ultimate bias!

I appreciate and support Kim Namjoon. 💜

I feel like this isn’t said enough.

Jimin did absolutely amazing on Serendipity, but let us not forget Namjoon wrote and produced that beautiful song.

Thank you, Namjoon for everything you do.

So I was looking a Hobi video, and I literally thought there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi with this blonde hair.

But then I remembered the pink haired from the Gayos

And the unforgettable orange ♥

And the light brown:

And the dark brown from HYYH era tho

And underrated red haired Hoseok:

And the black hair:

In conclusion there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi, no matter what hair color he has, he is going to shine bright.

(the gifs and the photos aren’t mine, credits to the owners)