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Phil’s Livestream // 1.19.17

He’s wearing his nasa shirt

This liveshow is on lessamazingphil

He was making chili yesterday and left the room and when he returned it was on fire 

“What the hell is happening in here” Dan about The Chili Incident

He got a blister from the hot chili spatula

He froze 

“If you’re watching this while leaning back in a chair at school you’re the ultimate badass”

He loosened his belt 

His voice gets really high when talking about dogs

They’ve filmed 2 gaming videos today

1 is a classic game that they’ve had requests for and the other is a sims video (toddler dab)

There will probably be a gaming video up tomorrow

LessAmazingPhil has 1m subs and he hasn’t made a video on there since rip

He got his gold play button

“I should eat it and regurgitate it into your mouth”

“Water. Or rain as it’s called when it comes out of the sky.”

He wants to swap January and December

He wants a red velvet cake for his birthday and that’s it

They went to a bakery today to get 2 cookies and came out with 3 cookies, a pot a jam, and polar bear cakes because they don’t know how to say no

One of his friends got him so very aesthetic magnetic cacti

Another friend got his sleep spray for his pillow 

He tested it out and pretended to sleep acting genius

“Do angels snore? Idk. Do I snore? Idk.”

He got more sleep stuff to rub on his elbows

“I can’t dab it’s 2017″

Smooth lavender scented wenis

Meitu app pictures with live example

“Dan’s evil senpai selfie was amazing”

He didn’t know Hamilton had presale so appaz he didn’t get tickets but Dan kind of made it seem like he had tickets so I’m not saying it may be a birthday present but

“Internally I am a deer in the headlights all the time”

He also got a red adidas jacket from YouTube

He didn’t love the new Sherlock

He loved Cursed Child

He’s only read the first three Harry Potter books

He loved La La Land and he wants to see it again 

Attack on Titan season 2 whip

RIP Dan’s terrarium 

“Corn on the cob is Wild”

Popcorn discussion

The green cactus is named Fergus 

He’ll watch Troye’s video soon

Yes he did actually set fire to his sock while filming his last video

He took off the jacket rip

He stabbed himself on the cactus

He got a signed miniature statue by David Shrigley but it’s much larger than he expected it to be

The drilling has finally stopped 

University advice

He’s wearing matching rainbow socks today

They’ve been watching Steven Universe and he loves it

He can’t choose a favorite gem

He was in Dan’s video for the cereal expose can you believe 

He loved watching Dan’s memes video

DanandPhilShop,com sale will be until the end of January (used the come HAPPY2017) and the eu tour merch will be up soon

Make sure you have the notification bell on YouTube because he’s been posting on his community tab

“Goodbye. *Howling*. That’s a wolf.”

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Everyone seems to think that Hufflepuffs are the kinds of people to listen to Lana Del Rey and wear flower crowns, meanwhile me and most of my Hufflepuff friends are pretty into the rock/metal scene and dress to kill every day. I love how varied our house is, I just wish more people would put representation into the "reckless" looking Puffs to prove that ANYONE can have these lovely n sweet values/traits ! 💛

friendly reminder that nymphadora tonks aka the ultimate badass was a hufflepuff

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13 and a half glorious minutes of Keyleth being crowned as the Voice of the Tempest, ultimate badass druid of the air ashari!

Each house's favourite: character who could have been sorted into their house
  • Gryffindor: Nymphadora Tonks – the ultimate badass of this series tbh
  • Hufflepuff: Severus Snape – despite his flaws he was very brave and remained loyal to the memory he had of Lily
  • Ravenclaw: Minerva McGonagall – she was so close !! she even caused a Hatstall !
  • Slytherin: Albus Dumbledore – his younger emo self definitely had a thing for power thirst and questionnable socialization

my best attempt at a masterlist of every adansey moment in trk 

  • ch 2: both getting irritated by the kid who sucks at ringing the bell (”say something.” “that bell.” “everything is terrible,” agreed gansey.)
  • “what a treasure that smile was”
  • adam feels gansey get tense without even looking at him
  • gansey, my pathetic dumbass child, saying “i don’t want to fight” when he knows adam’s about to get mad
  • when adam sees the headmaster wave at gansey awkwardly, and is immediately able to deduce that gansey bribed him to let ronan graduate because he just knows gansey that well
  • adam acting as a covert lookout when gansey, ultimate badass, is on the phone with his mom during the school day
  • adam finding the inner strength and resolve to mimic gansey even though cabeswater is doing weird things to his insides
  • “don’t be an ass”
  • ch. 7: “adam appreciated this part of gansey, his endless concern for the things in his care.”
  • the fact that adam and gansey have fought about whether adam’s able to give/receive love like how angsty
  • adam sensing that gansey is about to say something offensive and getting him to shut his mouth with just a stern look
  •  ch. 12: adam and gansey on the same wavelength re: headmaster childs looking like a cowboy. yee haw.
  • ch. 27: “part of [adam] had never forgotten gansey’s agonized shout when adam had made the bargain with cabeswater”
  • “adam leaned to bump his knuckles against gansey’s” after gansey confessed to his secret love affair with blue (…….)
  • ch. 59: when (possessed) adam briefly stops attacking other people and starts clawing at his own face, gansey “could not bear it” and was the first to run to him and pull the hand away
  • ch. 64: when gansey’s about to die and adam asks to be untied first so they can say goodbye properly, gansey’s like, “is it safe?” adam: “safe as life” and that’s the moment that robbed 30 years from my life
  • epilogue: adam saying “i appreciate your honesty” to his father because he thinks that’s what gansey would say and it makes him feel powerful