ultimate beauties

It took me a while to finally get over my insecurities & be willing to be myself all the time. I’m still struggling with it but once you get the negative energy out of your life & focus on your goals & more ways to make your self smile instead of waiting for a man to give you validation you will find a reason to do it for yourself ❤

The ultimate Quest for beauty

Our GM is considering a new DND campaign centered around fighting the monsters Beholders.

one or our players: “ Oh! I know what I’d play!”

GM: “ Ok, shoot”

Player: “ I would play a priest of the god of beauty! My quest in life it to fight a beholder and cut out its eye!”

GM: “…sure.. but why?”

Player:-snickering- “ Because my friend, beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

GM: “Get out,  games cancelled, you stop”


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 27/?


 They are so beautiful! <3

Panels from Chap 1 of the Superman &  Wonder Woman motion promo comic for the Jean Paul Gaultier Summer For Superheroes Fragrance. #iLoveGaultier #WonderWoman #Superman  #EauFraiche

art by Matt Haley

writer Tony Bedard