He watched Harry reach out and press the faded number three on the smudged, gilded panel.  The movement gave Louis a chance to notice the delicate bones of Harry’s long arms rotate as his ulna shifted under the loose edge of his button up shirt.  He had his shearling coat slung over his shoulder and his backpack resting between his legs at his feet.  There was a grace to him that Louis found intriguing, for despite a long-limbed, awkward sort of clumsiness, he still managed to possess a subtlety to him.  He was a puzzle.  Soft edges and curls, contrasting with sharp angles and a clunky kind of boyishness made him a study of opposites.

It reminded Louis of a complex mathematical problem, teasing him from the periphery, begging to be solved.  

I Walk the Line by @a-writerwrites

Science Fact Friday: Homology

I’ve also found this a helpful art tool. Whenever you forget which way a particular joint bends you can just reference your own!

Every episode of Bones ever
  • Booth: we got a body
  • Brennan: I need this all sent to the Jeffersonian
  • Brennan: fracture to the ulna
  • Intern: can't believe I missed that
  • Booth: I'm Agent Booth, FBI, and this is my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan, we're here to ask you a few questions.
  • Angela: I plugged in the exact muscles and subtracted the injuries that occured postmortem and turned the skull inside out and showed it to the computer. Here's our victim
  • Hodgins: bugs and particulates indicate this exact spot
  • Cam: *gasps* that's where the husband works
  • Husband: no. I want a lawyer
  • Booth: *stares angrily*
  • Sweets at some point: I know that you're not upset over this case, its something else
  • Booth: no way. Don't get all shrinky on me. Ok youre right
  • Intern: I reexamined the bones and found this
  • Brennan: this leads exactly to our killer. Good work
  • Real killer: I didn't mean to kill her. I just wanted to beat her up a little
  • Brennan and booth: *long stare*
  • Brennan and booth: *have meaningful talk about whatever was bothering them*
  • Brennan at some point: you're a good man booth
I. Choke up the depression
Feel it shape-shift to mania in your larynx
You’re drinking bottled happiness now

II. Find someone that scares you more than you scare yourself
Rip your own heart out of your chest and put it in her hands
You’ll only feel real when it hurts

III. You’ll be a mirror
The girl that dropped out of physics–
Bend her light through your focal point
Show her what she wants but does not need
Your friends will say nothing about the bruises
They all know reflected images are not real

IV. Sink deep into your own body
For the soul you convinced yourself was never really there to begin with
Sickness eats at your brain and shreds the lining of your stomach
Self diagnose, self medicate, self destruct

V. Tell the boy in gym class about the pills you pop on the weekend
Two years later he’ll crash his car rolling on the same prescription
Shatters his ulna on the driver’s side window
Quit those and started abusing his adderall
Another casualty left in your wake

VI. Continue to avoid yourself
Internal monologue is canceled today
Drown out any remnants of thought with music louder than your lungs when they scream for nicotine

VII. Today you’re the cool girl in all black
Tomorrow you’ll wear tie dye and soften your voice
Spending the day wondering if your bisexuality is an excuse to ignore the burning need to find your identity

VII. Music can’t drown out the intrusive thoughts
Stay up all night waiting for the floor to fall out from underneath you
Justify three days without sleep as a forced shift to mania
Realize you’re still wallowing in crippling depression

VIII. Switch to uppers

IX. Get clean under a microscope when she gets sick of carrying around your arhythmic heart
Detox in front of an audience
Spend March sweating and shivering
Dry heaving in the back corner of the girl’s bathroom between AP literature and AP psychology
There’s no time to talk about it

X. Spend a year learning to trust again
Make progress through regression
Hurt your friends
See a doctor
Keep an untouched bottle of pills on your nightstand
Let them pile up month after month
Is addiction okay if your name is on the prescription?

XI. Become enchanted by the boy in your ceramics class
Let him shatter the mirror you hide behind
Force yourself to face the tough questions
He’ll hold your hand as you navigate the shattered glass
Lead him to safety–he doesn’t wear shoes

XII. 2 a.m. on a school night and you’re sitting in his car looking up at the stars
Wrapped in the blanket he keeps just for you
Laughing at nothing and feeling everything
This is it
This is you
And you are enough

—  Thank you for holding my hand while I find myself

Hello! I’m creating this list of latin vocab mainly to help myself revise, but also for anyone else who is premed/interested in anatomy. I tried to translate as accurately as I could, but please bear in mind my first language is not English.

body parts

  • caput - head
  • auris - ear
  • facies - face
  • nasus - nose
  • bucca - face
  • mentum - chin
  • collum, cervix - neck
  • truncus - torso
  • thorax - chest
  • venter, abdomen - abdomen
  • membrum superius - upper limb
  • brachium - shoulder
  • antebrachium - forearm
  • carpus - wrist, carpus
  • metacarpus - metacarpus
  • manus - hand
  • palma (vola) manus - palm
  • dorsum manus - back
  • digitus manus - finger
  • membrum inferius - lower limb
  • femur - thigh
  • genu - knee
  • crus - shin
  • pes - foot
  • planta pedis - sole
  • dorsum pedis - back
  • digitus pedis - toe

direction and location (torso)

  • cranialis - head, in the direction of head
  • caudalis - tail, in the direction of tail, down
  • superior - upper
  • inferior - lower
  • anterior - frontal
  • posterior - back
  • ventralis - frontal, in the direction of abdomen
  • dorsalis - back, in the direction of back
  • medialis - closer to the middle
  • lateralis - closer to the side
  • externus - outer
  • internus - inner
  • superficialis - superficial, on the surface
  • profundus - profound, deep
  • dexter - right
  • sinister - left
  • rostralis - upper, frontal

direction and location (limbs)

  • proximalis - closer to torso
  • distalis - further from torso
  • ulnaris - closer to ulna bone
  • radialis - closer to radius bone
  • palmaris - palm
  • dorsalis - back
  • tibialis - closer to tibia bone
  • fibularis - closer to fibula bone
  • pantaris - sole

body and limb movements

  • flexion - bend
  • anteflexion - bend towards front
  • retroflexion - bend towards back
  • lateroflexion - bend on the side
  • extension - stretch
  • adduction - pull towards body
  • abduction - pull away from body
  • elevation - lift
  • pronation - rotation towards inside
  • supination - rotation towards outside
  • circumduction - rotation

The source I took these from also has a list of frequently used anatomical vocab, so if you are interested I could create another post (please let me know). 

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So #20 for andreil. I literally love angst but you can do whatever

okay so i know that i literally just did an “Andrew gets hurt during a game” and i also know that “Neil getting hurt at a game” is sooooooo overdone but like…… you don’t understand how much of a slut i am for Neil getting hurt at a game

that being said, i took a different approach to it. don’t be mad at me

#20 “Something’s clearly wrong.”

Hospitals have never been so quiet. Never mind the sounds of machines blurring into white noise in the background. Never mind Andrew’s own heart rushing blood past his ears in a rhythm Andrew would give anything not to hear. 

The Mustang’s number eighteen striker, Neil Josten, just took a hard hit against the wall. He… he doesn’t appear to be moving. Something’s clearly wrong. Can we call… ah, yes, the referees are taking an executive move and calling the game to a pause.”

Andrew starts to count off Neil’s injuries – again – because it’s better than hearing that announcer’s voice repeat in his head one more time. Broken ulna, dislocated and then relocated shoulder, severe sprain of his left ankle, heavy bruising, and brain swelling that led to an induced coma.

Each breath Neil takes sounds like it might be his last, but each beat of his heart brings him back.

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Hold up So how many times could I poke you before you noticed?

“Well that is very dependent on whether I’m looking or not.”

Dark blinked effortlessly.

“If I weren’t looking, hundreds of times, thousands. If I refused to look in one certain direction, you could poke until the day you died and I wouldn’t feel a thing. For anyone confused, Figments do not feel human touch. Our differences in realities and substance make it impossible for human contact to occur with a Figment and leave any sense of pressure or sensation. Ahem, now, if I WAS looking, you would poke me half a time, because while your finger was coming towards me, halfway there, so prepared to finish your task, I would have snatched your wrist and broken your ulna bone before you even attempted to break my personal space.”

I revamped my Persona! (because I hardly draw it, and it was so detailed and hard to draw from memory)

With this though, the idea was, hey, I really like horror, I’ve always been a fan, I love indulging on movies, games, music, pictures, ect, so why not make a horrorish based persona? Along with adding Cryptid like features because, well, I also have a love for Cryptozoology. But that isn’t all! I tend to help some friends/family calm down if they are freaking out, so this Sona will have a second form that’ll I’ll be drawing shortly. (I didn’t add it in the picture, but it has large bat wings)


  • Left arm: Upper is a humerus, lower is a mannequin(?) like thing.
  • Shoulders, elbows and wrists do not connect to body, floats.
  • Right Arm: Upper is mannequin and lower is a radial and ulna.
  • Claws: Mannequin like, nails are fountain pen quill tips.
  • Feet: Snowey owl feet, fountail quill tips.
  • Tail: Braid that goes down like a tail.
  • Antlers, “Plague Doctor” Bird skull mask, Eight eyes and odd poncho that covers left arm and shoulder.

Goodness it reminds me of something from Pans Labyrinth

The Lady in Red (3/?)

Title: The Lady in Red (3/?)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 1788
Warnings: Possible abuse, starvation, loss of memory due to traumatic events, fluff (for later)
(Part 1) (Part 2)

Later that evening, when Y/N had drifted back to sleep after drinking a protein shake, Bruce, Tony, Bucky, and Steve began looking over her scans.

“Look here,” Bruce pointed to her shoulder. “Scar tissue indicates that her shoulder has been dislocated and popped back into place multiple times.”

“Any obvious reason?” Steve asked.

“I think she was jerked around a lot by her arm, perhaps her upper arm.” Bruce answered.

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The Things She Carries, Part 7

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

When her heart finally slows to near-normal, and she can feel the sweat drying on her skin as she starts to drift off, she remembers she should go to the bathroom — it only takes one UTI to learn that lesson, no medical degree required. She starts to disengage her limbs from his. He resists a little, heavy and close to sleep as he no doubt is, and she whispers, “Bathroom. I’ll be right back.” It’s a little disturbing, how it comes out like she’s asking permission, and more so how he murmurs assent like he’s granting it; she sits up too abruptly, trying to cover her tone with assertiveness.

She feels exposed, suddenly, and doesn’t want to just walk around naked. She reaches for something to put on, realizing as she gropes around futilely that she has no idea where her clothes got thrown; there certainly wasn’t time to fold anything neatly and put it aside. Mulder’s suit from earlier that day is crumpled on the armchair by the bed — that’ll do. She extracts his dress shirt from the pile and pulls it on, buttoning three buttons in the center, relishing the way she’s enveloped in his clean daytime smell. The shirttail is plenty long enough to cover her — it comes nearly to her knees — and the sleeves are comically long even though they’re still rolled up from when he last wore the shirt, sans jacket in the steaming afternoon.

She sneaks a look backward, expecting him to be asleep or at least dozing, only to see him eyeing her territorially, like a lion after a feed: sated at the moment but still watchful, still vital, still dangerous. Something inside her responds, electrically; she can’t suppress a shuddery breath. He notices, blinks slowly, looking somehow even more feral, then lets his eyes slide closed, releasing her at last.

What in the holy hell was that?, she thinks, as she gets up and makes her way across the room on aching, shaky legs.

She clicks the lock behind her and uses the toilet, wishing the door were less flimsy and there was a little more distance between them — no privacy in these charming old B&B places, where the ensuite bathrooms were always added haphazardly, many decades after the original build.

But then she stands before the mirror to get a good look at herself, and frankly, she’s thrilled. Her color is high, her eyes sparkly and still a little wild, her hair tousled — she looks like she’s just been fucked, which hot damn, she certainly has. She rakes her fingers through the hair at her temples, almost laughing aloud, when she notices a complicated-looking shadow on her wrist.

She looks closer and can’t help a sudden sharp inhale — there are four faint purple marks on her arm just above her hand, and a darker, rounded one on the inside of her wrist between the radius and ulna. Her mind flashes to Mulder holding that arm above her head, gripping her tight as she writhed beneath him. She meets her own eyes in the mirror, a little shocked, then scans downward to the place on her chest where the shirt has fallen open almost to her breast.

“Ho-ly shit —”

It’s much louder than she meant to say it, and she hears a mild commotion out in the bedroom. Mulder’s voice drifts to her, borderline panicky: “Scully? Are you OK?”

She manages a thin, reedy “I’m fine …”

She’s staring at herself, mind racing. Was this out of anger? Is it punishment? For a half-second, she’s wildly unsure, and then the word comes to her, unbidden: marked.

He’s marked her, making sure she can’t forget it this time, can’t pretend it didn’t happen. The thought sends her pulse pounding through her, makes her a little dizzy even as the certainty grounds her. She hears his feet hit the floor, knows he’s rustling around and might come flying through the door any second.

“It’s OK — I’m fine!”

“Scully —” closer now. She turns out the light, leaving the full examination for later, and steps out to meet him before he breaks anything trying to get to her.


For millions of years life thrived in the abyssal plains and shallow seas, yet during this time the continental surface was barren and bleak, except for the few pioneering plants slowly creeping their way onto the land. As plant life got a foothold on the deserted surface rocks they began to transform the landscape waiting for animal life to follow. 

The transition from fish to tetrapod is one of the most important events in life’s history and we are lucky enough to have most of the puzzle on how it happened complete…

Eusthenopteron was a late member of a now extinct group of lobe-finned fishes and it existed during the Late Devonian, around 385 million years ago. The fishes pectoral and pelvic fins had a fleshy anterior part and very robust bones, the fore-fins exhibit a distinct radius, humerus and ulna and the pectoral fins have a femur, tibia and fibula showing that this 6 foot long fish was well on the way to developing primitive legs.

This was another lobe-finned fish from the late Devonian (378 million years ago). Panderichtys begins to show a more developed, longer humerus as well as primitive digits. Its tail is also more like the early tetrapod tails than the caudal fins of other lobe-finned fishes. They have also lost their intracranial joint to their skull (but it is still present), rather than it being external to the skull like in other lobe-finned fishes.

Tiktaalik existed 375 million years ago and is still considered to be a lobe-finned fish although it shows even more tetrapod-like features than Panderichthys. The fleshy fins have primitive wrist bones and digits. They also have spiracles on top of their skull which may be possible indicators of primitive lungs. The humeral bones have large muscle scars suggesting that these appendages were highly mobile and the joints were capable of rotation, enabling Tiktaalik to have some sort of propulsion through the water. The eyes of Tiktaalik has moved further on top of a flatter skull and so it likely lived in a swampy, shallow water environment but was not yet completely terrestrial.

Acanthostega existed 365 million years ago and is the first to have distinct limbs, each of which has digits. However, the front legs were unable to bend forwards at the elbow and so it is unlikely that the animal was terrestrial as it was unable to move itself into weight-bearing positions.


Icthyostega was likely the first true tetrapod and existed between 365 and 360 million years ago. It has 4 robust limbs (with an unknown number of digits) and lungs which were still used in conjunction with gills. Icthyostega had wide overlapping ribs which likely helped to protect the lungs under its own weight without the buoyancy of water. Icthyostega has powerful limbs enabling it to haul itself onto the land but would still have spent much of its time in shallow, swampy water.

Papyrus says f@#k (explicit language)
Papyrus says f@#k (explicit language)

I said I was gonna do it

Papyrus trips on his way down the stairs and very visibly shatters his ulna in three places. It’s excruciating, but he’s dead silent.

He slowly stands up, walks past a horrified Sans, who was dozing on the couch, roots in his pockets with his good hand, then carefully places a random assortment of bills into the jar.

He takes a deep breath.

“d-dude, we gotta get a doctor–”


“i-i’m callin’ someone–”


And yes, that IS my actual Asgore voice narrating.

Elegy to the Honor Student

I sip my scalding dreams

sidle between syncope and symmetry

thin as a fever

Mary Janes missing a step on the stairs

a good girl with good grades

and over a hundred hair bows

radius and ulna arcing around my ribs like Saturn’s rings

as I choke on another commercial break

in an stucco bathroom stall

fists replaced with radio dials

eyes darting from

traffic accident death tolls to

an omniscient song I shouted into the shower spray

the first six weeks of sixth grade.

I pleat my gossamer palms

rub my knuckles where they rust

scrub my blue nail beds with pink soft soap,

Deliver myself to a locked door,

puckered and damp,

sure  I’ve just been born,

marvel at the ubiquity

of infantile amnesia–

carrying my sudden heart to the classroom,

today I am my own daughter.

09.04.2017// Med student problems: when JK Rowling says that Harry lost 33 bones in his arm and you know that the arm bones are scapula + clavicle + humerus + radius + ulna + 8 carpal bones + 5 metacarpal bones + 14 phalanxes = 32 bones and you are confused 🤔🤔
I have been waiting since I was 8 to see if the bones were right and they aren’t!!! Damn it!!

Critique? :P be as harsh as you’d like!

Okay, so the thing that sticks out to me first is the fact that it appears that you’ve drawn the exposed part of the arm with only one bone it in. One of the big things for pastel/candy/neon gore is that you should try to stick true to the basic muscular and skeletal structure in order for it to still have that semblance of morbidity.

As you can see the radius and the ulna occupy the forearm, and while this could just be that it’s hidden by the upper section, you want to avoid miscommunication, either by changing the angle slightly so we can see the other section of bone, or, by lifting the other part up slightly so we can see. Because it is close to the elbow, the two bones are relatively close together, so even a little bit of the second bone should be shown.

Related to that area as well is another thing - there is usually layers of fat and section of muscle that would be visible in such a clean cut as that. Personally, when I’ve done similar art to this in the past, it’s a lot of fun to switch up the colours and make the difference between the fat layer and the muscle quite stark for a more cartoony look. But at the very least it shouldn’t be just the solid colour like that.

I’m also having a bit of trouble understanding what the longer marks on the body are meant to be - are they burns, open wounds or scars? I can see that they’re indented from the shoulder, which means it could even be that the skin is flayed, however, there’s a lot of smooth curves that shouldn’t really be there. As much as you may not want to, it might require a trip to google images to find references for the kind of wound you’re giving your character because generally, they’re not going to be that smooth around the edges. It’s hard to give advice on those areas without knowing what they are so… while scars and burns are going to be raised and stuff, there’s not as much of a need to outline them so heavily because it implies that they’re very deep. Burns can change a lot, but quite often they’ll appear more raised than depressed with more variations in the texture on top, however depending on the severity of the burn they can go from smooth and shiny to very bumpy and craggy. Scars from lacerations can go either way as to whether or not they’re raised or depressed, generally smaller ones will be raised whereas larger scars will be depressed, but they are generally shiny and either red, pink or white - they’re going to be a decent amount lighter or darker than the skin tone. But again, you need to look at scars that are similar to what you’re trying to depict and work from that because she looks kinda like she’s peeling at the moment, but there’s no indicates of muscles or fat underneath that. If it IS a laceration, you should be drawing the layers of muscle and fat underneath the skin to some degree - I’ve included a diagram which shows the visible layers of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers that are visible during what would be considered a pretty bad cut. Once it gets deeper than that it’s muscle.

I’d implore you to really consider the injury that caused the wounds because that changes the geometry of them a lot, especially in the area where they are. There are less muscle and flesh on the shoulder area, meaning that it should look different than the wound on the calf and shin, and a lot different than the wound on the stomach.

Also, now that most of that is out of the way, I feel the need to mention that while the anatomy is not bad, probably look at the way the lower leg is shaped since there’s looking to be a pretty bad case of (potentially) indeliberate cankle. Generally, the lower leg has more shape than that and tapers more towards the ankle, even in larger characters. Also, the boobs shouldn’t look squished together unless there’s actually something squishing them together - I guess maybe the arms could be, but then the breasts should be moulding slightly to the shape of the arms where they press against it.

Overall, it’s not terrible - you have a better grasp of anatomy than some of the people I’ve seen on here and really you’d probably only need a polish of the skills you’ve got overall. The one thing I will say is that research is key in this kind of stuff because while pastel/candy/neon gore is about subverting the general grotesque nature of the injuries, it generally works a lot better if you’re able to show the injuries correctly.

Also, just a small tip, since you’re working in pencil - you don’t have to use the black pen to outline. If you use a very light coloured pencil while sketching, you can go back with a darker colour, such a brown or purple and use that to line. It won’t quite look as stark as the black, and also don’t be afraid to layer on the coloured pencil. Some are better at it than others, however, colouring doesn’t just have to be using the one colour for the area. I can see you’ve done it with the yellow, however, for example with the hair - on the pink section, using a darker purple for the shadows then going over the shaded area with the pink will give it more depth. You could even use the same purple for the shadow on the blue section of the hair as well. A lot of the principles people think are only for digital art can also be used in traditional, so definitely explore with the colours.

- Mod Bunny

Colorful Emotions

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(Again with the cats, idek anymore)

Prompt: Bones rescues an alien child!reader from her abandoned planet and they both get attached.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,551

A/n: I’m such trash for Daddy!Bones. I need it to breathe. It’s in 3rd person and also, 2 fics in one night?! It’s a miracle.

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