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Some of my favorite new Marvel characters from some of my favorite new comic books! Kamala from the Ms. Marvel book, Miles from his new 616 Spider-Man book, Miss America and Black Panther from the new super sciency and super good Ultimates, X-23 from the All-New Wolverine (a title she well deserves)and the incredible kick ass female Thor from the new The Mighty Thor book. I love them aaaaaalll I want to draw them forever


Artiste du jour:

Artist of the day:

Joe Madureira

Ultimate Hawkeye vs Ultimate Wolervine

Jean Grey, Cannonball / Rocket, Storm / Tornade, Iceman / Iceberg and / et Wolverine / Serval

Elektra and / et Wolverine / Serval

Bishop and / et Gambit

Iron Man, Scarlet Witch / Sorcière Rouge, Thor and / et Vision

Quicksilver / Vif Argent, Sunspot / Solar, Domino, Siryn / Cyrène, X-Man and / et Storm / Tornade

Franklin Richards and / et Professor X / Professeur Xavier

Uatu and / et Apocalypse


Wolverine / Serval and / et Spider Man / Araignée


Ultimates 3 #1 (Full Wrap-Around Variant/Gatefold Cover)

Art by: Joe Madureira and Christian “Liquid!” Lichtner