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The Irish Elk is an extinct creature. It was one of the largest deer to ever live and also had the biggest antlers of any know cervid. The Irish Elk is used to represent Northern Ireland in UK heraldry coats-of-arms (see pic 2). Creatures that represent other UK nations are the Lion for England, Unicorn for Scotland and the Dragon for Wales. 

The image of the Irish Elk was used throughout the design of Stormont estate (the parliament of Northern Ireland) as can be seen in photos 3 & 4.

Although most of the known skeletons were found in Irish bogs the Irish Elk was not exclusive to Ireland and extended across Eurasia to northern Asia and Africa. It stood 7 foot tall at the shoulder and were thought to weigh up to 1,500lbs and more. It became extinct at least 7000 years ago.

The sculpture of the Irish Elk in photo 5 is in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland.

I don’t know if we’ve discussed this before, but I think the inside of Sherlock’s ulster coat may be purple.

You can see the lining of it where it’s hanging in the background here between John and Mrs. Hudson. It’s not quite as purple as Mrs. Hudson’s dress is, but it’s not far off. A nod to the psos perhaps?

bowman373-deactivated20150510  asked:

Hey, I was looking to get a double-breasted, full-length wool overcoat for this winter. I was looking into the Ulster or Guards coat style, if that helps at all. Where are some places where I can get a good-quality one for pretty cheap? I haven't had much luck so far. Thanks.

i wouldnt suggest buying something cheap that would only last you one season. this one from suit supply is amazing and 470 isnt a bad price. good luck!