You can change your hair
and you can change your clothes
You can change your mind
that’s just the way it goes
You can say goodbye and
you can say hello
But you’ll always find your way back home

You can change your style
You can change your jeans
You can learn to fly
and you can chase your dreams
You can laugh and cry
but everybody knows
You’ll always find your way back home.

some people are so ewan, nandidiri sila every time they hear words like “pekpek”, “titi”, “kantutan”, etc. like wtf guys? i know it’s too balbal (vulgar) but can you not. it’s fucking normal except for your brain who can’t comprehend such words. well maybe because we have different stance regarding that matter or it is because of your own beliefs. and trust me, i respect that. just don’t be a hypocrite, it makes me cringe, a lot. yes, it may sound so cliché but practice what you preach and stop acting like you have a glorified soul. y’all are so funny and pathetic. ciao. 


gusto ko i try maging active dito ulit haha hirap ng buhay nagdodorm, ang lungkot lang halos laging mag isa lol though mag 3 months na ko adjust adjust parin, minsan nagpupunta nalang ako sa bahay ng kaklase ko, inom ganun tas kain para naman may magawa haha nakaka miss din mag rant dito kahit wala naman talagang may pake wehehehehe

bes kung ako sayo hindi ako maghahanap ng ka-forever ko dito. jusq sa simula lang yan sinasabi ko sayo. mag explore ka, labas ka sa lungga mo dahil kung mag s-stay ka lang dito aba tanga ka. wala na bang pumapatol sayo kaya masyado kang desperado? kung kalandian hanap mo pweds pa tapos tikiman kayo ganon, one night stand mga ganyan. wag ka rin magseryoso dito enebe wala dito ang totoong pagmamahal. kung meron man mga 5% na lang sila hehe. anyway, para sa mga bago dyan wag kayong marupok bibiyakin lang kayo ng mga hinayupak na yan. pero target talaga ng iba dito mga bago kasi nga mga tatanga-tanga pa. magkausap lang ayan kinikilig na tapos biglang nasanay kaya na-fall naman agad ang mga gaga tapos ang ending, hurt hurt ang mga ulol. pero ayun, wag na wag dito please lang. pero dahil choice niyo yan edi sige sino ba naman ako diba? char.

Kung gusto mo malaman kung paano ka niya binabalewala dapat basahin mo to. Actually matagal ko na tong alam at hindi ako sure kung aware na rin ba yung iba dito pero kapag sinasabi ko kasi sa mga kaibigan ko nagugulat sila parang mga timang chot

Ayan so active siya. Siyempre mag a-assume ka na online yan tho sabi ng iba may instances “daw” na nakagreen button yan pero hindi naman daw sila online at naka-on lang ang wifi.

Etong sumunod hindi siya applicable sa iOs na messenger pero sa android working siya mga mamsh. Basta kapag gumagalaw yan na may bilog ibigsabihin nakatambay siya sa chatbox niyo. Interesado siya sayo at gusto ka niya kausap. Pero kapag nag chat ka tapos gumalaw yan ng matagal tapos ang ending tumigil at hindi siya nag reply, besh manggigil ka na jk.

Pero teka nagalawa rin pala siya sa iOs di ko lang napapansin kasi kapag may kachat ako ineexit ko na haha yun lang.

At dito ako pinakanaiinis. Guys wag kayo maniwala na hindi siya online kahit walang green buton dahil ang totoo, naka turn off chat lang siya sa lahat or sayo. Malalaman mo yan na online kapag naka stuck lang siya forever sa 1 minute at tangina nakakakupal ng pagkatao.

Take note talagang gagawin ka pa nilang tanga na hindi daw sila naka turn off chat sa lahat at hindi daw sila online. Kahit??? Mga ulol na to.

Eto rin hassle sa feelings. Inboxzoned/deliveredzoned ka bes hutaena

Pero sa lahat, dito ako panatag. Legit na hindi yan online mga mamsh. Basta ganyan itsura (unless nakapatay wifi at nakaclose ang app pero wag ka ring paranoid) pero minsan traydor pala yan haha online tapos ganyan nalabas ay ewan ko ba

Hindi ko na kelangan mag explain. Tangina mo seenlord.

So ayan lang naman ang mga nalalaman ko at hindi ko rin alam bat ko to shineshare haha pero yeah salamat at nawa'y marami ang maghiwalay charot.

happy choices selfie day friends!! thank you @ivyschoice & @pixelberryprincess for hosting this ♡♡

have this old photo because im not camera-ready today lolol

name: elias but you can call me Kenji’s Man–i mean you can call me El or L haha
age: turning 19 this friday chyeah boiii
zodiac sign: i am but a simple virg
favourite Choices Game: tcatf pa rin mga ulol
how long have you been playing Pixelberry Games?: ever since hwu came out :’) (and yes hwu is gay)

medical student!wonwoo

anon askedmedicine student!wonwoo please :)

wow i am totally not educated in this field. i’ll do my best!

  • smart as fuck
  • he studies everything because he knows it’ll be important
  • is satisfied when he understands something
  • there’s a lot of work to do, whether it’s easy or hard
  • he sucks it up and studies studies studies
  • recites his oral exam to himself so he doesn’t forget any terms
  • anatomy freaked him out
  • it wasn’t just diagrams
  • they had to dissect a donated body to learn more about the human body
  • wonwoo almost cried
  • made lots of friends
  • helped them study
  • everyone loves him
  • sighs loudly whenever he watches a medical drama
  • he hates them
  • but he still watches them for some reason who knows
  • clenches his fists whenever non medic friends/family ask him questions
  • pls ask someone who’s a doctor he’s still studying
  • never forgets to wash his hands when needed
  • doesn’t drink
  • cause he’ll vomit the next day if he does
  • you can’t handle medical stuff if u drink the day before /: don’t get hangovers children
  • once wore colours that weren’t grey, white, black, or navy to a lecture
  • professor noticed him right away lol rip
  • got asked most of the questions
  • thank GOODNESS he was a diligent student or else he would’ve been screwed
  • quite extremely stressed
  • doesn’t show it cause he’s cccccool
  • chills from time to time (when he can)
  • really wants 2 graduate
  • tries to avoid sneezing
  • sneezes inside his shirt since he doesn’t want to spread the germs in the air
  • is intelligent
  • still knows how to have fun
  • loves girls/boys but can’t get into a relationship
  • bc studying
  • focus wonwoo focus
  • ends up dating u
  • lol some1 pls help him he just wants to graduate and become rich and help ppl who need it

anonymous asked:

Any headcanons for Ryuji and a best friend since childhood?

can y’all tell he’s my fave lmao

  • OK SO
  • ryuji probably met best friend when they were like five right
  • or a similarly young age when he was waaaaayy too hyperactive for his own good and he was always dash ahead, leave everyone else in his dust, and think about the consequences later
  • probably he ran headlong into Best Friend and bowled the both of them over and after the fight that ensued they were inseparable till the end of time.
  • as kids they were constantly getting into way too much trouble like “misadventures” was never a more appropriate descriptor than when it came to those two
  • FUNFACT: ryuji’s mom has a highly detailed and dedicated photo album for this stuff and there are several pictures of ryuji and Best Friend covered in shaving cream, or scraped up from falling out of a tree, or with big grins and foggy swimming goggles.
  • ryuji always pretends to groan and moan when the album comes out but he never fails to lean over the back of the couch and look over his mom’s shoulder.
  • Best Friend didn’t know about his dad, but they also knew about his dad, u feel? like it was never explicitly discussed but if ryuji was sitting on the front step when they came over to play it was kind of understood that they’d be stopping at Best Friend’s house for snacks later instead of going inside ryuji’s.
  • sleepovers were frequent and Best Friend’s parents never really questioned it, even if ryuji was there in the morning when he hadn’t been the previous night
  • everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief when ryuji’s dad left
  • school was probably tough for them when they weren’t in the same classes. like ryuji probably had a lot of friends from his sports things and who knows about Best Friend, but when your best friend isn’t there with you school can be such a drag to get through.
  • but on the other hand when they DID have the same homeroom, hell yes. party city.
  • ryuji’s always been class clown (FITE ME ON THIS, I DARE YOU) and Best Friend was probably right there with him, come hell or high water
  • or, y’know, detention
  • so like here’s the thing with kamoshida right
  • ryuji was basically the star of the track team (shhhhh these are my headcanons i can do what i want) and that’s like a good half of the reason he targeted him so much
  • and i certainly don’t think he was above trying to get a rise by saying things about or doing things to Best Friend
  • and ryuji probably knew that. he probably knew that if he let things get too far out of hand Best Friend could be caught in the crossfire and that was absolutely not okay
  • lashing out at kamoshida over his family stuff wasn’t just anger, it was also for the sake of Best Friend because he COULDN’T let this guy get to them, no way no how.
  • ryuji will fite for u, 100% tru and canon fact
  • this boy just???? deserves all of the love???????
  • he deserves a best friend who tells him not to blame himself for the track team disbanding because, y’know, IT WASN’T HIS FAULT?
  • guess what, assholes, if any of you had had things like that, to that degree of personal and private, spilled to the rest of the team you would have been just as angery so all those dickholes can suck my nuts
  • i mean they can suck Best Friend’s nuts
  • the point still stands: suck nuts, dickwads
  • Best Friend would be so protective of him also like??? god help anyone who insults his intelligence or his personality or his looks or just anything around them bc THEY WILL FITE U
  • lol Best Friend is just turning out to be me 
  • i mean
  • there’s a lot of different ways the whole persona business could go with Best Friend so i won’t get into it here but for sure they would stand beside ryuji and support him 100% no matter what happened
  • because that’s what best friends do