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I Can Change (Part 3)

Sam x Reader

Word Count: ~3100

Warnings: Brief porn-y flashbacks, lots of language. 

Prologue // Part 1 // Part 2

In which the reader decides to get some. Thanks to @moonlitskinwalker and @amanda-teaches for the editing expertise! This was a bitch to write but I’m proud of how it came out.

If you haven’t seen Hedwig, this is the song that’s mentioned, for reference. It is based on a real story from Plato’s Symposium and it almost always makes me cry.  

It didn’t take long for you to decide that you needed to fuck Sam Winchester again.

After that first morning in the bunker, you thought everything was going to be okay. You would keep it professional, keep your distance, get it done and get away. You ate waffles with Dean and Cas, and then you all went back to the library together. You spent the afternoon researching and strategizing, you ate dinner, and you went to bed early. Things would be strictly business. Easy.

Maybe it would’ve been, if not for the dreams. Rational, capable, professional you was completely prepared to act like nothing had ever happened, but your subconscious had other plans. It was like some sneaky part of your brain had reawakened after a long year of being too busy for sex, and now all you could see when you closed your eyes at night was vivid, full-color, HD flashbacks to your night with Sam.

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Crash Trickster Racing

Summary: The angelic master of mischief interrupts a game night that’s getting steamy…

Characters: Dean x Reader, Gabriel

Word Count: 1649

Warning: Language, implied smut, fluff? Is this what is known as crack? IDK

A/N: I can join in my own challenge right? lolol Out of all the things I’ve written, I think this takes the crown as the dumbest. Have I seriously just done a kinda sorta SPN CTR crossover? I should be shot. Pretty niche market here I guess, apologies to all you youngsters/non-gamers who probably have no idea what Crash Team Racing is. 

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“Dean Winchester,” you laugh in triumph, “You suck!”

You throw the Playstation controller to the floor, doing a ridiculous victory dance. The result now was 12-1, in your favour. The only reason he won that one race in Crash Team Racing was because he started it without you while you went to grab a drink.

“You are inhumanely good at this stupid game,” Dean sulks, throwing his own controller down and folding his arms, “If it was a real race, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Whatever,” you shrug, sticking your tongue out and shaking your butt in a tease as you turn, “Victory beer!”

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Twdg Au where Conrad and Clem own a little bar/pub after the events of anf and its lit.

•Clem hosts karaoke nights every few days

•Javi singing ‘sexy back’

•Conrad makes the best pork chops
•it was Francine’s old recipe

•lmao they have gambling nights and everyone plays
•javi keeps losing, Gabe keeps trying to impress Clem, Kate makes the cheapest bets, David just watches and laughs when javi loses, and Clem is ultimate poker champ!

Ice skating with EXO (analysis)

Thanks for your support love. <3 (:

Kris: Oh gosh, admittedly, I dread imagining Yifan skating haha!  Nah, but in actuality, this guy would be a complete dork. I just….can’t imagine him being coordinated on the ice. Even though he is the “cold city guy,” in this instance, he would not be one with his element. But, of course, Kris would want to prove how much of a “skater” he is, so he would go out and attempt to brave the ice rink with you close by, as you attempt to conceal your laughter at the way he bumbles around gracelessly on the ice. He would try to compete with you if your skating skills were superior to his, always trying to outshine you, but not doing a good job at it. If you were unfamiliar with skating…well, he’d still try to upstage you in some way! Eventually he’ll give up saying something like: “skating is not my style,” to which would prompt Kris to encircle an arm around your arm as you both attempt to conquer the ice rink together. 

Kai: I think Jongin would love this! Since he’s an adept dancer, I assume he may have some ice skating history behind him? And if not, since he can move with elegance, I imagine not much would differ on skates. Regardless, I take him to be a (hidden) adept skater. And if he wasn’t the one to suggest this date, he would agree to it with effervescence. I don’t take Kai as someone who is overly competitive. Determined? Yes, but not competing. With that in mind, I could see him just simply wanting to glide along the ice with remarkable dexterity and balance. He would just want to immerse himself in the sport. If you were to have exemplary skating skills, he would love to just skate arm in arm with you around the perimeter of the rink, just to showcase your “elegant couple” image to the bystanders (aka your audience). However, if it was your first time skating or you lacked the skills, he would be very patient and compliant with you, willing to teach you the basics. Even if you fall, he’ll be right there to get you right back up and try again. “You’re getting better jagi! Just try a little more!” 

Suho: For some reason, I see this guy being able to skate relativity well. Suho is no skating expert (as far as I know) but he has above average aptitude. He would be willing to go ice skating with you, just to add some diversity into your dates. Like Kai, he would be very patient and encouraging towards you if this was your first time skating. He would start out with the basic fundamentals while helping you at. “Just start out by walking jagi. It’ll make you more comfortable on the ice. That’s it! Step…step…step…” If you were to fall, he would be concerned briefly with you, but as you assure him you’re alright, like a gentleman he would hoist you up. Joonmyun would constantly remind you of the whole “practice makes perfect” principle. If you really enjoyed yourself at the skating rink, he would invest into making more ice skating dates happen. If you had superior skating skills, he would just lean back, watching as you circle around the ring, showcasing one of your favorite skating routines, while thinking to himself: “how come jagi hasn’t told me she was amazing at skating?” 

Chen: This guy would be similar to Kris in the sense that he would try to appear super slick and suave when in truth, that facade isn’t wholly accurate. “Ice skating? Really? I mean, I wouldn’t wanna steal the show with my amazing skills.” Now, granted, I don’t see Jongdae as clumsy on skates as I see Yifan, but he wouldn’t posses much of a prowess within the art. Due to his lack of skill, he would try to play it off as cooly as possible, only using the most mundane techniques to make it around the rink in one full round. “See? I’m pretty cool right?” he would snicker. If you possessed skill in skating, he would just watch from a distance as you skate with immense elegance and deftness. “Not bad. Not bad at all,” he would remark nonchalantly, as if he’s seen better. Of course he’s joking and in truth is impressed. Now, if you lacked skills in ice skating, he would try his best to pass down his limited knowledge to you but to little avail. If you fall down, he would try his best to suppress his amusement, and may even make a fool of himself if you really take it to heart. “See, it’s not that bad. You just gotta….do…..yeah! That! Whatever that is.”

Sehun: I think even if Sehun isn’t the most stellar skater on the rink, he would pick up on the skill rather quickly. And since he has experience in dancing (like in water) this just furthers my cogitation on the subject. Anyway, regardless, he’d still be really cool and aloof in the rink…not really his type of date, but he’ll go with it regardless. He’ll have his signature “Sehun face” upon his features, as if he’s looking down on the other skaters in the rink. If you have exceptional skating skills, he would watch as if he’s apathetic towards your routine, but once you skate your way towards him, he’d smirk saying: “that was some really good skating babe. Pretty hot too.” Now, if you didn’t posses such a prowess in skating, he would be very similar to Chen. If you fall, he would try his best to conceal his evident laughter, to not hurt you. But, if you take your fall like a champ, he’ll probably just blatantly laugh at you if you’re not seriously hurt. Just because he’s feeling for you, he might let you shove him over so he can fall analogous to how you fell. “It’s not that difficult you know,” he would manage to say in between his laughing outbursts. 

Chanyeol: No matter what, this guy is gonna have the time of his life on the skating rink. Yeol is the kind of person who is down for anything and will extract as much fun out of any place he goes to. Albeit the fact that he may not be the best skater in the world, he’ll still go out there like a champ and make it all convivial. If you were adept at ice skating, he would actually encourage you to show off your skills, while he watches wide-eyed and completely in awe of the way you glide across the rink with such expertise and precision. He would applaud you: “Wow babe! That was awesome! How are you not in the Olympics!?” He’ll probably want you to teach him some of your move set, even the more intermediate ones. But, he’ll eventually find out that his skill level is not on yours and will probably just be lazy when trying it out. Either way, he’ll still have fun. Now, if you didn’t have much knowledge with ice skating, he’ll still want you to skate with him. In Yeol’s mind, if you fall, everyone falls…so he’ll follow suite with you if you make mistakes, trying to conceal his own laughter, which he’d actually be good at. 

Lay: Lay would very similar to Kai in this scenario. Firstly, he would love the idea of going ice skating. Again, since he’s a proficient dancer, I take it he would be similar on ice. He would want to glide with you on the ice, and would be especially keen on doing so if you are equally skilled in the sport. You both would become one with the frigid element as you effortlessly skate across the perimeter of the rink. Yixing would be much elated to watch you skate on your own, relishing in the sight of you glide with immense elegance. If you are not skilled in the sport, he would be incredibly patient, quite possibly the most patient of all the members with this. He would be very much obliged to teach you the basics of ice skating taking joy in your sheer interest. Even if you fall or make mistakes, Yixing would be very sweet about it, not once laughing at you and rather praising you for giving it an effort while helping you up. “That was a great try baobei! You’re doing so well,” he would also make sure that you’re okay and would ask if you still wish to continue. He would go at the pace you desire to go at when learning; not too fast nor too slow. 

Luhan: Something tells me Luhan would be pretty decent at ice skating. I don’t know why but I just get that vibe from him. Anyways, I also think that Luhan would find an ice skating date to be most entertaining and would take this in a very romantic and sentimental manner. He will probably try and attain a few sweet yet hasty kisses from you as you both glide upon the ice gracefully. He would love watching you just overpower the ice, as you nimbly perform little flicks and twirls upon the ice, due to your experience in skating. He would be completely in love with the sight, finding it bewitchingly gorgeous. “Beautiful baobei,” he would murmur to you as you skate towards him after your routine, entangling his digits within you locks while swiftly pecking you on the lips. If you aren’t so nimble on the ice, Luhan would actually find this really cute. Granted, as he’s attempting to help you conquer the skating rink, if you were to fall, he would chuckle lightly, finding this completely charming. As you query him as to what is so funny, he would respond: “you’re just too cute babe,” helping you back up and being very gentle and patient with you while teaching you the fundamentals of ice skating. 

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would be very similar to Chanyeol in this scenario. He would just be playful and fun-loving throughout the duration of the date. He would be in an especially convivial mood if you also share a congruous amount of gaiety. Like Yeol, I don’t take Baek to be a good skater, but he’ll still go out there like a pro being boisterous and all. “The ultimate skating champ is here people!” he would say aloud drawing a crowd around him. He would love having skating competitions with you, even if you completely demolish him at that. He would watch in astonishment as you just clear out the rink, having it basically become your own little performance stage. “My jagi is better than me at skating?! I never,” he would say in an exaggerated “pompous,” uptight” voice. Now, if you’re not experienced at skating, he’ll just seize that opportunity to show off his skills, or lack thereof. “Watch how it’s done jagi!” he would constantly call to you, as you stumble while gripping onto the railing as if you’re near death’s clutches with one wrong move. He would chuckle at this, making his way towards you attempting to get you to skate by his side. If you fall, he’ll chuckle, only to bring you right back up and keep going until you make one full circle around the rink. 

Xiumin: He would love this! Well, quite honestly, Xiumin would love pretty much any date suggestion you have. He’s isn’t a picky lover. Anyways, Xiumin would be incredible decent at skating, since he’s good at everything; he always manages to surprise me. It wouldn’t matter, since he would only be invested in your enjoyment and how much you’re having fun. He would really have fun skating with you with outstretched arms, analogous to something out of a romantic movie. “You’re having fun, right jagi?” he would ask consistently just to make sure. He would love watching you just tearing up the rink with your superior skating skills. Just applauding randomly while watching you with a mirthful beam. “You’re so talented jagi! Wow!” he would exclaim, praising you for your skills. He would be very patient and tolerant with you if he was teaching you to skate. I think Minseok would be one of the best at explaining the gist of skating, or anything for that matter since he is rather candid and straightforward. “Easy, right jagi?” he would ask equally consistent just to affirm that you’re gaining the hang of things. If you fall, he’d actually be concerned, making sure that you’re not seriously hurt, as he’s helping you up. But, nonetheless, he’ll continue on with his lessons. By the end of it all, you’ll be able to skate beside him with linked arms. 

D.O: Although Kyungsoo doesn’t strike me as the type of person who likes the more “active” dates. He’s the more ‘walk through the park’ or ‘going out to dinner’ kind of lover. But, just for you, he’ll strap on the skates. And, something tells me Kyungsoo would be a bit uncoordinated on ice. Not overly, but it would be a bit noticeable. He would try to keep his composure as you’re giggling cutely at how awkward he looks while skating. He would be completely mesmerized by you if you were an experienced skater. He would find your prowess to be incredibly impressive. I can also see him wanting to know more about your skating background if he didn’t already know. “Incredible jagi! Where did you learn to skate like that? You never told me,” and as you explain, he would listen thoughtfully, still finding you alluring as ever. If you didn’t have the experience of a pro skater, he would probably suggest that you both just try to make the most of the inexperience; basically let’s just laugh at ourselves. He’ll still have fun with you while you both take little glides around the perimeter. 

Tao: “Skating? Are you sure baobei? Why not shopping?” he would implore to you shamelessly, trying to get you to change your mind. But, somehow or another, you would find a way to get him to comply to your desires. Slightly embittered, Tao would accompany you to the ice skating rink. I think Tao would actually be pretty solid at ice skating, considering he does martial arts, therefore he does posses a sense of dexterity. He would go from begrudging to buoyant with remarkable timing. “Check me out baobei!” “Look over here babe!” he would constantly call out to as he’s deftly drifting upon the ice. You would challenge him to an ice skating competition to which he would agree to without hesitation. He would watch you slightly smug as you perform agile leaps and tricks upon the ice. He would applaud you with a smirk while remarking, “Not bad, not bad at all. But, can you top this?” and with that, he would be off! Now, if you didn’t have much of a knack for skating, he would try his best to not poke fun at the way you tremble, losing your balance easily. “It’s not that difficult!” he would exclaim as you shoot him an irked look. Chuckling he would say, “fine then. Lemme show you,” commencing in teaching you the basics. He may get a little vexed with you if you keep falling repeatedly, seemingly learning nothing. But, he’ll try to conceal his chagrin to help you. Nonetheless, he’ll still make the most of your date. 

Alright lovelies, hope you enjoyed! Be sure to send me more requests. I enjoy fulfilling your fantasies! 


Title: Put That Camcorder Away or So Help Me God

Author: @phandomestic
Artist: Zia @internetwashere (check out her art under the cut!)
Beta: Sam @attractivephan
Word Count: 13.5k
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: blood, violence, (death of the undead?)

Summary: What if Dan and Phil weren’t able to meet in person because a zombie apocalypse broke out a week before? Flash forward seven years, Dan has gone rogue with some rough edges and is separated from his group when he comes across his once-senpai, now-facetious Phil Lester in the ruins of Manchester. As Dan soon finds, Phil, bless his heart, is not very attentive to the life-or-death situation.

Author’s Note: At long last, this little silly idea I had in my head has come into fruition! To be honest, it came about with the idea of how Dan and Phil would fare in a zombie apocalypse (not well, I’d assume). But then, to make it sadder I thought wait: what if an outbreak occurred before the day of lord 2009 October 19 before they could meet in person? Yes. I finna do that. SO here’s the result! A fic that doesn’t take itself too seriously and what I’ve always referred to as “Romcom Roadtrip WITH ZOMBIES”. Thank you so much to my beta Sam (attractivephan) for being the ultimate frickin champ and bouncing ideas back with me and to Zia for making the cute ass art which you can find under the cut! Without further ado, I hope you enjoy! Written for Phandom Big Bang 2016.

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I’m Here to Dance Chapter 3



Chapters: 1 & 2

Summary: Alya drags Marinette to the hot new club “Miraculous” where it’s winner take all on the dance floor. After an embarrassing first encounter, Marinette dons a costume and challenges the champ, Chat Noir, as Ladybug. Marinette embraces the Paris break dancing scene, but times are getting tougher and competition even more so.

Chapter Summary: Marinette confronts Chat about their dance battle, and Ladybug gets a little more attention than she bargained for.

Pairings: Marinette/Adrien, Ladybug/Chat Noir, Alya/Nino, others

A/N: thanks to everyone for their support, definitely go check out @starrycove​ and the break dance au tag for all the inspiration I’ve gotten. Please check out the Ao3 and FFN versions for full author’s notes

(There is a change in perspective in the middle of this chapter, sorry for any confusion)

The music continued, but people started filing out. Several spectators and even breakers from earlier in the night came to congratulate Marinette on her victory. Le Dessinateur even came down sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Guess I have to take that mural down now,” he said forlornly.

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