Endless list of favorite characters [5/∞]

↳ Ultear Milkovich (Fairy Tail)

These countless rays of light that beam down and illuminate me. Such warm rays… almost as if they were trying to cleanse me of my sins… It was the first time that I thought… I’m glad I was born. I’m finally happy. In the end… I’ve finally managed to forgive myself…


Although I’m passing on before you, never forget Crime Sorciere’s spirit. It means never forgetting your crimes. It means never letting your past crimes overwhelm you. It means believing in a day which you’ll be forgiven your crimes. It means never stop loving people… Please live on for me. And battle on. It is my hope that this journey of yours will bring happiness to all.

Fairy Tail Christmas Fanfic - 'The arms of the ocean'

Wonderful Snogfairy and I paired up to do this fanart-fanfic collaboration, especially for her dear friends okerii and kagi-horuda (happy b-day you two!)