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Just A Bunch Of Odd Balls!

Various Teams Get Sexy In The Sheds In Their OddBalls!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

SPEAKING OF fate series and its weird reluctance to follow up properly on its gender topics by making any of its characters not cis: cu chulainn is literally so easy to interpret as trans

  • changed his name
  • often wasn’t taken seriously because he was “beardless”
  • the only one who didn’t suffer from a curse that would leave all men in ulster bedbound with “the pains of birth”
  • only ever had one child despite having sex with pretty much everything that stood still for long enough
  • knew his child would be a boy & had a name ready even though he supposedly left the land of shadows before connla was born

Goliath Slayers


The All Blacks Are Not Invincible! 

David Has Come Forth!

Erin Go Bragh!

Woof, Baby!