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Bubbled AU: In which the Crystal Gems rescue Steven and Eyeball from the vastness of outer space just before Eyeball could stab Steven. Garnet see this, unfuses, and Ruby proceeds to beat the ever-living daylights out of Eyeball while everyone else watches.

Oh, and the Ruby Squad were saved!




Here you can ask every single character from every AU made by {{Me the mun aka }} Amethyst Rose. I made this blog so I wouldn’t have to make over 50 new side blogs for questions. I will be shutting off the asks and submissions on all my other blogs except for Underfaerie and a few other blogs not related to my Aus. 

I want to keep Underfaerie’s ask blog running because I’ve invested too much time into the blog. You can still ask my Underfaerie characters on the XxTheAuGardenxX blog, however if you wish.

I’ll probably either delete the other blogs or put them all under pass protect. Or keep them up but not open the ask/submissions options. I just cannot keep making new blogs for all my AUS. X__X

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Danny Phantom AU

I’ve seen au’s where after Danny fought Dan, clockwork didn’t save his family.

But what if he did save them, and let that timeline continue on from there instead of going back to when the test was being taken. His parents and teacher know about Danny, and also Dan. What if his parents became skeptical of Danny and think he’ll eventually become evil like Dan.


Based on a wildehopps fanfic called Ringless by @helthehatter on Ao3. This story really pulled at my heartstrings!!!!
I really should’ve used references, but this part was so cute I had to draw it. Btw, that rabbit is NOT Judy!!
And just to clarify; the story is not mine, the characters are not mine either. I just really had to draw this


Seriously. One thousand and one. Compiled and edited by yours truly (sarahbellcastiel). All credit goes to whoever made them up in the first place. Please give me creds for compiling all this, though. Enjoy!!! (Also, because I’m a lazy little shit, its all in one post)

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ok but like imagine 
Fisherman Cas.
With strong, rough hands and tan skin from hours spent on the boat
With eyes like stormy sea, dark and wild and dangerous; 
Imagine how deep his voice would sound in the evenings when he finally comes home, how he would never be able to completely wash off the smell of wind and salt from his skin and hair
How Dean would always think that if the sea was ever to take a human form, it would look exactly like Cas 

anonymous asked:

Omg can Ouma-kun be jigsaw from saw and Saihara-kun be a random victim, all I need is for Ouma to be in the screen and say "Hello Saihara-chan, I would like to play a game" like can you imagine right >.< sorry if this is weird

*Loud TV static*

Hello Saihara-chan, I want to play a game! Nishishi~

……………(Somebody help me please)

YOI Soulmate AU

Imagine YOI in a world where your soulmate’s name is in your mind from the day you are born. 

Young prodigy Viktor Nikiforov is too caught up in his ice skating career to think hard about who this “Yuri” person in his head might be, although the name seems to pop up whenever he practices a step sequence. He quickly concludes that his soulmate must also be an ice skater. How else would he meet them, after all? Skating is his whole life.

As he gets older, Viktor begins thinking more seriously about his soulmate. Reinventing himself every season is becoming exhausting and lonely. He’s wanting something to fill the void in his life. Around this time, his coach Yakov takes on a young skater: Yuri Plisetsky.

At first, Viktor thinks it must be a coincidence. Yuri is a child, twelve years his junior. But the more he watches the boy skate, the more of himself he sees in Yuri: right down to adding quads in his programs after Yakov had forbidden them. So when he and Yuri make their bet, Viktor sees it as a test. If Yuri can win the Junior Worlds, then it’s a sign from the universe that they’re meant to be together. What’s more intimate and romantic than choreographing someone’s debut? Nothing, in Viktor’s mind.

Now Viktor is 27. Yuri is 15 and has been sweeping medals left and right. Everyone is certain this is his year to win the Junior Worlds, including Viktor. The older skater has even contemplating taking the next season off to help Yuri polish the program…and to get to know him better. He doubts Yuri will ever open up to him as a fellow competitor; he’s too stubborn for that. Maybe as a choreographer things will be different. At the World Grand Prix, Viktor is so focused on performing and making plans for the future that he barely glances at the roster. 

He and Yuri win gold. Not surprising. Yuri has their bet in the bag. When Viktor tries to give him advice on the step sequence, the younger skater brushes him off rudely, like always. The friction between them has never been to much of a concern; Yakov and Lilia behave like that, and they are soulmates. But tonight it just frustrates Viktor. Wiill they ever be able to actually talk to each other? He’s still pouting about it when he notices a young man with glasses staring at him in his peripheral vision. Assuming he wants a photograph, Viktor turns around and assumes his “public image” persona, smiling and being the accommodating, friendly star that everyone expects. But instead of gushing over him like Viktor expects, the young man’s expression fills with sorrow. Viktor can’t explain it, but that face tugs at his heartstrings. Whatever he’s done to upset this man, he wants to undo immediately. But the stranger doesn’t give him a chance as he turns to walk away. Confused, Viktor is about to dismiss this bizarre encounter before a reporter calls out to the retreating figure. “Yuuri!”

Viktor’s heart stops. He stands there, frozen in time, unable to do anything as he watches the man trudge away. For the first time he seems to realize that, though he’s convinced himself that Yuri Plisetsky is his soulmate, there are plenty of people with that name in the world. And in that moment, caught between two “Yuri”s, he wonders if he’s made a terrible mistake.


spideynova hockey au, anyone? (happy belated birthday, @eloctromagnetic​ :))

  • meet S.H.I.E.L.D., a hockey team managed by nick fury
  • sam’s the team mvp even though he’s the smallest and his hometown had virtually no snow lmao
  • him and peter have this rivalry thing that is both extremely annoying and petty (peter’s left winger and extremely salty about it) and also full of disgusting sexual tension
  • other team members include luke cage as goaltender, danny rand as left defenseman, ava ayala as right defenseman, and harry osborn as right winger
  • mj is an acclaimed reporter who never fails to miss a game and get exasperated by her friends


fire emblem awakening au where at the beginning of the game when grima tries to merge with robin, they actually succeed the joining part but robin somehow forgets everything besides the fact that theyre a dragon god

when chrom finds robin theyre all ‘hi im robin im the fell dragon grima i have amnesia’ frederick is skeptical as usual, but when robin swoops the battlefield with god powers theyre all like uh sure. please join us better an ally god than enemy god haha right? robin becomes a shepherd friendship and rainbows yadayada

then during war with plegia they all meet grimleal who worship the fell dragon and robin goes ‘but WAIT I am the fell dragon’ grimleal drop their weapons and fall on faces before their lord, war suddenly stops, game ends with robin becoming new ruler of plegia and allying forever with ylisse and theres no valm arc bc theres no threat of grima ever fucking shit up