5. What is your favorite costume to wear? Your least favorite?

Oh wow. My favorite costume to wear is probably my Twilight Sparkle uniform from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s fun, comfortable, and easy while I am running around doing things. And its being in costume while not feeling that I am burdened with so much stuff I can’t move. Twilight is my favorite pony because we share a bunch of personality traits and this design was the second of many ponies that I designed and it is still my favorite.

Least favorite was Ultimecia from Dissidia: Final Fantasy. This costume was a nightmare and a half because of the wings, the headdress, the make-up, gah. It looks okay. But it could be better. Not to mention this costume made me sick due to something I was working with and me having a horrible allergic reaction. I was very very ill while working on it/wearing it. So I have never worn it again. Its locked up in the basement in a bin that I will never open again.

20 Days of Cosplay

1. What was your first cosplay, and when did you wear it? Pics?
2. What was your latest cosplay, and when did you wear it? Pics?
3. What was your most technically difficult cosplay to make? Why?
4. What’s your favorite ‘closet’ cosplay? Why?
5. What is your favorite costume to wear? Your least favorite?
6. Which costume did you have the most fun constructing?
7. What’s your favorite part of cosplay construction? What is your least favorite part?
8. Favorite prop? Least favorite prop?
9. Tell us your favored makeup brand/technique.
10. Describe your favorite/best cosplay experience.
11. Describe your worst cosplay experience.
12. Have you won any cosplay awards? If so, what for/where?
13. Your favorite group cosplay? Why?
14. Your most favorite cosplay picture you’ve ever had taken is …?
15. Pick one of your friends and tell us your favorite cosplay of theirs and why.
16. Are you working on a costume now? Post a progress picture!
17. What’s your cosplay lineup for your next con?
18. What’s your dream cosplay?
19. What’s something you wish you could figure out how to construct/a cosplay element you want to incorporate but don’t know how yet? How are you tackling it?
20. Have tentative plans for the future? Share them!