it’s so scary when u see people’s real personalities and their true intentions and it just freaks me out because how does anyone trust anyone ?? ever ??? like maybe people think i’m like that too and i don’t even know? that just gives me the most anxiety. i really believe that everybody just has masks that they super glue on their face and sometimes the glue just isn’t enough and it slips off a little and you just catch that little moment when their true self peeps through and i die every time because i’m just a sensitive baby and i can’t deal with manipulation and ulterior motive

2 statements on each sign

Aries: Drags everyone they love. Emotional but doesn’t always express it constructively (tbh never does).

Taurus: Secretly the momfriend, but doesn’t want anyone to know that. Might use you with ulterior motives, but is grateful for you nonetheless.

Gemini: Well-known, but whether they are adored or hated depends on the person. Secretly emo trash, mostly for bands.

Cancer: Can’t settle down, even if they need to. Does things they don’t enjoy because other people invite them to.

Leo: The party friend, but knows their own limits. Probably the only person you know who is genuinely good at flirting.

Virgo: Intelligent and not always equipped socially, even if they may be popular. Dirty joke factory but might not always show it.

Libra: Doesn’t talk about feelings unless the other people involved make themselves vulnerable first. Cool Nerd™ of the friend group.

Scorpio: Intense in pretty much every sense of the word and often misunderstood. Posts ~dark and twisted aesthetics~ on Tumblr but positive quotes on Facebook.

Sagittarius: Full time conspiracy theorist because they are extremely distrustful of everyone on the planet. Into health but whether or not they actually act on it is questionable.

Capricorn: Either the worst or best person you’ll ever meet. When you become their best friend they open up immensely.

Aquarius: Goes on two dates and then books it. Probably has a silly tattoo but pretends it’s really meaningful because while they’re outwardly aloof, they crave depth.

Pisces: Does yoga but has an inner conflict wondering if western yoga practices are cultural appropriation. Will cry if you yell at them, probably while trying to yell back.

Just my experiences, y'all. If you don’t identify with yours try checking moon or dominant, maybe rising.

2 Statements On Each Sign

Aries: Drags everyone they love. Emotional but doesn’t always express it constructively (tbh never does).

Taurus: Secretly the momfriend, but doesn’t want anyone to know that. Might use you with ulterior motives, but is grateful for you nonetheless.

Gemini: Well-known, but whether they are adored or hated depends on the person. Secretly emo trash, mostly for bands.

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What if Keith’s hair gets chopped off during a mission gone wrong. Like, maybe he almost gets sniped by a Galra soldier but he moved at the last second, and his hair gets shot off by the laser blast. Maybe something explodes too close to him and his hair gets burned off on the ends. Maybe his hair gets caught on something and he has to use his knife to cut himself free. Whatever happens, it’s this huge dramatic moment, because he’s cutting off his hair. That’s like Keith’s identifying feature.

But you know what would make this even better? If Lance is the one who gets all upset while Keith couldn’t care less. Lance claims it’s because now he has less to tease Keith about, but he’s secretly devastated because he loved Keith’s hair and he fantasized about running his fingers through it. Everyone sees straight through him though. Everyone except for Keith, naturally.

I just want Lance mourning over Keith’s hair while Keith honestly does not give a shit and is completely oblivious to Lance’s freak out

Conditioned (Part 3)

(Tae questions whether his desire for you is futile but continues to let his lust drive all his decisions.)

Warning:  Around 9000 words.  Lots and lots of dirty stuff happens. Female dom, male sub. Oral.  Dry humping.  Non-traditional sense of sexual morality.  

 “I should have known you had an ulterior motive for coming here.  This place was too far away from home to come for lunch.”  Tae eyed Jin from across the table.  Jin had stopped by his apartment earlier, asking Taehyung to go eat at a new restaurant across the street from the mall.  Tae had been reluctant to go, preferring to spend his day off from work at home playing video games and ordering delivery instead of venturing out into the rain to go across town to eat.  However, Jin was insistent, saying he had a coupon that expired today and offered to pay for everything.

Now that their meal was over, the truth was coming out.  Jin had just asked the waiter to bring another order of food, wrapped to go.  “There’s no ulterior motive.  I just thought that since we were eating so close to Youngsook’s store, I’d get her some food too.  It’s one of her favorite places to eat.”

“If you wanted to see your girlfriend, you didn’t need to bring me along.  Why didn’t you just bring her here on her lunch break?” Tae knew there had to be more to this story.

“Saturdays are their busiest day, so she never leaves to get a proper meal.  She usually just gets a coffee and some bread from the bakery next door.  I’ll look like hero coming in with an honest-to-god meal from her favorite restaurant.” Jin fidgeted in his seat while looking at Tae.  “Plus, I need you there with me when I deliver the meal. She won’t throw the food at my head or yell at me if you are there.”

Tae crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, raising his eyebrows in a silent question towards Jin.

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Important Reminder » Danny Sexbang is a character

There is a line of demarcation between Dan and Danny and people seem to be forgetting that. Yes, Dan is a very sexual person and we’re all very aware of that, but he isn’t the same person as Danny Sexbang. Danny is an exaggeration of Dan’s sexuality. In canon, Danny basically will fuck anything that moves and has a pulse and is willing, but Dan isn’t the same.

Seeing the constant comments about how “he totally fucked her” and how he basically went to AVN to get laid are disgusting, not only to him, but to the sex workers who are at the expo.

People can take pictures together and meet each other with no ulterior motives, and I hope people remember that. Please stop the overt sexualization of people. It’s disgusting.

Idk if this is a Supercorp head canon or fic idea, either way, here it is..

Lena feels super guilty about her feelings for Kara after Kara tells her how lonely she feels because every time she thinks she has a friend, they go ahead and tell her that they are in love with her and she just wants a friend, no ulterior motives behind.
Because of this, Lena sticks by Kara’s side and tries as hard as possible to get over her feelings for Kara because Kara deserves to have a friend and she can’t be another reason for why Kara feels lonely and like she can’t have any friends.
Kara starts noticing that Lena isn’t exactly pulling away from her but the way she interacts with Kara changes. She stops teasing her and doesn’t make jokes as often, every time they look at each other for a second too long Lena breaks the stare and changes the subject, little things like that and Kara starts to think that she read Lena all wrong. She had started to think Lena had feelings for her but the way she was acting now was making Kara doubt herself.
In an act of bravery, Kara confronts Lena but Lena says that everything’s fine but she doesn’t believe her. Kara starts mentioning all the things Lena stopped doing and asks her if her sudden change in behavior is because she knew about Kara’s feelings for her.
Turns out Lena read it all wrong… Kara wished people were her friends and stopped falling for her but the one person excluded from that wish, was Lena. She was the only one Kara wanted her to fall for.

i cant even express how tired i am of even humoring men who approach you as friends but have obvious ulterior motives. if you play along and be a FRIEND, then you’re being a bitch when you reject them when they misconstrue your decency for interest. stop talking to me. really. make your intentions clear or fuck off. 

anonymous asked:

At the library where I work today I found three small coins stacked neatly in a forgotten biography shelf. I don't know why, but I immediately thought of Elsewhere University. Who or what leaves neat stacks of pennies in the backs of shelves and why?

Three is important. The coins are a gift. To be free, give them away with no ulterior motive beyond kindness. Or keep them - two to cover your eyelids and one to be placed upon your tongue. Remember.

109. We are not allowed to smile at our professors politely without any ulterior motive.

I didn’t realize how little I smile during class until this. - RL

You do have an alarming scowl as your resting face. - PP

I think your face is adorable. - SB

Thank you. That was surprisingly kind. - RL

I mean, a little weird looking, but it’s charming. - SB

Aaaand there it is. - RL