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Wowww guys, I have no idea how people film themselves drawing in short segments like this >_> sorry for the HORRIBLE quality lol. My hand drifted so much 🙄hahah….. Ahh. The reason why I almost never film or record stuff - it feels like a big distraction, and there’s nothing I hate more than distractions when I draw. But hopefully I’ll put together a legitimate setup soon. With a much required tripod. Some people were asking about the brush I use for inking: it is @kyle.t.webster ’s china marker brush from the ultimate brush pack. You can purchase it in his Gumroad store! Best photoshop related purchase I ever made 👌✨ #art #inking #photoshop #linework #face

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anonymous asked:

Sorry if this has been asked before, but what do you use to draw? Like do you use photoshop or illustrator? And what types of brushes do you use? More specifically for black and white drawings

i use photoshop cs6, and recently i have been using brushes from kyle’s ultimate brush pack which can be found here. there are so many brushes in that DL that i just kinda end up picking a different one every time, there’s not toooo much method to the madness haha


Process video for my Raishan speedpaint!

It wasn’t until I had already painted the rough bg layers that I realized I could be recording for something like this, sorry!  ; w ;

Program used: Photoshop CS6
Brushes used: Kyle Webster’s Ultimate brush packs (I believe it’s brushes from the watercolor/paintbox set and the ink set, but I have a lot of his brushes so I could be wrong, sorry!)

Also have some WIP shots under the cut!

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This is a giftart (with bonus progress gif) I did for @nighte-goggles (and you can find her wonderful work at @nighte-studios) of her character Nighte! This was fun to work on since it gave me the chance to play around with some new watercolors I downloaded from Kyle T. Webster’s ultimate super mega awesome brush pack. :) I love the look of his watercolor brushes so much… still getting the hang of them (they’re very versatile, just like real watercolors!)

Anyway! Nighte (the tumblr artist) is such an incredibly sweet person and she’s always giving and showing support for other artists on tumblr that I just wanted to try and show her some appreciation for all of the good stuff she does. Please accept this (hopefully decent) giftart!

aggressivestripper  asked:

Hi! I really love your art, the colors and style are just amazing. If it's ok to ask, I was wondering what brushes you use for the lines?

Usually the China Marker or the Ballpoint Pen with opacity turned off from Kyle’s Ultimate Brush Pack! Sometimes I used the Ultimate 2B Pencil as well.