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hereticgentleman-deactivated201  asked:

Just a fun hypothetical what guns would you want with you in case of a zombie apocalypse? Or a situation like Fallout.

Meant to reply and post this on Halloween since it fit the theme but I ended up working.

In terms of what guns I’d want or carry/use in a survival situation, whether it be a post apocalyptic Fallout world or zombie filled Walking Dead world, I’m approaching it from a basic 3-gun view.

Handgun: I debated between a revolver or a semi-auto pistol. Ultimately I’d go with a Glock, specifically the one my local police department issues, the Glock 22. Why? It will be the most common handgun I’d probably find ammo, spare parts and magazines for.

Shotgun: Same principle as the above; going with the standard issue police shotgun, the Remington 870. Ease of parts access and pumps are really hard to mess up. I don’t necessarily have to worry about reliability like I would with a semi-auto. Most semi-autos are also limited to 2 3/4″ shells, while the 870 will handle that and 3″ shells.

Rifle: This one was tough cause following the previous two I’d probably go with an AR-15. Yet the world’s go to gun for insane rugged reliability in the harshest conditions with minimal or no maintenance is the AK platform. So…as much as I like the AR, I’d have to go with an AK.

That sums up my 3-gun choices for the end of the world scenarios.

Someone asked for a selfie at the same time of this Ask, so here’s a late Halloween one. I guess the 3 guns would work in a “Purge” type of event too.