movie not suck

I 100% agree. The movie was fun in a vaguely nostalgic kind of way but everything was so fucking fake and thin. From the characters to the plot to the “big reveal” and ultimate “dino fight”. There was nothing to write home about in the new incarnation of the Jurassic franchise, and I groaned more than I cheered because you are absolutely right. They ridiculed a career woman for “not wanting to settle down and have kids”, made Chris Pratt into the ultimate male fantasy of “Alpha Male” (I still gag at that…alpha males…what a fucking joke), brought the military into this because “big dinos will make great weapons because we white man and must control all of nature and pretend to be god OH NO I’M BEING KILLED BY MY OWN CREATION AAAAHHHHH!!!”, and then the completely cringe-worthy romantic subplot added in there (shivers). Even the dino fight couldn’t save it in the end. Yeah, it was cool seeing mama T-Rex pown a bigger predator but even then it was just kind of….meh. 

This new movie looks like it’s already going to nosedive. There is literally nothing new, still a cringe-worthy romantic subplot, and WAY too much CGI. We seriously need to take the movie reins away from men and let women start directing actually good movies for once.  

sports seventeen would play in highschool
  • S.Coups: g o l  f 
  • Jeonghan: soccer 
  • Joshua: like tennis 
  • Jun: running 
  • Hoshi: ok hear me out, hoshi gymnastics team leader right? right 
  • Wonwoo: volleyball 
  • Woozi: football 
  • DK: lacrosse 
  • Mingyu: basketball this is obvious he’s probably taller than the net 
  • the8: dance  
  • Seungkwan: swim team  
  • Vernon: skateboarding is actually a sport so 
  • Dino: ultimate frisbee 

BLACK PINK POWER RANGER and BLACK SPIDER-MAN : Black Nerd talks about the first-ever black female Pink Power Ranger and Donald Glover voicing Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man.