Anime Bad Girl Who Has a Crush on You Based on Your Sign:

Aries: Revy

Taurus: Ultear Milkovich

Gemini: Tier Harribel

Cancer: Faye Valentine

Leo: Chess Belle

Virgo: Junko Enoshima

Libra: Raynare

Scorpio: Lust

Sagittarius: Annie Leonhardt

Capricorn: Konan

Aquarius: Esdeath

Pisces: Mana Ouma

I just want to give a massive thank-you to @leons-7 who created Banshee!Lucy declaring/change outfit for my fanfic “Her Scream” which you can find here;



All credit goes to her for being an amazing artist, and an ever sweeter person! 

This her blog, where I definitely suggest you commission/follow.

The next chapter of Her Scream will be up very soon, thank you for being so patient.

Stay fresh! 


Amy Sherman-Palladino | “Girl power in my mind is to let girls be exactly what they are. Let them be everything, because they are everything.”

Happy birthday to my love, the Yukino to my Sting, @makasxru 
Have some ladies being themselves Bec, girl power is good stuff. (13.09.16)