ultimate champ

Alright so far in the species swap au for Kyuranger we got!

Lucky-I personally think he should be an anthropomorphic red lion alien, like Garu

Garu-Wolf alien but more human like or do we go with just a normal human

Stinger-Anthropomorphic scorpion alien

Balance-A human with robotic hands, courtesy of @the-ultimate-nobody

Champ-Just your more powerful but average human :p courtesy me

Naga-A anthropomorphic snake android courtesy of @themusicalpaws

Hammy-A ninja android with chameleon-like features courtesy me

Raptor 283-I’m going for humanoid alien with feathers and bird claws because I feel like her original design lacked anything physical connecting to her motif as Aquila

Spada-An anthropomorphic swordfish courtesy of @buruuhan !

Shou Ranpo-A old geezer courtesy of @bu !

And that’s all we got so far!