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Five Tips for a Perfect Manicure

When it comes to nails, I’m a believer that you don’t need to be a professional in order to get a great manicure. All you need is a few tips and a good nail polish and you’re on your way!

1. Wipe down nails with a nail polish remover prior to application to help colour last longer.

2. “Roll” your nail polish in between the palms of your hand instead of shaking it to prevent air bubbles from forming.

3. Make your colours appear more vivid by using a white nail polish as a base colour.

4. Use a cotton tip soaked in nail polish remover to clean up any messy edges.

5. Use ulta3 Nail Polish, they have over a hundred shades and for the second year in a row they’ve been dubbed “The Best Nail Polish Collection” in the annual beautyheaven.com.au Best In Beauty Awards!

For more information about ulta3 visit ulta3.com.au or follow the brand on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

*This post is sponsored by ulta3. This does not alter the honesty of this post or this blog, all opinions stated are honest and my own. Please view my disclosure policy for more details.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer / Maybelline Baby Lips in Just Peachy, Pink Punch and Rose Rush / Revlon Parfumerie nail polish in Bordeaux / Maybelline Clean Express makeup remover / Ck One mascara

~Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a wonderful night. May 2014 be filled with happiness, good health, success and lots of fun. I just recently purchased this OPI base coat, top coat, and the glitter pot duo at Ulta. I was so excited because I wasn’t happy with my Essie top coat and this was on sale for only $7. Probably my most favorite top and base coat.

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Do you like makeup? Got any specific brand you use?

Do I… do I. Badescu skincare. Clinique foundation. Physicians formula CC and mascara. Japonesque blush. Elf brushes. MAC lipstick (currently Viva Glam V) and highlight/bronzers. OPI nail polish.

Platinum Ulta member here, honey.

Hanyaan's Cosplay Makeup Kit List

One of my favorite things in cosplay is makeup. Makeup can really help make or break your costume, and I think that everybody who cosplays should wear some, regardless of gender. (Unless you’re under a mask, but that’s a different story.) This is a guide to what’s in my personal kit. Maybe some of this might work for you and maybe some of it wouldn’t, but this is the stuff I don’t want to be without.

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✨ Fun fact about me: Very rarely do I buy full priced polish. ✨ I wanted to show you guys the great deals I got this week on these polishes. First row I got from… wait for it… a local dollar store! Essie for a dollar? 😳 I’m there! left to right - Bikini So Teeny, Stylenomics, No More Film and Lilacism. Total plus tax: $4.35 
Second row is from Big Lots. The Essies were actually a dollar each and the Revlons were $1.50 each. Left to right - Adore-A-Ball, Allure, Trade Winds, Seashell
Total plus tax: $5.45
And finally the third row is from Ulta. First I have OPI Push and Shove which was the most expensive at $9. Second is Ulta Mint Condition which was $.49 😱 Third is Ulta Maine Attraction which was on sale for $2 (swatch coming soon because it’s so gorgeous) and last but not least OPI My Favorite Ornament which was $3.38. To top it all off I had a $5 off coupon so the total plus tax was $10.76.
GRAND TOTAL: $20.56 🙌


right now at ulta, if you buy $19.50 (before tax) worth of Ulta brand products (makeup, brushes, hair care) you get a FREE little makeup bag that contains a coupon for ulta brand products AND $88 worth of ulta brand makeup with your purchase! and it’s only gonna be available till march 12th. you pick it up at the front of the store, it’s just out like all the other regular products with a sign indicating what it is, shop around for your purchases (again, it has to be Ulta brand to qualify for this,) and when you take it to the cash register it’ll ring up for free!

this makeup bag contains EVERYTHING you need for a full face of makeup -including 1 face primer, 1 blush brush, 2 different eyeshadow brushes, and a pack of 15 eye makeup remover pads -EXCEPT for foundation.

so my recommendation if you are severely lacking in makeup but only have $20 to spend -make one of your Ulta brand purchases to qualify for the $19.50 a foundation, and this free makeup bag will take care of all the rest of your makeup needs. 

i just got one and it contains:

1 makeup bag

1 coupon for $5 off ulta brand products (with expiration date on i think may 26th)

1 face primer

1 pack of 15 eye makeup remover pads

1 blush brush

1 all-over eyeshadow brush

1 small eyeshadow brush (crease/contour)

1 face primer

1 (brown) double-ended brow pencil/brush

1 double-ended black/white eyeliner

1 mascara

1 blush/highlighter duo palette

1 palette of 6 mini eyeshadows with mattes and shimmers, neutrals, silver, and gold ranging from bright highlights to dark contours

1 dark purple matte lip cream

1 natural/muted medium-pinkish lipstick

1 lilac nail polish


OOTD 1/8/14

The heart ring was a gift from my Gramma, who recently passed away. She was a big part of my life. We would always go thrifting together and I learned my thrifting skills from those trips. She also taught me so much about crafting and sewing. I rediscovered the ring in my jewelry box recently. It is nice to have a reminder of her that can be with me all the time.

Top - Dot’s (3x) // Jeggings - Target // Flats - Kohl’s // Nail polish - Ulta brand