ultimate cafe

This is my third project for Digital Design Representation. I started in Solidworks to create the model of the motorcycle. It’s designed as a “puzzle” and the different style gas tanks, seats, wheels, motor and handlebars snap together in multiple configurations to create the ultimate cafe racer motorcycle. The box graphics were created in Illustrator, applied to a 3D box in SketchUp as texture, and rendered in Keyshot with the motorcycle parts. 

anonymous asked:

Getting monthly subscriptions to see your 18+ art then charging people to see more of your 18+ art on top of that is like buying a car and having to buy the seats separately. Its nit-picky bullshit so you can screw your consumers twice and feel good about it.

I’d say it’s more like… buying a coffee once a week or so and then treating yourself to a sandwich from the same cafe on the rare day you’re really craving it. Totally unrelated, optional purchases– and a minor luxury that ultimately helps keep the cafe running!

If you don’t think it’s fair that I put a price tag on some of the content I manufacture for a living, then by all means, don’t give me any of your cash. It’s your loss.