bloodsport (fighting in a love war) [3/?]

rival assassins AU: they live in a world rife with death and destruction (of which they are often the cause) - is it even possible to feel anything other than the thrill of the kill? [also available on ff.net] [cs assassins series so far]

3. silk and blood and bullets: Killian seems to have a habit of running into Emma Swan but he can’t say he minds when she looks like this.

They stand in a marble ballroom. He wears a tailored suit, she wears a silk dress. And there are any number of weapons hidden on their person - granted hers must be in far harder to reach locations considering the way the thin material clings to her. It only makes him run his tongue along the edges of his teeth.

A man is standing at the front of the room, probably the host, prattling on about some philanthropic adventure or another – an altruistic diatribe that does nothing to stir warmth in the cockles of Killian’s soul. He’s fairly certain he doesn’t even possess the intangible embodiment of conscience; or if he does, it’s shrivelled and charred, burnt because this world is indiscriminately merciless. Then again, soullessness must be a common affliction in his profession.

Swallowing the bile that builds in his throat at the strangely unnerving thought, he wades discreetly through the crowd of affluent men and women until he stands directly behind her. He leans forward so his lips brush the shell of her ear.

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