hey so the reason i draw comparisons between pidge’s Gender Shit in chihiro’s is because chihiro’s arc was transmisogynistic in the same way pidge’s arc is transphobic against trans boys. 

chihiro–though i’ve never seen/read/played dangan ronpa and i never plan to–was killed for revealing to her classmate that she was “actually a boy.” no matter how you slice it, that is transmisogynistic. extremely so. one can say that chihiro was a closeted trans boy who was disguising (him)self as a girl because it was easier than transitioning and facing ridicule, but you would still have a lot of heavy transmisgyny to wash over.

it’s the same way with pidge. though pidge’s arc wasn’t as violent (thank god) he is still a character that “dressed as a different gender” for an unrealistic ulterior motive. and much in the same way chihiro “””coming out””” led to something terrible, (though again, not nearly quite as ugly:) pidge telling his friends he is “actually a girl” led to the transphobic remark “we were supposed to believe you were a boy?” which: i don’t care how you slice it, that doesn’t feel good for trans boy viewers to hear.

so, do i think trans boy chihiro and trans girl pidge are Illegal? no… i just think it brushes over a lot of transmisogyny and transphobia if you read these characters as “positive” representation for those genders while ignoring the ways in which they shit on them the other way around.

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So you're ok with being a fascist? Who taught you to be like this? And who are you trying to impress?

I clearly state I’m a fascist a lot. Nobody specifically taught me but I did do a lot of reading. I’m not trying to impress anyone. This is what I believe in.

I get that it scares you that someone can actually believe in something you don’t also believe in without some ulterior motive. People can reach different conclusions with the same evidence presented. We have different life experiences, different ideas of what an ideal society looks like, different goals and so much more.

So yes. I believe in fascism. I believe in authoritarian rule. I’m right wing. This is what I believe will yield the best society. That’s the society I would want my children to grow up in.

And I respect that you disagree. Of course I want my side to win. But I respect that you disagree. I’m not so self-centered and short-sighted and ignorant that I can’t understand how other people would disagree with me, even be diametrically opposed to me. I’m sorry that you can’t do the same.

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Hey! I just read the latest VFiS and I'm wondering, what does Hecatia exactly mean with her orders to Clownpiece? She told her to live on Gensokyo for a year and then start driving everyone mad with her ability? That's quite an odd motive too.. any thoughts on it?

She didn’t tell Clownpiece to drive everyone mad, that was just Piece’s assumption. As far as I could tell, she was just telling her to live comfortably and make friends. Maybe there was some kind of weird ulterior motive, but on the face of it Hecatia was just giving her some kind, motherly advice that Clownpiece is too stupid to recognize.

I mean, Hecatia isn’t evil or anything, and I don’t see why she’d have anything against Gensokyo. She did participate in the plan to invade the Lunar Capital, but to be fair the Lunarians are kind of jerks.

I wish men weren’t so gross to women all the time so I could genuinely compliment them without being seen as a creep with ulterior motives.

This is of course besides the obvious “women don’t deserve it” thing. I’m not belittling the idea for my own means (just in case anyone decides to get SJW on me).

What if Keith’s hair gets chopped off during a mission gone wrong. Like, maybe he almost gets sniped by a Galra soldier but he moved at the last second, and his hair gets shot off by the laser blast. Maybe something explodes too close to him and his hair gets burned off on the ends. Maybe his hair gets caught on something and he has to use his knife to cut himself free. Whatever happens, it’s this huge dramatic moment, because he’s cutting off his hair. That’s like Keith’s identifying feature.

But you know what would make this even better? If Lance is the one who gets all upset while Keith couldn’t care less. Lance claims it’s because now he has less to tease Keith about, but he’s secretly devastated because he loved Keith’s hair and he fantasized about running his fingers through it. Everyone sees straight through him though. Everyone except for Keith, naturally.

I just want Lance mourning over Keith’s hair while Keith honestly does not give a shit and is completely oblivious to Lance’s freak out

Real Talk:

I seriously wish more action movies had their main couples’ relationships develop like FinnRey’s

109. We are not allowed to smile at our professors politely without any ulterior motive.

I didn’t realize how little I smile during class until this. - RL

You do have an alarming scowl as your resting face. - PP

I think your face is adorable. - SB

Thank you. That was surprisingly kind. - RL

I mean, a little weird looking, but it’s charming. - SB

Aaaand there it is. - RL

Korean Word of the Day

마음 = mind, heart

  • 마음기짐 = mental attitude
  • 딴마음 = any other intention, ulterior motive
  • 마음먹다 = make up one’s mind, intend to
  • 마음놓다 = set one’s mind at ease, relax
  • 마음내키다 = feel inclined to, be in the mood for
  • 마음내키지 않다 = be reluctant
  • 마음속 = deep inside one’s heart
  • 마음잡다 = get a grip on oneself
  • 마음든든하다 = feel secure
  • 마음졸이다 = be nervous, be anxious

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Ulterior Motives

Most people have multiple layers that define who they are and how they act. They have fairly clear reasoning behind the actions they commit, but some people don’t behave for reasons that you would imagine.
A great way to thicken a plot is to create character’s with ulterior motives, or hidden reasons. Here are some examples:

  1. A villain may be committing crime just to throw everyone off track.
  2. Your character’s ally may be helping just so he can keep you close and betray you as soon as he gets the perfect chance.
  3. A celebrity may star on popular show because he or she is part of a secret organization, versus wanting to act as a career.
  4. A guy doing something kind as a dare instead of from kindness.

One thing that I love about ulterior motives are that they can be applied to any character, bringing boy the character and the story into life.
What are some of your favorite ulterior motives?

Ulterior Motive

Slick paces back and forth in his room, muttering and grumbling to himself. It’s rare he’s felt so needy for a lay, and especially not by Droog of all people. Sure, now and then is fine, but that usually tends to be more of a spur of the moment thing. Usually. Now it’s just a pain in the ass. Especially since he’s got very little idea how to actually seduce the man when he finally comes back from- grocery shopping? Yeah, that’s what he went out to do.

Fuck, this is stupid. He continues pacing, when it finally occurs to him. Yeah, that sort of thing always gets Droog hot and bothered, or whatever comparison the man will use. He grins. Yeah, if he can just… Yeah, that oughta work.

Looks like they’re going on a heist tonight.