The Social Life Audit

v.Cool Facebook campaign by Ultimat Vodka. Ironically it analyses your real social life instead of your online social life. 

What’s awesome about the app is that it fuses existing activity data on your Facebook page such as gender ratio, your mood by facial recognition and check in’s.

Users can also compare their results with their friends or on a nationwide leader board.

Great work by StinkDigital


Esquire’s Best New Restaurants Chef’s Dinner

Date: October 10, 2011
Location: Boulud Sud Restaurant, NYC

Esquire and Patron Spirits celebrated Esquire’s annual Best New Restaurants editorial feature with a private invitation-only Chef’s Dinner.

The annual event was hosted at Boulud Sud—one of the featured best new restaurants—by Esquire’s editor in chief, David Granger, and John Mariani, Esquire’s food and travel correspondent. Invited VIPs to this dinner are the chefs and owners of the restaurants featured in the article.

The evening kicked off with a one-hour cocktail party that included hand-crafted cocktails with Ultimat Vodka, Patron Tequila, and Pyrat Rum, plus a selection of inspired hors d’oeuvres from legendary chef Daniel Boulud and his culinary team.

After the cocktail reception, guests were invited into the main dining room at Boulud Sud for a sit-down Chef’s Tasting Menu, prepared by Boulud Sud executive chef Aaron Chambers and pastry chef Ghaya Oliveira.

Esquire Hall of Fame inductions for 2011 were Tom Colicchio and Frank Stitt, who were both on hand to accept the honor.


Ultimat Vodka

“Lets drink to you getting out of here before 6.”


Ultimat Vodka – Stop Working. Start Drinking. (by VodkaEnthusiast)

“For Ultimat Vodka’s ‘Summer Fridays’ campaign, they hired professional window washers in New York and Chicago to scale the windows of high rises, dressed in business suits. Instead of squeegees, they held up a series of signs that made people think drink. Office workers were invited to come outside for free drinks, courtesy of Ultimat. Awesome idea from Amalgamated.”

(via The Denver Egotist)


Et comme toujours, l'alcool nous offre une vie sociale.

Cette fois, paradoxalement, en s'aidant de… notre vie sociale.


Spot: Stop Working. Start Drinking

Client: Ultimat Vodka

Agency: Amalgamated

“an outdoor stunt for an indoor crowd” - David Gianatasio


Stop working, start drinking. - says the person dressed in a suit, pretending to clean the windows of a NY skyscraper office building. What happened? Watch the video to find out. Very funny and clever idea.

What is interesting is that this stunt they pulled probably didn’t cost much and at first glance didn’t achieve much either. But if you think about the viral implications of it (news, social media posts, shares and even me talking about it here) Ultimat vodka successfully managed to raise awareness about their brand. When traditional advertising doesn’t work, try something else. And with viral marketing soon becoming traditional, Ultimat vodka found the next step in getting their customers attention. 

Now, there is something I don’t understand. Why is the “e” missing from the word “ultimate”, just to make it sound fancy? I would advise against it as people will mispronounce it anyway. And a “fancy” image is achieved through much more than a name, it is embedded in a brand image. Then, why did they choose a synonym for “absolut” (as a funny coincidence, also misspelled with a missing “e”). Is Ultimat vodka just a copycat of Absolut vodka? 


Hoe krijg je de aandacht van kantoormensen? Door als glazenwasser voor hun kantoorraam te gaan staan. Of liever gezegd, te hangen. Ultimat Vodka moedigde op deze wijze de mensen uit om hun werk even neer te leggen en een drankje te komen drinken.


Ei! Você mesmo. Pare de trabalhar e comece a beber!